Castle Archers

A group of 3 Castle Archers


Castle Archers is an ability that Order can use as a defensive to guard their base. It trains a highly-elite Archidon to go atop Order's castle and guard it from enemies. It can be upgraded thrice, and each upgrade will cost more, but will serve an excellent investment, since it will add another, highly-elite Archidon atop your castle, up to 3 highly elite archidons to guard your castle.


Level Cost
1 300
2 600
3 1000


Castle Archer is mostly a defensive force meant to stop small groups of attacking forces, though higher levels are capable of killing more enemies or kill small amounts of enemies quicker. Compared to normal archers, Castle Archers are quite powerful because they can take out a nice chunk of an enemy unit's health with only a few hits and can penetrate units, allowing multiple targets to recieve damage simeltaneously. People commonly upgrade Castle Archers the instant the opponent decides to strike, causing a bit of a problem for them as it completely negates the possiblity of attacks by basic, low health units like Swordwraths and Archidons. Coupled with Miner Wall, this is one of the best early defenses possible. However, there are several drawbacks. Firstly, Castle Archers cannot reliably target enemy units. Instead of prioritizing them the way players can do with their own Archers, Castle Archers automatically function on a "first come, first serve" basis. Therefore, the first unit they see (even a large, difficult to kill one like a giant) will be the first they attack. Also, unlike their standard counterparts, Castle Archers can miss if the opponent decides to "zigzag" his units, reducing their accuracy and increasing the chance of a successful attack (works best with bombers). Finally, Castle Archers, unlike their poisonous Dead counterparts, cannot use the Fire Arrow ability. Therefore, all their arrows have no special effect other than the penetration which can sometimes fail. Still, Castle Archers are a good investment and are amazing, especially compared to their dead counterparts.

Invest this at the start of the game is one of the best way to stop the Swordwrath-Archidon strategy.


Castle Archers are placed at the complete top of Order's castle. Despite this, they are able to be as accurate as an ordinary Archidon, and also manage to be able to have more range than them, as well as more damage, which also deals splash.


  • Crazy Jay described Castle Archers as "perhaps the most important upgrade to research in the game."
  • Castle Archers are often referred to as Castle Archidons
  • Splash damage, compared to their Castle Dead counterparts. However, splash damage with fire has been added to Castle Air.
  • Contrary to popular belief, giving Archidons helmets in Stick Empires will not allow them to be as powerful as ordinary Archidons.