Stick Empires Archidon Concept

An Albowtross firing his crossbow.

"Our bolts will blaze."

-In-game description.

The Albowtross, also known as Flying Crossbowmenare a type of flying ranged unit that rivals the Chaos race of the Eclipsors.

An offshot of the Archidons, they have learned the secrets of flight through the ingenuity and mechanical expertise lent to them by the Magikill, and serve as the air-force of Order. Having once used the bow themselves, they have perfected its design, creating the powerful crossbow: an instrument inflicting such massive damage that it is capable of piercing even a Juggerknight's armor.


Stat Description Stat Description

Allbowtross in-game sprite

Faction Order
Location Air Role

Ranged / Support


2 Bars Armored

Speed Slow
Attack Power Moderately High Attack Rate Moderately Slow
Gold Cost 450 Mana Cost 200
Training Time 24 seconds Population 4
Training Location Archery Range Weapons


Role in OrderEdit

The Albowtross is used as a support unit or a scout if the opposing forces meet. They use their crossbows to attack the enemy. As a flying unit, the Albowtross is invulnerable to any melee infantry.


After defeating Medusa's Eclipsors in battle, Order decided that flying technology would prove useful within their own ranks. With the help of the Magikill and Archidons, they created a set of mechanical wings as well as the crossbow and trained volunteers from every nation. 


Albowtrosses have many drawbacks. They are expensive and take up a lot of population for an army. Even with their armored status , they are exceedingly slow, and very vulnerable to spells and poisons.


Aside from Eclipsors, Air Elemental, and Cycloid, Allbowtross are the only units capable of flight. This makes them a choice attack force for getting rid of heavy-armor opponents without getting hurt (assuming that there aren't archers, Eclipsors, both giants, Medusa, Marrowkai, Bombers and other Allbowtross nearby). Also, they wield crossbows with armor piercing and Blazing bolts capable of destroying a front line of speartons and juggerknights. Be wary, for Allbowtross are notoriously slow and can easily be targeted by archers and other ranged units.
Blazing bolts


  • The name Allbowtross is a portmanteau on the name of the bird "albatross" and "bow".
  • The death animation of an Albowtross is considered very entertaining, as it shows the mechanism powering their wings shutting down, causing the unlucky unit to plummet to the ground and leaving a large blood stain that the mangled bowman lies on. 
  • Like Chaos's Eclipsors, Albowtrosses are the air force of Order
  • Even though it has the name of Albowtross the game uses the name of Flying Crossbowman (which is just a name) not a name of the race like other units. and also chaos Giants can target them just a warning before massing them
  • It is said that Juggerknights use Albowtross blood as a substitute for ketchup
  • On the icon of the Albowtross, he looks like he is holding a bow and not a crossbow.