Desert is a map in Stick Empires.


The land area is sandy ground. In the background on can see Humangous hillocks of sand. The sky is Blue in colour with a few clouds.

Length Short


simsim40's StratergyEdit

Against MassersEdit


While your enemy is getting ready to mass you, you can keep assassinating the enemy's miners. While you are spying on the enemy you can kill his miners. Keep building Shadowraths until you have five of them. Before you reach this number you can keep sending on shadowrath at a time. Once you defeat the miner DO NOT HANG AROUND . Just run for your life. Once you have 5 of them make a large scale assassination twice. Then finally unleash your entire army's fury on the enemy.


If you are Chaos then you have a disadvantage and an advantage.To assassinate the miners sent 5 crawlers and 4 bombers.You can attack earlier if you are Chaos. This is Because of 2 Reasons. Firstly Chaos has cheaper units. Secondly, these units are rather fast. But, these units hardly deliver any damage. Keep sending in bombers and you will be alright.

Chaos Cannot gaurantee Success.