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The armory is the in-game shop for Stick Empires. The main function of the armory is to give a player the choice of customizing their units by equipping them with new types of weapons, armor, and miscellaneous gear. This system is based on Empire Coins, the digital currency of the game which is either obtained by fighting victorious battles, attaining achievements or directly purchasing it through credit card transactions. Due to a recent update players can now receive daily bonuses in multiples of 5 (5 times the number of days in a row you have logged on).

Empire CoinsEdit

As mentioned before, Empire Coins are a form of currency mainly used in the Stick Empires armory. To obtain them, you must either win your first battle of the day or use your own money to purchase the coins from the shop. While the coins earned by winning battles only amount to 10 per day, it is possible to spend two dollars to obtain 250 coins, five dollars to obtain 720, and twenty to obtain 3850. Also, should one purchase gold membership, they will automatically gain a thousand coins for signing up, and 300 per month to lavish on decorating the units.

Types of PurchasesEdit

Weapons - These items changes the look actual tool the unit battles with. Contrary to popular belief, using a different weapon will not increase damage.

Armour - These items change the look of the unit it is equipped to, but does not increase any stats.

Miscellaneous - These items change items such as: Quivers, Gold Bags, Wings and Beards

List of PurchasesEdit

See main article: Purchasable items


  • A common thing for new players is to spend twenty dollars to get 3850 empire coins and spend it all ''on the most expensive items possible in an attempt to look like they are professionals. All this really does is make real professionals slaughter them in even more humiliating ways.''
  • Conversely, many professionals 
    The Armory

    The Armory as it currently appears in Empires.

     don't use armory items at all, and keep their units looking simple. This is a sham, to trick their opponents into thinking that they are inexperienced begginers.
  • Although the Allbowtross quiver is considered a weapon, the Archidon and Eclipsor quivers are considered miscellaneous.
  • The Allbowtross, at one point, was the only unit that had an item that cannot be changed yet is still in the armory.
  • Strangely, the original bronze helmet and shields of the original Speartons are missing.
  • Few of the Spearton helmets actually have plumes.
  • Though armory cosmetics have no use in game stat modification, they can intimidate enemies into thinking you are an expert. Of course, this leads to what happens in the very first point.
  • Despite wearing masks, there is no Eclipsor mask in the Armory.
  • On September 2nd, 2014, The armory was upgraded. This is what the armory looks like now.
    Bandicam 2014-09-24 21-33-55-968

    Armory Screen, with Miner selected