List of all the Characters from the stories:

  1. Warriors of Inamorata
  2. Order's Story
  3. Legend Of Order


Rook: The protogonist of WOI .He is son of the great Minister x.He is as the 'Giant slayer' for Killing the Giant of Wonders and 'Antidote' For killing Queen Medusa.

Jay: Secondary protogonist of WOI .He is an Archidon ,and the leader of the Archidonal Tribe , Pierce.

Dan: The protagonist of the OS. He is an orphan from Order who's parents and best friends were killed by Lorieo.

Commander Den: The protogonist of LOO .He is seen in WOI as a re-occuring character.

Commander Elder: The commander of all Archidons of the ONA. Back in Archidonis , he is the leader of 3 tribes :Stab,Death, and Backstab also known as the 3 Blood brothers.

Commander Greg: ​  The leader of all speartons of ONA. To find more please ask Bladedfire.

Commander Zed: He is one of the Colnels of ONA(Order National Army).He is known to be the best friend of King Spear.

Kill: Rook's arch nemisis.Kill like his name likes to Kill.

Dawn: Rook's sister . To find out more please read WOI. She is the leader of the archidonal tribe of Black Hook.

Lieutenant-Colonel Rain: The leader of the segment Z12 . he is the arch nemisis of Dawn.

Lorieo: The killer of Dan's mother and best friends, Lorieo is an archidon with a lust for blood. He appears to have no goal but to kill, but hides this well and is a respected soldier.


Ghlim: He is the protogonist of the short story Conversion. A Magikill at first he is transformed into a Marrowakia.He is going to appear in WOI.

Bomber Guy : The Miner /Bomber from the story prisoner.