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Stick War 2: Elites of the Order Empire. Edit

Chapter one: "Are we the only ones left?" Edit

It was a beautiful day in the castle of Kaiblorton. The citizens were walking among the streets, the wall was being held fast, and the soldiers finally decided it was time to take a day off. A Spearton was standing in his room, his name was commander Blazeflare. this spearton wasn't that much of a fighter but put in charge of the one thing that this city was so crucial to the war for, it's ability to-

"SIR!!!!" A sword wrath burst into the room, panting as Blazeflare looked to the stickman.

"Speak soldier, whats wrong?"

"The.....the Chaos Empire is attacking from the west sir!!!" Blazeflare was taken aback by this as he looked out the window, the castle had a view of the whole village even over the wasn't looking good...

"B-But how did they get here?! This is impossible!! We just got word from our brothers that they have conquered the flying demon forces of Medusa's army this morning!! Wait....could it be..." Blazeflare moved to the other side of the room before the whole castle shook, a huge part of the wall had been broken."No it can wait!! Soldier!"

"Yes sir???"

"Go South East, until you reach Westwind! Tell them what has transpired here, and ask for immediate assistance! Go quickly! I fear without help, this castle may be taken down before noon!" The swordwrath nodded, running out. However Blazeflare did not follow, he looked out the window, grabbing his spear. Looking down below he can see the swordwrath running for the back of the castle gates, many more civilians running for safety while soldiers off all types run to try and fight. "And be swift...may Inamorta have mercy on us...."

Hours passed....the roars of battle were dieing down to individual whispers. However, outside of the castle gates was the loudest whisper of all. "RRRRRRAAAAAUGH!!!!"

"AGH!! DAMN SPEARTON!!!!" A JuggerKnight was holding his chest, a spear sized hole was in it as the spearton was right in front of him, holding his bloody spear as he pointed it at him, his shield ready to raise. "CHAAAAAAARRRRRGE!!!!!" The JuggerKnight ran forward with incredible speed, the spearton's eyes flashed, dodging to the right, his foot still there as the axed warrior fell to the ground, getting up quickly, feeling enraged and humiliated at the same time. "WHY YOU-"

"RRRRRAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!" A shadow fell over the JuggerKnight, he looked up too late as the spear of the warrior he was fighting impaled him, blood poured everywhere as the spearton put his foot on his enemies chest and kicked the lifeless body off. Panting, the spearton looked back to the ruined castle, his eyes filled with determination, before he fell to the ground in pain. "Agh....d-d-######....too many..."

"Too many what, fool." The warrior looked up, before groaning as he tried to stand. In front of him was another JuggerKnight, this one looking stronger than the last. "Poor dog, let me put you out of your misery." The axe glinted in the sun, before two arrows knocked it out of his hand. "What?!?!" He was then knocked back, the JuggerKnight growled as a swordwrath was panting, having used all of his strength just to push him away from the spearton. Not far behind him was a Flying Crossbowmen, and an Archidon. "So you had friends huh?!" The spearton was reveled...but he was so cold...all at once, warmth began to fill him, his eyes shot open as he looked to his left, a Meric was healing him slowly.

"Come, we are going to need your help..." The Meric announced, meanwhile the Swordwrath roared his body having a reddish glow.

"Hah!! Whats that going to do?!"

"OCCUPY YOU!!!! HAH!!!!!" His blade was fast as he struck the Juggerknights shield, the knight tried to regain himself, but instead was being slashed at even faster, the swordwrath roaring in rage, but that wasn't the only problem, his armor was being pierced by arrows from air and ground as the three worked together, then the Juggerknight punched the Sowrdwrath, running for his axe.

"I'LL KILL YOU A-AGH!!!!!!" From in front, it was so fast he didn't even notice, but a spear pierced him. The whole time the knight had completly forgotten that he had his weapon shot from his hand when he was in front of the spearton, and now he gagged as he fell to his knees, the one he was going to finish off, standing, fully healed and his spear had left his hands, placed in the Juggerknights chest. "" The knight fell to the ground, the spear bursting through his body the rest of the way as he died.

"Wow....Gruesome." The Spearton looked up to the Swordwrath as he walked over, his sword on his shoulder. "Ziecka! At your service!" He held his hand out for a shake, the spearton was much taller as Ziecka looked up to him, before the brave warrior clasped hands together.

"Ragoso. I must thank you all for saving me." The Meric put a hand on his shoulders.

"No need. My name is Mari, those two are Chrono." She pointed to the landing Crossbowmen who smiled, then to the Archer, who was keeping a lookout. "And he is Archibal."

"A pleasure really....but we can't spend time conversing, our kingdom is in ruins. We must head in and find any survivors, no first we should-"

"Sorry bud but....we are the only ones that are out here." Ragoso looked to Chrono as he was looking down to the ground, everyone was quiet for a long moment.

"A-Are we....really the only ones left?"

"That we don't know...Chaos patrol the city, we got lucky that a giant didn't spot us." The four companions turned to look at Archibal, his eagle like eyes scanning the city. "We should go and look inside of the city, see if we can find any civillians and get the hell out of here." It was quiet for awhile as the Archer began to head for the city...then they all followed after him quickly. It was time to see if they really were the only ones left in the city.

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Chapter two: Inside of the city Edit

"Move you maggots!! The commander wants this city cleared of witnesses!"

"Groooooooan...." A Juggerknight was pushing some Deads along as he sighed, looking around. Soon enough they were gone and from the shadows came our four heros we met before.

"Shoot man, were lucky they didn't see us." Ziecka announced as he looked left and right. "Look both ways before crossing a street where your enemies just walked. My mother used to say that all the time."

"A strange mom you got there, come on if we wait too long they will find us, and a single fight could get the rest of their army on our heads." Chrono replied to the swordwrath as he moved his head, Archibal, Rocoso and Mari running across the street, Chrono and Ziecka watching both sides. Once their allies were in the shadows, they joined them. Just in time as a wheeled carriage rolled past, being pulled by a giant.

"You ever ask one of the most questionable questions my new friends?" Ziecka liked to talk, but this time he looked serious as they moved through the dark alleys, the sun blotted out by the smoke of war. Rocoso looked to him as Archibal lead the way, it's just as well. After all, an Archidons eyes are said to even see a speck of dust from a mile off.

"And what question is that Ziecka?"

"How did the Chaos get here?" Almost everyone stopped, planning for a break as they slumped a little narrow alley, looking to Ziecka. "What? It's a legitimate question! After all we are to the northeast of Westwind, and the enemy attack was in the same direction, cause our castle gates face that way! Any suggestions on how, just how they managed to slip past the lines of our brothers?" It was quiet....then Archibal spoke up, his voice serious.

"The else would the army come up when our brethren had just defeated a portion of the army? There were somethings in there that were even reported to be." Rocoso and the rest of them nodded, the Archidon had made some valid points, he waited for everyone to roll that around in their minds before speaking again. "But a better question is....why? Why go for such a small castle as this? Why not sail all the way around to Order, why make a stop here?" Everyone was quiet, thinking of why that is, until Mari stood up quickly.

"The maps! This town is famous for making the whole map of Inamorta! And with everyday of expansion on the enemy-"

"The more they can finish the rest of the maps! Thats why they didn't continue on, they didn't know where to go! But how did they know-no how did they find out?? We are not even on the map, to keep this place secret?!" Chrono asked, apologizing to Mari for interrupting her as Rocoso stood up.

"The miners they many possibilities that could have caused this, but right now we need to worry about one thing. Getting new weapons from the armory, we have to be swift and silent if we hope to make it to the barracks in time." Everyone nodded at that, their break was over as they ran. Unfortunately, someone else's break was never going to be catched....or so he thought.

"Hahhh.....Hahhh....STUPID DOG THINGS!!!!" A foot kicked a dead Crawlers head as more panting was heard. Then a hand reached down and with a grunt, pulled a pickaxe out of the creatures head. Thats right a pickaxe, a miner had just killed 10 crawlers and one Juggerknight that was leading them. "Crap.....geez man this sucks....just a normal miner going through his day and what do it get?? An entire army attacking! I mean did we ask for it? Maybe, did i deserve to be targeted by you guys?? No! You guys are just jerks to miners, and i am one of the many few that has just had enough!" The miner sits by the dead Juggerknight with a huff. "Oh crap i didn't introduce myself, Hi i'm Charlie!" He extended his hand out to the Juggerknight, before pulling it back. "Oh right...well you threw your axe first!"

"And we are going to throw ours." Charlie eeped and jumped up quickly, turning around as he gulped, it was just two Juggerknights, but above them was five Eclipsors....five!! "Even if you kill us you have no way of fighting air units. Hehe....any last words."

" guys are cheating!" He retorted as he slung a bag over his shoulder, planning to use that to take the arrows as he ran for cover.

"As long as we win we-"

"Daschin, whats wrong?" Daschin fell over, before a Shadowwrath was behind him, glaring at the other Juggerknight, the Eclipsors aimed down at him. But then a might roar caused them ton drop their bows, it was over in two seconds, The Shadowrath slashed the other Juggerknights head off, and a huge fist slammed all five of the Eclipsors into each other, then into a building. The place they were smashed into exploded with rock as Charlie held his hands up to sheild himself, huge chunks of rock landing everywhere but on him. He slowly opened his eyes, and held his mouth as he screamed, a giant was looking down at him



"Yes sir?" How quickly he recovered took the Shadowrath back a little as he sighed.

"Hahhh.....don't call him things like that, he is a giant that works for Order."

"Where are his chains?"

"Mau need no Chains."

"Oh are you-HE CAN TALK?!?!"

"Man with stick axe is mean."

"Hey! I'll have you know that this is a very nice pick axe thank you very much!!" The Giant leaned down as Charlie frowned, then the miner sighed and held his hand out to Mau. " don't look like your gonna kill meEEEE!!!!!" Mau had gently taken his hand and shook him, the miners body went up and down with his hands shakes.

"Mau happy to have a new friend!" The giant bellowed as he stopped shaking the miner, who looked quite dizzy after that.

"Great to have you as a friend! Whoa we have an army of giants!! Haha! I feel sick...." The Shadowrath shook his head, extending his hand.

"Xeno. Pleased to meet you, Charlie was it."

"How long were you watching??" Xeno smiled, this was going to be a nice addition to the two.

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Chapter three: All suited up, let's do this. Edit

Rocoso looked around a corner, sighing in relief as he walked out into plain view. "Alright, the coast is clear. I think they have already been this way." The rest of his allies emerged, Ziecka ran for the armory.

"Guys we are in luck! This place looks like it was bar-" A loud clang was heard, Ziecka turned around quickly. "CRAP!!!"

"CRAP!!!!!!" Inside of the place, Charlie had knocked over a couple of armor stands, holding his mouth as Xeno glared at him. "Sorry!"

"We are in here for one reason, to find what kind of weapons and armor are left. But the Chaos made off with most of the good ones. Wait...listen." The miner strained his ears, but the Shadowrath could hear perfectly. There were voices outside. "Someones coming."

"Someone's in and Ziecka will go and check it out, Chrono and Archibal should go with Mari to get what you guys can's best if we take him out quickly by ourselves." The three nodded as they slowly went to the archer's keep. Rocoso and Ziecka slowly walked into the armory, sword and spear drawn. They couldn't mask their foot prints sound, it had gotten way too quiet as their foot steps echoed off the walls. Soon they were in the Hold, it looked quiet bare, but some weapons were left.

"We should grab what we can! Come on~! It's like window shopping right??" Ziecka had gone forward, looking through the many swords, stopping when he saw Rocoso drop his spear. "Rocoso??"

"Now the shield." In the blink of an eye, Xeno was visible once more as he had a naginata in his hands, the double edged staff that you can get on stick empires, ah forget it. Rocoso turned to look at him as he let out a sigh of relief.

"We are allies....i swear it."

"Doubt it, i have run into my share of Chaos Juggerknights disguising themselves, hoping to sneak in a kill. They have no honor at all." Rocoso gulped as he felt the blade press against his neck. "Just to be safe, i should slice your head clean off."

"Woah woah woah!! We are apart of the Order empire! We swear!!" Ziecka practically yelled, grabbing the silver sword, the strongest and only sword there as he glared at the ninja. Before he could reply, the sound of bows being pulled back was heard.

"Back off, and we might spare you." Archibal and Chrono had found what they went for. Archibal had found a castle Archer helmet and Silver quiver. Chrono had only found the weakest helmet, sadly the Choas destroyed almost everything else. The Shadowrath slowly backed off....he then whistled. "The ceiling cracked, then practically exploded as a fist came down in front of the archers.

"Meet Mau. He can tell if you are bad guys or not." The giant looked in though the hole he made, growling at them. "Mau, do they smell like allies?" Mau tore the rest of the roof off and threw it down, a poor spying Juggerknight was crushed. The Giant then got close and breathed in their scent, before pulling away and sitting down.

"Nose say friend." Xeno pulled his blade away, tucking it safely on his back, he took Mau's word.

"Charlie, you can stop waiting to jump out and get them." A groan as a closet burst open, the said miner rolling out, his pick axe raised.


"AHHHHHH!!!!!" Ziecka raised his hands in defense, before the pickaxe stopped short of the Swordwraths head.

"Oh their friends? Well it's nice ta meetcha!" Xeno sighed, rubbing his eyes with his fingers as everyone began to tell their individual stories. Mari arriving soon after introductions.

"And thats it. They control the Giant gates by the wall they exploded into, and i haven't seen any live civilians even before i ran into Charlie here." Xeno replied to Rocoso's question as he pat the miners shoulder. "But i do know where the enemy is hidden. Rocoso had put on a new helmet, the next helmet that was the cheapest to buy, he had gotten lucky and found a purple spear, no luck with a shield though. Ziecka had found a purple helmet as well, smiling as they talked to their new allies. "They seem to have the commander of their army where Commander Blazeflare was. In the main map room. Reasons i don't know why." Rocoso nodded slowly, pondering this, Mari explained to their new allies what they had learned of the enemies attack, the Spearton stood up quickly, snapping his fingers.

"I got it!" His allies turned to look at him with a puzzled expression. "I know how we can go in there and retake the map room!"

"Are you crazy?!" Rocoso looked to Xeno. "I have seen the commander he's....he's something thats truly terrifying!"

"No matter what, we have to'm going to need the help of our big friend there." Mau looked down through the roof to Rocoso, quirking his head in confusion.

"Friend need Mau...?"

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Chapter Four: The dead sorcerer... Edit

Throughout the city, there were many patrols of the Chaos empire. Many of which are pillaging homes, destroying watch towers and even taking weapons from the armory as you witnessed in the last chapter. However there is one important part of the army that the Chaos empire really wants to take over. The Giant cage, this city is known for it's maps and it's endless last minuet strategies. One of them was to put the Giant cage right beside the entrance to the city so that way, the invaders will have to deal with the enslaved giants that were being held captive in there. However, the plan wasn't able to be activated in time, and now the city was destroyed. Getting to the point, the Chaos army, the majority of it is at the gates, freeing many of those enslaved giants. Hey, you can't have too many right?

"Hurry up! I want all the giants into our army!" A Juggerknight was yelling at men, he seemed to be the battle commander at present. "Our leader wants these back so we can present an additional prize to Lord Medusa!!" More Juggerknights began to move faster, it seemed as if though no one wants to defy this guy. "FASTER YOU IDIOTS!!!"

"SIR!!! THERE IS!!" The Commander turned, noticing that a soldier was trying to talk to him before he was crushed by a building, looking up, the commander saw a fully grown giant growl at him, before throwing its head back and roaring loudly.

"A giant loyal to Order eh?? No matter, we have an entire army at the ready for this!! CHARGE!!!!!" Juggerknights, Crawlers, Deads, even Eclipsors were on the move to destroy this giant. "Hehehe! Try to kill an entire army you dumb Giant!!!"

"MAU NOT DUMB!!!!!! MAU STRONG!!!!!!!!" Mau lifted his foot, then kicked forward, the street that he was standing on began to crumble as his foot dragged through it, a whole bunch of men where either getting crushed by his foot, or from the debris of the street. The Juggerknight growled, so this giant was intelligent he thought. It means nothing to numbers. Crawlers burst from behind the Juggerknight, followed by more Juggerknights and eclipsors as Mau was swatting them down with incredibly fast speed.

"Interesting, he's faster than any giant that i know of. This could prove salubrious for the giants we have." As he finished the sentence, a huge foot landed by him, a giants roar as three Chaos Giants came up from behind him. "Kill him."

"RAAAAAAAAAAAUGH!!!!!" The giants lumbered forward, Mau glared at them as he crushed about ten crawlers with his foot.

"MAU NOT SCARED!!!!! MAU HAVE FRIENDS!!!!!!" The commander was about to retort when he noticed a flying crossbow man behind Mau, shooting other flying units down. He snickered, if that's it then he would still loose. Screams of death were heard as he looked down, his eyes widened as a Shadowrath was cutting through other men. Two men and a giant were standing against his army he has, but not for long. Soon the entire brunt of it would be attacking from behind as he pulled his axe out.

"Obviously your trying to kill me. COME!!! I WILL SHOW YOU WHAT IT MEANS TO SERVE MEDUSA!!!!!" The commander roared, more and more men pouring out from the hole in the castle gates, everything was converging on the three men. Across the kingdom, the sounds of battle were immense, two Juggerknights who were guarding the entrance to the castle watched the battle from afar.

"Almost everyone has gone over there...are we the only two left here?" His companion nodded, turning to face him as he pointed with his axe to the battle scene.

"We should be helping over there but no! That damn bag of bones want us to stay here and guard the entrance! I mean who would possibly-!!" He was cut off, an arrow dug into the weak spot of his helmet. His companion turned to late as a spear pierced his chest, followed by a sword beheading him.

"Whew. That was almost too easy." Ziecka announced as he wiped his forehead, his sword on his shoulder now as he huffed. Rocoso looked up before dropping his spear and getting on his knees, praying. Soon Archibal did the same, followed by Mari. The Sword wrath was confused before he looked up, gasping he got on his knees and prayed as well. There commander, Blazeflare, was impaled on his own spear by the window of the command room. After a solid minuet, Rocoso picked up his spear, his eyes filled with fire.

"Let's get this guy...." At the same time, Mau smashed two Giant's head together as he huffed Xeno had finished off a small army of crawlers and Juggerknights, wiping his staff as he smirked under his mask at the commander. Chrono took down the last Eclipsor near them as he landed on Mau's shoulder.

"Looks like the plan is working!" Chrono shouted down, Xeno looked up to him as he nodded.

"We should be able to keep this up until they kill the real commander....hopefully. Chrono, what does it look like??" The crossbowmen flew up, squinting before his eyes went back to normal, he could see everything.

"Just like the plan is going, they are in the command room." The sound of a charge made him look away, the second wave was on the way. In the command room, Rocoso broke it down as the four companions readied for battle. On the far corner of the room was something unholy, something created by Magikills using too much black magic, the more common theory today is that they were created by Medusa's magic. More importantly, it turned around slowly, it's skull like gaze seeming to turn into a smile.

"Well seems i have some unfortunate visitors....perhaps one of you can help me translate your language." He moved his scepter, then slammed it on the ground, a reaper moving to them quickly, it was so fast that they couldn't react, all except Mari.

"PROTECTIONIOUS!!!" A shield of light appeared, the reaper slashing at it, the shield went down but the reaper dispersed as well.

"Oh? So you have a spell caster? No matter, come forth!!" He slammed the staff on the ground as he smirked, even though they were a story up, the ground cracked and dead's arose from it.

"The hell?!?! How!?!?" The mage chuckled as he pointed his staff to them, the deads throwing pieces of flash at them, Rocoso raised his shield, the flesh banging off of the metal, however one of the pieces hit Ziecka, he felt a pang of pain, waiting for the effects of the poison. But nothing happened, he looked down and saw nothing eating at his skin. "What??" He reached down, Archibal was shooting the flesh out of mid air, wondering why his arrows bounced away with the flesh as well. Ziecka picked up a piece of flesh as he gasped. "It's nothing but rocks!!! He's casting an illusion!!!" The mage tched, the moment he said that the illusion died for only him, it appears you have to realize it's an illusion before you can act. "Alright bonesy! Let's get this party started!!" Meanwhile, the battle was getting intense, more and more waves of the Chaos were coming. Mau kicked a Chaos Giant in the gut, the huge wooden club flying in the air, Mau grabbed that said club and swung with all of his strength, the head of the Chaos flying off and smashing through the wall.

"And it's a home-run!!!!" Xeno shouted as he clashed his staff with the commanders axe, he growled, both of them seemed exhausted. "Good job Mau!"

"Thanks friend!!" Mau roared as he began using the club to his advantage, his left hand taking chunks off of the wall and throwing it at some of the men on the ground. "Mau worried for other friends though!"

"I'll look when i get the chance Mau! Guard me!" Chrono landed on a building, shooting three other eclipsors out of the sky quickly, slumping on the wall as the sounds of battle were below him. "Shit...what am i doing huh? I can't give up!" He pulls another arrow out of his thigh, groaning in pain before he looks in the direction of the fight with the true commander, after the dust cleared he gasped. "Holy shit!!! Guys we have to go back, this guy knows how to cause explosions and poison!! He's having Ziecka fight Rocoso right now!!" Ziekca was under the reapers control, his body red with rage as Rocoso was doing his best to block and evade, he ddin't want to hurt his friend and the mage is trying to kill Archibal.

"FALMINATE!!!!" Archibal jumps to the side, the wall behind him exploding as he let's loose an arrow, it get's stuck in one of the rib bones as the mage growls.

"So your mortal after all..." The mage growled and held his arms back before pushing them forward, everyone stopped, paralyzed by something as Ziecka looked to the mage.

"Fools....i was just waiting for this moment~!"

((To be continued!))

Chapter five: The battle is won! But we must press on! Edit

Rocoso was trying to move every muscle in his body, but he couldn't move anything. He could only watch and wait for the Marrowkwai to do something....anything....but something was up. The marrowkwai couldn't move either....or at the least activate any other spells without letting them go, even Ziekca who was being controlled by a mind submission magic was just frozen, watching his friends as his body twitched in anger. ".....why not attack us mage?" Archibal moved his eyes, looking to Rocoso, why was he antagonizing him? "Or are you so preoccupied holding us all that you can't even use the tiniest bit of magic to attack?"

" think your smart don't you, you battle crazy Spearton?" Rocoso smirked as Ziecka began to glow red, he was starting to win against the mind control. "All i have to do is hold all of you until some of my army arrive and have them finish you off, Kakaka-"

"But what if that doesn't happen?" The skeleton stopped laughing as Rocoso smirked. "What if your entire army is defeated by the people who are outside right now huh?"

"Ridiculous, an entire army beaten by only three men." The marrowkwai moved slowly, taking them with him. even his movements were limited it seemed. Soon he was standing by the huge map once more, studying it as he had his back to them. ".....i'll tell you why were here....since i like to talk." He then looked back to him and slapped a boney hand on the map. "This map is the entirety of the order empire, and the land you are all invading. This space right here that is blocked off by the sea is where we came from, right from Medusa's empire itself!" The companions widened their eyes, so this wasn't just some rouge army sneaking past their main forces, this was a coordinated assault from the empire of Medusa itself!!! "We don't know much about your side of the world....we were lucky to have made it here of all places! Thanks to the crawlers we could track a wandering woman and her child from the forests of the forgotten all the way here! Of course they were the first victims!"

"Bas....tard!!!" Ziekca broke free, his body glowing red as he slashed, breaking the table apart. The marrowkwai dodged, a big mistake. His concentration was broken as an arrow pierced his side, everyone was back and running to charge him again. The skeletal mage gasped and raised his staff high before slamming it on the ground, the shockwave sent them all back as he tried to make a run for it.

"RAAAAAGH!!!!!" Rocoso slashed, the mage dodge and headed for the window. "HE'S GONNA JUMP OUT!!!"

"NOT ON MY WATCH!!!" Archibal fired and hit the knee bone as Ziekca was right on top of him, then they all froze again, the marrokwai screaming out the spell as his eyes were filled with madness.

"FOOLS!!!! FOR MEDUSA I WILL LEARN WHERE THE PRECIOUS ORDER EMPIRE MAKES ITS BASE AND DESTROY YOU ALL MYSELF!!! NOW COME MY LEGION OF DARKNESS!!! FORGET THE MAGGOTS AND COME TO ME!!!!" His voice was a shriek, this was a last resort, hold them and hope someone would hear. There was faint screaming in the distance. "HAHA!!! SEE?! I TOLD YOU I WOULD WIN-?!" The mage looked out the window, only to see a huge chunk of a building heading straight for them. He let go of the spell quickly that was holding onto them and stopped the rock, everyone jumped out of the way as the mage smirked. But then the window smashed open.

"AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!" Charlie was on the rubble itself! And thanks to the sudden stop, the propulsion sent him through the window. Pickaxe held high, probably in fear he beheaded the Marrokwai!!! "AAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!" His face then hit the wall as he slid down slowly. "......owie.....i'm alive...? OH MY GOD I'M ALIVE!!!!" The bones fell to the ground as the head was attached to the pickaxe. "AHHH!! EWIE GET OFF!!!" He then took the skull off and threw it out the window, the rubble falling to the ground. Back on the battlefield, the commander was laying broken on the ground, his vital points were cut into ribbons as Xeno panted, his halberd on his back as he glared down to him.

"It's over." The rest of the army was hesitating on what to do, even though they didn't know it. Both of their commanders were taken out by these people!!

"RAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!!!" Mau roared, Crawlers yipped and ran off!! Since the giants were mostly dead, the rest of the forces took off, running in the very direction that they had come from.

"Hey guys....i think Charlie did it...." Chrono called from up ontop of a building as he held his head, he was bleeding a lot, he had to take out some arrows of his body, panting as there was a dead Juggerknight in front of him too, he had to land every once in awhile to fix his wings and a soldier tried to take advantage of that. Mau reached over and plucked him up. "Hey....i don't need a ride...hehe."

"Mau help friend." Mau announced as Xeno was on his shoulder, Mau beginning the walk to the palace.

"Call me flyer buddy....." Meanwhile, Mari was healing the wounded, mostly Charlie as he smiled at her.

"Thanks! You know you girl mages are pretty nice! What are you guys called again?" She told him her tribe was merics as he laughed a little. "Strange name, i'll just call you Meri!"

"My name is Mari though."

"Oh....well at least we won! Now we can go home and-"

"We can't go home." Everyone looked to Rocoso as Mau approached, Xeno taking the arrows out of his body slowly. "We still have to go after them....we still have one more mission."

((Sorry it took so long! Anywho! Here is chapter five, chapter six coming soon!!))

Chapter six: Heading for the great sea....and a new friend. Edit

The ground shook, animals scurrying out of the way as Mau was walking. Behind them was the castle that they were defending. Rocoso, Mari, Chronos, Archibal, Charlie, Xeno and Ziecka were all on his shoulders as they lumbered through the forest. Rocoso looking down the whole time as he let out a sigh.

"We can't go back yet, not until we stop them from coming wherever the came from." Rocoso was writing something down on a piece of paper as everyone was gathering what food and water the storage had left, Charlie panicking.

"What more is there to do!? We should leave that to the elites of the empire not to us!!" Charlie was being the guy he was always being, himself. He was a miner, they are not trained for combat! Just to grab gold, pray and run when the enemy comes!

"Have faith in yourself Charlie." Xeno came up and pat his back, smiling a little. "When i came to your rescue you had fell more people than i thought a normal miner could have, your a one of a kind." Charlie looked to his friend and sighed as a giant finger pushed his head down in pats, of course that hurt but Mau was trying to be nice.

"Look. All we have to do is go over and destroy the docks they came from, if the situation is dire than we go on ships and attack their docks...i'm just glad you guys are coming with me anyways..." Rocoso smiled as the whole group smiled back.

But now here he was thinking of the whole situation, maybe it was a bad idea. They should have waited for reinforcements, after all they were warriors from Westwind, the finest warriors the Order empire can produce. But they had to get this done, he lived for battle and if they said no he would have gone alone...but now he's worried about the people he fought alongside. They got lucky i mean come on...eight vs a whole army. An army that could use anything at that fact. They were at a disadvantage if they had to fight another magic they needed a Magikill badly.

"Hey....! Hey...!!!!" Rocoso's head snapped up as he looked around, Mau stopping and moving his head from side to side. "Down here....!" Mau looked down, so did everyone else as they saw a boy with a little bandanna on his head. He was holding what looked like a wand in one hand. "H-Hi!! A-Are you from the castle that was attacked????"

"Mau, Could you help us down?" Xeno asked as Mau got on one knee, the boy jumping to the left to avoid the knee as the warriors came down slowly.

"Ohhhh! A meric! I never got to see one before!" Mari smiled as the boy got closer, gasping at everyone of them. "Wow! You guys are like practically every single tribe huh???" Ziecka puffed his chest out in pride as he leaned on his sword.

"Whats the trouble boy?" Archibal asked, they needed to get to their objective now, not later. The boy then gulped, sighing out in sadness.

"Well....i have two things.....first i want to ask if i can join you guys in your quest!" Rocoso frowned, him shaking his about to protest before he was topped by the boy. "I can do magic! Please, i need to avenge my master!" Archibal looked behind the boy, far off in the distance was a burning old hut. The forest had a Magikill who was more than peaceful, refused to fight. He often visited him, never seeing the boy but he had heard the old man say that he had a disciple.

"Come on Rocoso. Let the boy join us, we could use his expertise at times, and perhaps Mari can help him perfect his magic." Rocoso looked to the Archer as he sighed, no one was going to take his side for Chronos was busy fixing his wings and Charlie was....chasing a butterfly. Mau was beaming at the thought of a new friend as he sighed nodding in defeat. Meanwhile, Charlie had gotten a little far from the group as he tripped over something.

"ooof! Hey the butterfly is getting away, stupid-!!!!" He stopped talking and widened his eyes, it was a rock creature, spikes our of it's back as it looked at him. It had crab like arms as it opened it's mouth in protest. "Rock thingy....?" It made a cute sound, like a myah you know? " don't sound dangerous....hey you wanna come with me and my friends??? We are trying to go to the sea and-" The creature was excited about that, bouncing around as it ran towards the group, Charlie freaking out. "WAIT THEY MIGHT ATTACK!!!"

"The hell is that thing??" Ziecka jumped back as the thing came out from the bushes, drawing his sword, honestly everyone was surprised at the sudden appearance of the beast. Charlie came out and explained that it was a thing that he found and it wanted to come with them, he was not gonna take no for an answer. Rocoso only could facepalm and sigh.

"Great....well at least it's nine against an army now...."

((Chapter six is short but it's done! Chapter seven will spice things up!))

Stick War ChroniclesEdit

Lord Verick and the Chaos Expansion Wars

"Lord Verick, are you ready for your attack against the Clubwrath?" hissed Queen Medusa. "Yes, Master" I said. I was leading an attack on the neighboring Clubwrath who had been a thorn in the side of Chaos for many years. "Soon this small island of Chaos will become a shining empire through all of Inamorta!" said Queen Medusa. I traveled to the boneyard to pick up the training Marrowkai. They would make up his entire army, but the Marrowkai leader, Hamuza said if they killed enough on their conquest, he could raise an undead army! I walked up to the Obsidian Shrine. First Hamuza would give a speech, then I would. "Marrowkai! Today, we destroy the annoying and prickly Clubwrath, and tommorow, Chaos becomes an empire! The crowd roared an unnatural, eerie roar "Chaos!" "And now, our general Lord Verick!" The speech discussed the strategy and how thankful I was. Then, they charged across the bridge to the land of the Clubwrath.

We charged passed the city walls, and I drew my poison-tipped bone sword. "For the glory of the Chaos Empire and Her Majesty, Queen Medusa" "It's them!" shouted a Clubwrath scout. "Hold defensive positions" yelled the Clubwrath leader, Clubfar. The Marrowkai pushed their advance, using hell fists and reapers. "Retreat!!" yelled Clubfar. "Hold positions." I commanded. We decided to camp here and heal up. We would make another push tommorow and take their main defensive garrison. The next day... Hamuza came up and reported all Marrowkai were at full health and ready to attack. We rushed twoards the garrison and the battle ensued. We pushed into their main room and Clubfar finally said the words "I surrender." Only eight Marrowkai had died but over 150 Clubwrath. They would soon become Deads, a new unit in our army. We had won. "Hamuza, stay here, I am going to inform the Queen." It was over.

Chapter 1: Order's AttackEdit

Hi my name is Bryan and i wll tell you about why my life changed in That day;

It was a normal day in the Village of Miner's when suddenly an empire called Order atacked us. I woke up early that day. I went outside for a walk. I am not a pure Miner. I can pretty much handle any weapon from a Bow and Arrow to a Magic Staff. Anyways, I was in my way back when Order attacked us. I was going to fight back but I remembered I left my weapons at my house. I hurried off to tell Luke ( a friend of mine that can handle the Sword like a Swordwrath). "Luke, the Empire Order is attacking us. Gather all the Villagers you can find and then we'll flee to the Village of Swordwrath and tell Them what has happpened."

Order Vs MinersEdit

Army of swordwraths




Chapter 2: Meeting at the Village of SwordwrathEdit

I was able to gather up a few units from the Village of Miner's; Lina, an expert Archer, and Luke an expert Swordwrath. They're both brother and sister. When we got to the Village of Swordwrath, we told them  what has happened. We decided to team up and destroy Order.

(Order's point of view now)

We we're about to attack the Village of Swordwrath when a native tribe attacked us. As we, Order we're to attack the Spearton, the tribe acted and moved like the Spearton. We decided to attack the Swordwrath first.

Chapter 3: Scars and SwordsEdit

(My point of view now)

"So, what now" said Lina.

"We need a plan, a plan that will lead us to victory" replied Luke

Sudenly, a thought struck me."We can gather soldiers to help us fight".

Stick EmpiresEdit







Stick Wars 2(Order vs  Rebels)Edit

By: Anoymous

(Point of view from Rebellion Leader)

"My Lord, both the Speartons and the Archidons have agreed to rebel against the tyrants of Order" said Arax. "Very good! Tommorow, all of Order's puny swordwrath police who refused to join us will be slaughtered!" said the Magikill leader, Dexron. With the agreement of both nations, the Silent Purge would happen tonight. Any loyalist leaders or officials were to tried and imprisoned for treason to their individual nations. The next day there would be two phases, first all and any loyalist "swordwrath enforcers" would be killed or imprisoned.The second phase would be declaring independence. All nations would declare independence and the Open Rebellion would begin. Dexron had instructed officials to take care of any loyalists that night. When Dexron woke up the next morning he went out to the Palace balcony and adressed the citizens of the Magikill empire. "Upon this hour, all Magikill and our secret weapon, the Merics are to turnon the enforcers and bring them to trial!" Many enforcers looked shocked but the people charged and begun slaughtering them. The Magikill's and all of Inamorta's rebellion had begun.

B y:Commandah

Day 1:Shadowpranksters vs Rebels

Arghhh first day at the battlefield working as a Shadowrath wasnt good and By the way im Marckus Those rebels were hard to fight their Speartons were the best of all it could bring fear over our swordwraths.Our mission is to scout the area around the Pertland and the Westwind to find if any rebels are amassing their armies we found a camp at Pertland they are many yet. Master Jake is so strict at us and even tells us to eat fast that we dont have time we sometimes....(lump wells up in throat)Vomit yeah its gross but it happens daily that every Meric has gotten crazy that we were always sick and why?.Because during sleep night.Me and a couple of Shadowraths along with Swordwraths prank the others until 3:00 AM that sometimes a bunch of Speartons led by Dave will chase us for putting a bunch of eggs at their head that when they wake up they would smash at the egg pretty funy right?.But for them it is menace sometimes we cant sleep they call us"Order Deads" because we look like dead staring at one thing until someone has to put us down and yet my friend Swordwrath,Matt is very good looking that every Shadowrath and Swordwrath admires him even me well you know.Master Jake asked us that if we were so good at pranking we should scare the Rebels to come by us so it would be short our armies will not die due to hunger

"This day is the day"I said then one of the Shadowpranksters said"The Pury will be so hard and scary their heart will burst now 

We just arrived well i have to tell you they have HUGE ARMIES basically we cant scare them off easily.I had an Idea it is to tell them to chase us near make them go round and round until it is near our base pretty good and worked good the only thing that didnt work is.They managed to map us easily and when we got home we are all dieing from running so we managed to steal huge bags of food and grabbed a gallon of water and got to our cabin before they could see us.And a word of remind stay tuned for others,Marckus

Day:2 Order and the Chaos battle starts and a shocking mysteryEdit



Around No Mans Land  is we are waiting for them to start me,Marckus is fighting hard they sent a GIANT!? luckily it was one but wait it isnt a normal one. HUGE Clubs and corpses of swordwrath man he hit us hard.But we fought back with a few Speartons it could not kill him the Giant stunned and killed them then in our castle walls are us.We are going to fight back then with 2 Speartons,3 Swordwraths,1 Archidon and 2 Shadowrath along with 3 Miners we fought him hard even our miners managed to do sufficient damage to him we killed him atlast then we tamed one Giant who was about to help his fellow Giant we guarded the Statue of something it has horns and has a huge hammer similar to some Natives we saw yesterday then some.Then something came A SHE!? it was a lady with snake hairs and a green robe(I wonder if she has snakes all over her body) she said"You,You were the ones battling over my lands while you were fighting eachother we are growing for power while you were fighting but now you Enslaved my babies(Enslaved Giant) and i wait no more now you feel the Wrath of the Chaos Empire.Then the Rebels came all of their races came The Magikill their Leader said"Medusa was right all that we have been doing for years is making us weak" Lord Octane,our Lord also went to battle said"Medusa?I thought she was imprisoned in the Dark Jails at No mans Land.Yurich,The rebel Magikill said"Yes she was imprisoned how ever one Miner has got the guts to open the prison to free her while we were battling the thing we always saw in the.Dark was her a shadowy figure at the Desert final battle.However we cannt fight her all alone we are going to be with you once again we shall own the lands by ourselves now we Declare a War against the Chaos Empire!!!!!!".Well i coud tell you i was pretty gonna die in battle due of a giant.ONE GIANT! incoming we need to fight her

Days:1-Order Vs Rebels

Day:2-Order and Chaos battle starts and a shocking mystery

Day:5-New Era of war technology started(Bombers attacked)

Day:6-Those Hack 'n Slashers attacked us(Jugger Knights attacked)

Day:6-Undead Outbreak(Deads attacked)

Day:8-Flying Death(Eclipsors attacked)

Day:7-At the Gates of Chaos(Attacking the Gates near Chaos destrution)

Day:9-Final battle for Order(Nowhere for them to run)

Day:10-Unknown Empire has risen from its prison(Elemental Empire has risen)

Day:30-Chaos Empire has fallen we need help(Elemental Empire has attacked several Order Encampments)

Day:45-Allies finally!(Enclave Empire will help us)

Day:5-New Era of War started(Bombers attacked)Edit


Never knew that Medusa would bring a war against us.Yet we are big who knows if they send a Giant to a big army they will even fail and will they?.Master Jake told us that the Order Council needed to scout the Chaos Encampment near the Enclave Empire,These dudes are really strong that we offered alliance to them and they declined the offer.Man i need some rest the Council ordered us to scout the Encampment

Morning,Day 5 now we are getting prepared we are gonna cross the No Mans Land again i hope no Giants would attack us.(5 hours Later).Phew! almost killed a Giant nearky saw us its a good thing we are small we hided on a cave well i could tell you on the Encampment were Boys and Girls holding Dynamites(Pretty not so good either)A Knight was training them they are like running to you then BOOM! its too dangerous to fight them but we can resist them.(10 hours later)We got home by midnight The Order Council asked us what is going on at the Encampment.I said"There were Bombers suicidal Bombers at the area to dangerous to fight them but we can sacrifice to kill them make them finish all their bombers" The Magikill said"Well yes we might do that for the cost of one Life"I said"We may make traps wooden Swordwrath men along with Shadowraths we can fight them make them finish all their Bombers a good idea isnt it?"Keith,One of the Order Council said"Well a good idea Lad we may use them now go cut some trees and tell Dave if they wont cut the trees they will suffer your pranks.A good deal isnt it?"I said"Ok.Thats fine now we are going to strike them at their very guts.(3 hrs at the Encampment Battle)Now the battle starts when we got our Wooden Men on the area as we are going to bait them so all those Bombers will die quickly and fast as possible.Then we baited them then came those Dark Knights came also then BOOM! all the Bombers died we are real happy then Dave and a Few Spearton Leaders charged at their Lines then yes finally we won! I killed some with my staff and sword.The Battle just ended but the War has just Begun,Marckus

Day:5-Hack "n" Slashers Attacked us(Juggerknights attacked)Edit

By:Commandah(BTW forgot to log in sorry but this is the real me)

After we battled the Bombers there were still enemies plowing the fields of death.We are going to attack them quickly as possible to minimize threat to us.Darek,The Leader of the Order Council told us that Medusa has sended in her Second Surprise.Master Jake told us to scout the area after a few scoutings many Shadowraths were killed by some Dark Knights or Knights(If those were the Enclave wanting us to stay out at their territory)We got prepared because this is a long way trip to their Barracks(10HRS during the trip) We heard Many noises especially the sounds of Fire and death at the way.Finally arrived at the area we scouted and saw those Dark Knights and some miners they were holding something a paper or contract.Then when a miner was walking through as i grabbed him then knocked me out cold.Then Matt my bestfriend told that they were having a contract for those Juggerknights.What are they doing?To be continued,Marckus

A Chaotic EncounterEdit

By: Harekiller

CHAPTER 1: Not my real name...

Once upon a time, there was a Shadowrath called Kun. Okay, thats me, and okay, that is NOT my real name, but my real name is secret. So Kun here (I will refer to him in 3rd person), was a newbie at the Shadowrath Academy. He wasn't doing too well. He could only fall off heights 100 metres up and jump 50. Thats incredible right? Incredibly bad. For a Shadowrath.

Now, the academy Kun was attending was extremely harsh. He was expected to wake up at 4:00 AM every day. He would do 200 push-ups and jump onto 50 thin sticks before it was lunchtime with 10 spoons of dry rice, and then it would be 1 hour of torture just to get him used to pain. Then he would have to run for 4 hours straight without stopping, to the wooden hut where he would practice fighting techniques till his Sensei decided that it was enough. At this time, he would have to race a horse back to his rest hut. Then he would sleep. Nobody ever got used to this routine, not even battle-ready Shadowrath, and least of all Kun.

One day, Kun woke up with his Master shouting in his face: "WAKE UP! TODAY'S YOUR ESPIONAGE TEST! YOU'RE LATE!!!"



    Kun leapt up from bed(and hit the ceiling). His Master held him up, and hurled him, rolling, down the hill to the small clearing where the other pupils were kneeling. He hastily stood up and joined his friends, Kor and Uni (NOT their real names).

"What are we doing?" He asked them in a whisper.

"Are you serious? This test is all they've been talking about for days!"

    Just then, the tall Master who had been standing in front of the pupils, silent, shouted: "Ahem. STUDENTS OF THIS ACADEMY! CONGRATULATIONS ON NOT DYING YET! YOU HAVE COME FAR FROM THE WEAKLINGS YOU ONCE WERE! BUT NOW IS THE TIME FOR THE FIRST TEST OF YOUR TRUE WORTH!" He paused to let this sink in.

Then, four powerful-looking Shadowrath started grabbing pupils and talking to them. One particularly small one grabbed Kun with amazing strength. He said: "Your mission is to scout the area around no man's. If you find the red amulet we have hidden there, you succeed."

"And if not?"

"Then you will be a disgrace to us."

Ahh, nothing like a little pressure to make you get a heart attack.

CHAPTER 2: Eh-Spy-On-Agee Test

   Ten minutes later, Kun found himself sprinting along the grasslands towards no-man's.


The legend of OrderEdit


Once upon a time... there's a world called Inamorta... This world have no, nothing at all. Just war. Inamorta have several nations, which have their weapons, and believe that the weapon are their god.

Chapter 1: No other choiceEdit

Dark surrounding the world... Bloods all the way to the end of the road, sound of battle everywhere, just me, my nation, don't have any weapons.

My name is Den. Quite a hilarious name? Ok. I'm the leader of the nation called Order. We have miners, and , only me, which wields a club. Our nation are peace until when this era come.

Yes, it's war era, which all the nations fight each other. We have no other choice, but need to fight back to survive, although we love the other nations.

So, I teach my beloved people my Way of the Club. And later, we're going to attack our closest friend, the Archidon.

Chapter 2: Archidon, wise and calmEdit

Footsteps and footsteps until we march to the Archidon's base. Wielding our stone-made club, we're going to have a bloody scenery made by us. We all know that clubs are harder than arrows, which meant Archidon are no match with us.

So, we marched and finally came to the base of Archidon. We saw an Archidon statue with a posture of aiming and wants to shoot. Below it, some Archidons are frightened and unaware that we're going to conquer their land. So, we started to charge.

But still, some Archidonis are calm and aimed one of us. Fired the arrow. Pierced one head. One down for us. We noticed that rains of arrows begin to fall after the headshot. We block the arrows with our hard clubs, but some failed and have some arrow pierced through their body.

We charge more faster. Some of the injured are still alive and still join with us, with blood bleeding. At last, we won. We broke down the Archidon's statue. We caught up some of the Archidons that wanted to flee.

Yes, we killed some Archidons in the way when we charge to their statue. I saw the Archidon's leader, Elder. He have a calm-looking face. He know why we wanted to attack them and he joined us on the journey of surviving. Still, some Archidons fled away.

Chapter 3:Ambush, native that looks like Spearton!Edit

It's evening after we finish our battle. We decided to rest and continue to march tomorrow. Just when we're going to have a good sleep... Eerie sounds came. With footsteps, light and dangerous.

Yeah, the sound is made from human. Elder and I decided to see who's there. We panicked when we saw natives with shield and spear, like Spearton where we want to attack their nation in the next day. We quickly command all the troops to ready.

Arrows from us shoot continously to the natives. No effect. It strikes the shield and the arrow broke. Our brave soldiers came with their hard club. Of course, I'm going to join them. We quickly charge towards the one native. We had a long battle as the native's spear is longer than our club while they also have shield.

I wonder, does Spearton this hard to fight with? I don't think much about it. I quickly break the native's shield, letting the native unguarded. Arrows come. Headshot. One down. We shouted glorily. But wait. Two natives come. Again, one of my warriors broke the native's shield and have him a chest shot.

The another native, I ran to his back while he is blocking arrows and give him a hard blow. After that, more and more natives come. We tried to defeat them all. It's exhausting and I know Spearton is more good than these natives.

I decided to go to the Swordwrath nation first to get more useful weapons and peoples.

Chapter 4:Swordwrath, the outnumbering troopsEdit

It's good that Elder found a way to light the arrows up with fire, which enhance their attack damage. While me and my soldiers, we've been training until we can move more faster than before.

So, we marched until the Swordwrath nation. A big bad sword was wield by a Swordwrath statue. Thousands of Swordwraths swinging their blades aggresively that means they are ready and will fight with us. We started to charge.

Rains of fire arrows pierce through the Swordwraths unarmored and burn the rest of the body. We use our quick reflexes to dodge the dancing swords and give strikes to the Swordwraths. Still, we can't defeat them because they outnumbered us. We need to have a plan.

So, I command my brave warriors to retreat while Elder command his rangers to shoot burning arrows to the Swordwraths. The swordwraths have their quick speed, too. Some of them dodged the arrows and begin to attack the Archidons. This is when we smash our clubs hardly to the Swordwraths.

I picked one of the sword that falls on the ground and begin to slash and dash. At last, we broke their statue. The Swordwrath leader, Ganjuran gave us the instructions on making swords.

Then, he leave. I wonder if he is going to rebel or what, but I'm excited to upgrade my weapon and my beloved people's weapon. After that, Elder and I decide to go to the Spearton nation, although I know it's hard to fight with them.

Chapter 5:Spearton, the hardest enemyEdit

So, we marched to the Spearton nation, while readying our Swords to slash some hard things there. Yeah, now, our names are changed to Swordwrath.

We marched forward, saw the mighty Spearton statue with the stance of phalanx mode. we charged as we saw that the Speartons are so less in numbers. As we charged, a Spearton throws his spear and killed one of my man.

Oh wow, that's surprising. After that, it's the war against raining flame arrows, dancing swords and piercing spears. The Speartons that throwed their weapon showed up their daggers that is small and sneaky. We attack the Spearton, the Spearton block.

Arrows fired, the Spearton block again. With my agility, I sneak to a Spearton's back, but he blocked my way, and give me a pierce to my hand. I dropped my sword, yawning in pain. But I use my other hand to grab the Sword and start to slash the Spearton's shield, hoping it to break.

But no, the Spearton's shield is harder than I thought. I kicked the Spearton's shield, and stabbed his chest. One down. Still, walls of shield can be seen upon me. I quickly dodge the Spearton's spears, and jumped to their back.

Yeah, they can't block my high jump. I slash and slash, but it didn't hurt them because they have the metal helmet . I command my troops to jump to my way, and start to kill the Speartons. Oh no. We left the Archidons unprotected.

The Speartons quickly run forward and throw their spears to the Archidons. Elder quickly shoot the spear's stick, which break the spear. The other Archidons follow him. But some of them still failed and got pierced. We quickly cut the Speartons' head, and which it works after we slash it so much time.

We finally broke down the Spearton's statue, and that's a hard work even after we upgraded our weapons. Greg, the Spearton leader, decided to join with us as they are impressed that we can win them.

So, we have a strong force here, and started to march to the wise mages' territory, the Magikill's nation.

Chapter 6:Ambush of the SwordwrathsEdit

After we have our mighty speartons in our side, we begin to celebrate because we know that we will win against the wise Magikill and will survive and dominate the whole Inamorta.

We celebrate till late night. We slept soundly. ... What's that sound? Not ambush again? I don't care about it. I continue to sleep.

The next day, we prepared to march to the Magikill nation and that's when I saw swordwraths at the other side, and I also saw Ganjuran(the leader of the Swordwrath nation).

I know that Ganjuran is going to fight with us. I asked all the leaders to prepare for the outnumbering war of the Swordwraths. We had 6 Speartons, 12 Swordwraths and 5 Archidons when the Swordwraths started to charge against us.

Our mighty Speartons threw their spears, which killed some Swordwraths. Archidons fired their fire arrows that also killed some of them. Still, there are a lot of Swordwraths.

Greg command the Speartons to block the incoming Swordwraths, while I command my warriors to finish the swordwraths. After some time, we won.

Ganjuran fled. So, I think Ganjuran is going to rebel us. I don't think much of it. We continued to march towards the Magikill nation. Wait, did I tell you that the Magikills can summon minions and stun us?

Chapter 7:Magikill, smart and uniqueEdit

So, we continue to march until we saw a tall statue that shows a Magikill is casting spell. We march more and more. We prepare to fight against these old wise men.

Last night, before the ambush, we have planned how to cheat the Magikills, although we know they are wise. We planned to command Archidons in front of Magikill, while hiding Speartons and Swordwraths behind them.

We charged with 5 Archidons with 2 Spearton and 3 Swordwraths hiding behind them. A lone Magikill showed up, followed by a minion after the Magikill saw us and summon the minion. Archidons give minion a head shot, and at the same time the Magikill summon one more minion, and one more Magikill showed up.

The Archidons then give the minion a headshot again and the Magikill stun the Archidons after that. The speartons immidiately come out, threw their spear at the Magikill, and the Magikill fell. Two minions came.

I command my Swordwraths to kill the minion. But the other Magikill stunned my Swordwraths and Spearton, while the Archidons just recover from the stun. The Archidons killed the Magikill and after these repetitions, we won and that's an easy battle with our strategic plans.

The wise Magikill leader, Wistrond, know why we done this to them, and joined us. We have a larger force here and now planning to conquer the whole Inamorta.

Chapter 8: Rebels! Swordwrath and ArchidonEdit

So, we now have an enough force to conquer the whole Inamorta. We are going to be Inamorta's conquerer, which means we are going to have this land all by ourself. We started our journey to conquer the whole Inamorta. It's about 45% of Inamorta belong to us now. But I heard there's a legend about giants lurking in No Man's Land, which no one lives there....

Ok, forget about this first. We started to march to Pertland, which I just know that there was rebels there, readying to fight with us for conquering their land... I think one of the leaders or the rebel leader are Ganjuran, which survived any attack of us Order...

Swordwraths and Archidons. That's what I heard about the rebel army. Quite a simple army. We're going to smash them easily as we have the mighty Speartons and wise Magikills. So, we marched to Pertland and saw a rebel-like symbol statue. Archidons and Swordwraths are in our way to march to the statue.

So, we started our first war against rebels. I command miners to mine, while building Swordwraths. After one Spearton was trained, there was about 3 Swordwraths there. Attack. They explored the half of the land before they saw about 4 Swordwraths and 2 Archidons in their sight.

They began a skirmish. That's easy, and they continue to charge, while we have 1 Magikill, 4 Speartons and 5 Swordwraths, 3 Archidons here. I command them to join the attack force. The first group, which consists of 1 Spearton and 3 Swordwraths, killed 2 miners and after that the rebels garrisoned.

As the second group joined the army, the rebel statue are going to break down. But the enemy have like 10 Swordwraths and 5 Archidon attacked our group. After some time, they got smashed down by minions and spears, arrows and swords. At last, we broke down the enemy's statue.

We caught Ganjuran, but Ganjuran killed my troops, and flee again, recieving some arrows shot by my Archidons. After we rest, I heard that a new rebel force is coming, in Westwind, consists of Magikill and Speartons. Up a level of hardness, but that's nothing to my brave troops, as we are going to be the conquerer of Inamorta,

Chapter 9:Rebels again! Spearton and Magikill(Actually it is Archidons but I want to make it more harder)Edit

We marched and march, until we arrived Westwimd. Wow, the name is real, the wind was so strong that it's like going to blow you to the West. We struggle to survive from the strong wind, and that's when we saw Speartons and Magikills.

We looked up, and saw a rebel statue above them, showing that they are the rebels we wanted to find. Fish sometimes come out itself, and we are ready to fight with the less-numbered rebel troops. Miner started to work hardly, mining the golds that appear on the Westwind land.

The wind is softer now, so we concentrated on our battle, and 5 Swordwraths and 3 Archidons were trained. We're going to use a lower tier unit to outnumber them. That's our plan of defeating them. So, I command the troops to attack. When the group reached to the middle of the land, they saw a Speartons and a Magikill.

Swordwraths begin to attack the Speartons and minions that the Magikill summoned, and Archidons shooting flaming arrows to the Magikill. The Speartons don't have even a chance to throw his spear and got slashed apart by our newly-upgraded greatswords. Archidons shoot the Magikill to death before the Magikill casted his spells.

It was a winning chance for Order, until when I saw 5 Speartons in phalanx mode with 3 Magikills behind. I get my troops back, while training more troops. I now have 3 Speartons, 8 Swordwraths and 6 Archidons. One Magikill is training. I hate waiting you know, I command my troops to attack.

Speartons got defeated quickly by us and Magikills and minions got shot and pierced by Archidons and Speartons. We charged to the statue. They have 5 Magikills there and Ganjuran himself with an elf, his name... Heith? I saw him before. He is my enemy since I'm in my childhood.

Heith wields a bow and have roots surrounding him, wow, he improved. I'm going to join the battle myself, as well as meeting Heith. Speartons quickly killed the Magikills, and Ganjuran slashed their shield, cracked a bit. Swordwraths attacked Heith but Heith shoots some arrows that pierced through their heads swiftly.

I join the survived Swordwraths. I use my sword to slash Hieth, which blocked by his bow.He land me a kick, and the survived Swordwraths came attacking Heith. Speartons threw their spears that damaged Ganjuran's sword, and arrows shot from the back and shoot Ganjuran's wound, burning it.

Heith saw that and quickly cast a spell, healing Ganjuran's wound, and I use this chance to attack Heith. He got slashed by my heavy sword and injured badly. Ganjuran have a short sword fight with me and he fled away AGAIN when he slashed on my shoulder.

He fled away, leaving his sword there. I picked his sword, and make it as mine. After that, we continue our journey of conquering after Magikills healed my wound. We will go to No Man's Land, with the rumors playing in my mind.

Chapter 10:What's the mysterious gigantic shadow? Giants!Edit

We'd marched through several obstacles like quicksand, sand storm and even sand tornado.  We didn't give we keep marching forward, passing those obstacles. All of the obstacles were showed up as we are marching forward to No Mans Land. I wonder why this destination is so hard to be arrived? Is it because the rumors are real?

We marched with our feets stepping on burning sands, ignoring the heatness. Some sound came near. Not sand storm again. Wait. I heard a different sound, its like big creature gurgling. Stomp. SToMP. STOMP. The footsteps of the big creature are nearer, and it came behind us.

I slowly turn my body, and saw a big human... wielding club and corpse. Why corpse? And why does it wielding weapons? I command my troops to turn around, preparing to battle. The gigant shadow blocked the sunlight from shooting on our body.

Elder command the Archidons to shoot, which been reflected, or which only make a clean cut on it, while the fire extinguish. It proves that the arrows are not useful to it, as same as throwing spears. Greg command his troops to make a shield wall, and I command my troops to attack.

Even it's so rare that I'm surprised for it's arrival, it is attacking us, so we must fight back. Dancing sword and pitchforks cuts the giants skin, while it stuns my troops. Magikills' stun spell is also not useful to the mysterious giant. A loud sound came, and there cames the real sand storm.

Now I know why humans can't even live here, where I saw it by myself, Giant are immune to these natural disasters. Arrows shooted in a different direction and my troops are struggling to survive this storm. At last, I walked hardly and give a hard slash to the giant's leg, causing it to cannot move.

So, we killed the giant as the giant are unmovable, only able to attack. We marched quickly to run past this natural disaster-famous land, and I heard that Ganjuran had formed another force at the next land were going. We have no choice but to fight with the rebels.

Chapter 11:Ambush again, with a GiantEdit

We marched quickly,and hope the rebels didnt come to this land, but I'm wrong. Swordwraths in my sight at the far east, and a tamed giant by them is going to attack us. We've died many troops as we walk past this land. We're going to rebuild our army.

We ignore the disasters. Miners start to mine on the blunt mines there, and I command our remained troops to defend,which consists of 10 Swordwraths, 4 Archidons, 9 Speartons, 2 Magikills and... what??? One giant is walking past us, focusing its vision on the tamed giant on the other side.

Wow, what a ... glorious image there. Two giants are clashing each other... clubs swinged and corpses stomped, the tamed giant died. The other giant walked on the same direction, preparing to attack the trembling Swordwraths there. We have this chance to attack the force.

We killed the rebel swordwraths in sight, with no one died.The giant was injured severely, and we have this chance to tame it. Ganjuran is not there, and I think he is preparing for the war in the next land. Wait, the natural disasters didn't occure. What a relieve!

We've gained some troops and a giant after we fought this ambush. We've got a gigantic troop here, which will give us a great supportin the next battle. At least we get something here in No Man's Land, and we continue to march to the next land where rebels are preparing to attack us...

Chapter 12:Rebels united! War between Order and rebels!Edit

With our tamed giant, we captured more in the way to the next destination. Of course, our troops are decreasing slighty after the captures. We arrived to the land, seeing lots of troops including Giants at the other side. I saw Ganjuran and Heith there, too.

We began to battle. Miners still using their sharp pickaxe to mine, and several Swordwrath, Spearton and Archidon are trained. I command them to attack. They met more Swordwrath and Archidon when they're at their journey to the enemy's statue. I command them to retreat.

With more gold, Magikills and Speartons are trained. I free one of the tamed giants to the battlefield. Our troops outnumbered them, and they arrived at the enemy's statue. Our attack force began to grow, but the enemy have their Giants stun our troops and Magikills summon minions. We have some troops defeated,

I went to the enemy's statue, found that all my troops are defeated. Yeah, that's Ganjuran and Heith who did that. I quickly attack them with Elder and Greg. We're outnumbering them, but the most important is the skills. Our skills are not that much, so we are injured severely while they are injured too, we fell unconcious while they flee.

After sometime, we'd been healed. We found that Ganjuran and Heith fleed. I heard that there was a larger force in the most North part of the land, which Eclipse occurs every second. We began to march to the land, knowing that if they fleed, they've no where to go as the land is the most north past, and later it was the sea, if they want to jump into...

Chapter 13:Great war again! What's that mysterious aura from the gigantic giant statue?Edit

We get to the last land, the land where Eclipse always occur, and when Eclipse occur, we can't see anything. Everything is dark. You feel alone and cold. It's a cool natural phenomena but when it always occurs, it will be scary... As dark always surrounding you, like it was going to swallow you...

We march to the enemy's grand base, surrounded by dark, and icy cold. Cold until our heartbeat became slow, same to our movements. We began to feel weaker, and weaker, and weaker.NO, we're not going to fall down now. We are the conquerer of Order!

We looked at the other side, troops are shivering too, so, we get ready, and began to start battle at this land. Miners slowly mine, and some Swordwraths are trained. They run, no, more like trot to the battlefield, shivering, looking for any troops. No. A Spearton was trained.

The Spearton joined the Swordwraths. They began to march forward. Enemy have their Archidons and Speartons there. Some Swordwraths quickly(or not..?) run past the Speartons and killed the Archidons with their great swords. After that, they began to kill the Speartons.

Two Speartons and 8 Swordwraths was trained. They join the force. A Magikill showed up. With his shivering cold old hand, he summoned a slow minion... weak. The group K.O. the minion, and slashed the Magikill. All of the progress are successful, until they reached the base.

They broke the statue... and we won. Wait... a mysterious aura suddenly float in the air, making us feeling eerie. The statue broke. Pieces of stones, fell, revealing a rough skin. More stones fell, and we saw the Great Giant. We retreated, shivering in the eerie cold. I released many tamed giants, making them outnumbering the Great Giant.

Oh no, lots of tamed giants died... but with our support, we killed it. It was a hard battle. Wait... two shadows come... Ganjuran and Heith . They killed all my troops. Elder, Greg and I began to use our skills and quickly defeated them, We locked them in the prison, while something float in the air when the next Eclipse occurs.

We didn't know that. After we turn our head, nothing there. Weird. Ganjuran disappeared, same to Heith. But at least, we're now the conquerer of Order! We began to enjoy our life, until when the rebels came after 4 years or so...

Chapter 14:Rebels gather again, with a new force!Edit

It's a good day. I started to relax, sitting on my large steel chair of glory. I yawned. It was a celebration of us being the conquerer of Order for 3 years. Suddenly, someone came. A troop."Commander Den! There's a force of Speartons coming from the south part!" he said. I quickly responded by grabbing my great sword and went to the land. It was all easy as I use my great swords to break apart the rogue Spearton's shield and my fellow Swordwraths to overwhelm them. I was curious as they don't throw their spears anymore. They go defend. REALLY defend. They seems to become a tanker, not an agressive Spearton anymore.

They seem to have a point. Spearton, with armors, are used to tank. And the style can protect other units from being hurt. Nice one. I then asked Greg to train them to be more defensive. Suddenly, an arrow, fire arrow, shoot to me. I dodged and looked at the pdirection where the arrow been shot. Archidons. Greg immidiately command Speartons to block the following arrows and I command Swordwraths to attack the Archidons. My Swordwraths are now better, since I trained them to be Rage for a while, increasing speed and attack rate while decreasing a small amount of health.

Hello!I am the creator of the story Bomber's story and Shadowrath's story I hope you read them and if you enjoy them post it in the comments.Thanks!Edit

Shadowrath's Story Edit

After Order defeated the Archidons and the swordwrath together.The Archidons complained that they were too weak.The Swordwrath leader was very angry after hearing this from them.Some of the Swordwraths had the idea of making more sharp swords.But, they already had the best swords of Inamorta.Others wanted to make lighter sword in wood.However,this would make the swords even more weak. One of the swordwrath suggested them to get some armor from the speartons.Unfortunatly,the speartons didn't want to borrow a few pieces of armor because,they had a lack of combat skills.After this, they went to the Magikills' lab.They asked the Magikill's to make their swords much more powerful. The Magikills said "NO", because they needed to work on their poison spray.Suddenly,one of the swordwrath thought of an idea.He decided to make some sort of poison spraying Swordwrath.Some did not like the idea but most of them did.The people who liked the idea went training.After tons of training,they still were alot weaker than the speartons.The swordwrath leader decided then to give them a second weapon.But,which weapon to choose?A knife would be too weak and a second sword would be too heavy to carry. After a long time of thinking they decided to give them a staff,because it was not too heavy or weak.These swordwrath trained day after day and then after a long time of training,they were barely weaker compared to the speartons.They knew something was missing but what?Not courage,not power,and not intelligence.Ah! It was speed.So now,some swordwrath race against each other every morning.Now,they are as powerful as the speartons.To perfection their poison ability,they decided to train in the art of stealth.Since these swordwrath were very agile.The Magikill leader called them the Shadowraths.The Shadowraths were the next units to fight order because,Order was unprepared against the Shadowraths.

Meric's storyEdit

Once the Magikill rebelled they started to decide a technique that will help them defeat.One suggested to upgrade the dashinite spell , but Order coud kill them with just an arrow.Another suggested more armour,however once experimented , they became more slower.By the time they were ready the experimental statue was already crumbling.

Then the daughter of the leader of the rebellion suggested healing spells. Others liked this idea but the spells were too long. If they kept performing healing spells they wouldn't get time to stun ,blast, shock, or poison.Then the leader of the rebellion,Kelvin suggested to train the women to heal units on the battle field rather than in the castle.Thus, Merics were born.

Bomber's storyEdit

The bombers were once normal civilians who lived in peace.But,because of the Chaos empire they became suicidal bomber.Do you know how?Here is the Bomber's story.The Chaos empire attacks alot of villages and almost never lose.One day,queen Medusa had a meeting with the Marrowkai leaders,the Juggerknight leaders,the Eclipsor leaders,and Medusa's sisters.They needed to find out what to do with the prisoners.The Marrowkai leaders wanted to create some Deads with them.It was a not very good idea because,they had already a few thousand Deads and besides, they stunk up Medusa's palace with their rotting flesh. The Juggerknights want to use their axe to cut the prisonners' head and use them as trophies.Nobody liked that idea because,they could have done that on the battlefield.The Eclipsors want to use them as targets for aiming.Everybody didn't appreciate the idea(excluding the Eclipsors).Medusa's sisters' ideas wern't better.They wanted to freeze to stone the prisonners and make muesem with them.Then,Medusa had a genius idea.They decided to attach dynamites on the prisonner.The Bombers will die but will cause damage to the enemies Everybody liked the idea of Medusa and so, the Bombers have been created.


By: FailingAtFailing

Originally posted in Stick Empires forums, click here to get to the post.

The rebels were doomed. They had been pushed into the western lands by Order and they had now seen a terrible army calling themselves Chaos. The leading Magikill Council knew they were fighting a losing war now. They were fighting two enemies at once.

A lower member in the Council named Ghilm decided to search for more spells for use in the war. He experimented with all kinds of magical words and dusted off old tomes. He brought rebel swordwrath to escort him as he searched through ruins in No Man’s Land.

He came across some giant skeletons in front of a temple adorned with a skull chiselled from marble. Two great pillars of stone rose before him. In between the pillars was a large gate made of steel. The gate was at least three times his height. The swordwrath attempted to push on the gate, but it did not move. Ghilm ordered them to step back. He casted an explosion spell.

The gate blew inwards, but the shockwave rumbled through the desert. The marble skull fell and trapped the group. They were stuck in the temple. Ghilm casted magical light spells for each member of the group. In each of their hands was a small ball that easily fit in each of their palms. It emitted a soft white light. With sight now in their possession they could see the interior of the temple.

On the ground was a large piece of stone made to look like a bone. It was broken in half. The most likely explanation was that it was acting as a door bar. It was possibly keeping giants out. The skeletons outside were most likely giants that starved as they waited for food to come out of the temple, which it eventually didn’t.

The temple had a simple layout. It was a single large open room. The floor was polished stone and was free of any debris. There was a pathway outlined with gold. The path led to a podium at the end of the room. The group walked towards the podium. As they got closer to it, a foul scent became more evident.

When they arrived at the podium, they found rotting corpses. These weren’t human corpses, they were Deads from the Chaos army. Deads have never been seen deceased from anything other than combat, so this was an intriguing discovery. However, something stranger was the existence of a human skeleton with a backpack near it. The backpack was full of tattered, unreadable books and empty food containers. The person must have starved to death.

On the podium itself was a book illuminated by a thin shaft of light, its source unknown. The book was in good condition. Ghilm opened it. It was full of spells, perhaps some of which could be useful to fighting Order and Chaos. The first spell was named “Rise” but it had no further description. Ghilm took the book and they walked back to the entrance.

Soon, they saw some light coming from the blocked entrance. More and more of it came through. Its cause was soon evident. A fully-grown giant had lifted the skull out of the way. Behind it were many other giants about half its size. The swordwrath made an attempt to protect Ghilm, but most of them were slaughtered effortlessly as the leading giant took one swing of its club, which was a 20-foot tree.

“VENOMUM TOXONIUM!!!” was the sound heard after that as Ghilm poisoned them all. He wasn’t sure if the Magikill Minions still existed in the Limbo Realm, but he attempted to summon them, with no result. They really were gone. Ghilm casted a wall of electricity behind the leading giant. Those giants quickly had their heart stopped by the electrical shock, they dropped dead immediately. The lead giant, now angered grabbed one of his comrade’s bodies and used it as a weapon against Ghilm. The ground shook and blood came from the body of the giant as the sickening crunch of its bones breaking echoed through the desert.

Ghilm was running out of energy for spells, he only had enough for a few more. He ran behind one of the marble pillars and opened the book once more. Another spell was labelled “Requiem”, again with no further description other than the words that needed to be uttered for the spell.

Ghilm shouted to the skies, “Fatalitis Risonis!” and the corpses that were still in good shape rose to his bidding. Most of the swordwrath were mangled to the point of no return, but most of the dead giants were in one piece. They rose and looked towards Ghilm, awaiting an answer.

Ghilm whispered, “Defend me” and they complied. They tackled the lead giant to the ground and another jumped on its head with all of its weight. The lead giant’s head was flattened and blood sprayed out in a disc and pieces of brain shot out in directions. Ghilm was impressed at how effective these corpses could still be. He ordered them to carry him back to the Rebel camp in Westwind.

He arrived and told the Magikill council of this book and other potential spells in it that could be used to crush Order and Chaos.

The council members looked at each other before the leading Magikill said, “Ghilm, this book is the embodiment of Chaos. Simply the reviving spells on the first page scream Chaos. I fear the book itself may have a curse on it placed by the King of Chaos, whoever he might be. The revival of the dead is unnatural. Even the instantaneous healing of the Merics breaks nature. We are already treading into risky areas by ignoring the laws of the natural world and substituting them with our own. If you may, hand us the book and we will destroy it, and any curse on it”

A voice in Ghilm’s head told him, “Don’t listen, they are selfish and arrogant. They believe that since you are a lower member, you are useless. Use the book and prove you are not.”

Ghilm left the room. The council was not pleased. Ghilm walked towards the graveyards containing dead rebels. He used the Requiem spell and the dead rebels rose out of their graves. Ghilm would show the council that his word could be trusted. He brought his army of dead rebels and zombie giants to Chaos territory and began a massacre of miners, deads and Juggerknights while he rained destruction with his Magikill spells. A city in ruins was now reduced to a field full of death. Retreating Wingidons were heading west across the water. The giants hurled rubble at them. Some of them feebly attempted to fight back and shot a few volleys of arrows. They had no effect on the zombies who felt no pain.

However, one got Ghilm in the knee and took him down to the ground. He writhed in pain as he rolled on the ground. An undead meric pulled the arrow out of his knee. He slowly got up and noticed arrows in his zombie army. They were indifferent to the fact that arrows punctured their limbs. Ghilm had an idea.

He opened the book to the second page, where he found a spell called “Evolution”, he casted it. The words “Necrosisium Embodidium” echoed through the skies. Ghilm thought he uttered the spell wrong until a lightning bolt struck him and skin and muscle was torn from his bones. He screamed in pain as his internal organs melted out and his face burned off his skull. Magical energies flowed from the ground and wrapped around his bones to keep them together.

After the horrible ordeal, Ghilm found himself as an undead, however he was sentient with his own thoughts still. He now felt no pain and could use these powers to their fullest now because a simple arrow would not interrupt his spells anymore.

Ultimate power was now in his hands.


By: FailingAtFailing

Originally Posted in Stick Empires forums, click here to get to the post. How long have I been here? Where have they taken me? I can’t see. I can only feel hunger and thirst. When was the last time food or drink was in my mouth? I am hanging from my hands. I have shackles on my feet. Did they take my clothes? These feel like burlap.

Ugh, I have to get my mind straight. I’m starting from the beginning.

I was mining for Order. It was a nice job. The location was dangerous though. I was mining in No Man’s Land. Although, I did choose to mine there. There was vast riches such as gold, silver, gems and underground ruins. I got paid twenty times what the average miner was paid. It helped how I barely had to share any of these riches. The only other people working there were two middle-aged men I barely knew. They smelt of alcohol and looked like they were drunk half the time. The supervisor was a Magikill that slept through half the day. I can’t blame him, he must be at least a hundred years old. His sleeping also let me smuggle some rough rubies or sapphires out of the mine.

Back home, I was living the good life. In my off time I bought and drank some excellent wines. I wore fancy clothes that made other miners, and even soldiers jealous. I had my own little palace. I had my own master bedroom with a king-sized bed and a rug that took up half the room. The kitchen was filled with spices and herbs that were the best ever.

One day, when I left work, I think I took a wrong turn. There was a skeleton under a dead tree. I’ve never seen skeletons, let alone bodies around the mine. I went near it.

It jumped up and cast some kind of spell on me. I started to walk towards it faster and I couldn’t remember anything after that. I then found myself here for the first time.

Ah yes, now I know what happened. It was a Marrowkai. I have heard of them. They are spell casters for Chaos. I heard about them. About a day before I saw that skeleton, I heard the Magikill mumbling about how Order hasn’t sent any more guards here and how Chaos was going to attack any second since we enslaved a giant and taught it to throw rocks.

The guard was a Juggerknight. The tales I heard about their cruelty are true. He only gave us food because some Marrowkai wanted us alive. Even then, he only gave us crumbs. He dropped them all over our faces, we had to lick them off our faces with our tongues. Every other day he would drip water on our foreheads, and it would trickle down our faces. It was the only water we got.

I don’t know how long I have been here. I had a diamond in my pants pocket. They took off my pants and I think I am wearing burlap. But I can’t see that well. There is dust floating in the darkness and the only light is from the doorway at the other end of the hall. Why am I the farthest from the door?

Wait, I hear bones rattling. It’s the Marrowkai. He’s approaching my cell. The Juggerknight is taking me off the wall! But, where are they taking me? Wait, what’s he doing with his axe? Wait, he’s going to hit me with it!

Where am I now? Am I dead? No wait, this is outside. I can see the sun! All my bindings are gone! I’m free. I can see Order over there. I have some strange staffs in my hands though. They’re about the length of my forearm. Wait, there’s some Chaos soldiers running past me. Am I a ghost then? Or am I in a dream?

I hit myself in the arm with one of the staffs. It hurt, so this is real-life! Why are Chaos soldiers ignoring me though? They must have something else they need to do. It looks like Order is going through Chaos lands.

Well, that must mean Order is putting a stop to Chaos. I must not be a high priority since I am a single person. I must help Order with these staffs or my fists.

I ran towards the swordwrath. They had just finished killing a Juggerknight. They saw me and I saw them. I was smiling for the first time in a long time. I could go home. I could escape! The swordwrath have a look of terror on their faces. Why are they running from me? I ran faster, determined to catch up.

Then, as I was about two or three paces away from them, I heard a hissing. I looked at the staffs. They weren’t staffs.

They were dynamite sticks.

King SpearEdit

By KrazyKiller25Edit

This story is based on the intro video in stick war 1.Edit Edit 2016-06-19 11-56-16

Hi.  My name is Spear.  Well, actually that`s my nickname, but no one calls me by my real name anymore so you can just call me spear.  You might think that spear is a cool name, but for me it`s not.  The only reason the other speartons call me that is to shame me for not worshiping my weapon.

I used to have a pretty good life in the spearton territory.  Everyone treated me nice enough even though I was different because I was the King's son.  I trained in the combat center.  Not to brag or anything, but I was one of the best.  I wasn`t the strongest or the bravest, but I knew how to use my brain in battle.  My trainer even told me I might be smarter than some of the spearton commanders.  I never really cared though.  I didn`t even really like fighting.  For me it was more fun learning about Inamorta and all the other nations.  Me and my cousin Sanguis, who was a year older than me, used to wander around the plains of Spearton land and hike up the grassy hills to see into the other clans territory.  He was the only spearton who really understood me.  Even though he treated weapons like gods, deep inside he had a peaceful heart.  I asked him once why he liked war.  He told me that sometimes the only way to defend was to attack first.  That was the day before he died in his very first battle.  One of the many reasons I hated war.

I never did fit in with the others.  The reason was I did not think of my weapon like religion.  But really, Spears as 2016-06-16 17-08-16
  Gods?  How stupid is that!  Why can`t all the nations just get along together and trust each other, and stop living in the stupid illusion that war (or as we're supposed to call it, "divine intervention" *ugh*) is the only way of life?  No one else seemed to think so though.  The thought of killing people being my only purpose made me sick. And that's why I did one of dumbest things I've ever done in my life.

On their eighteenth birthday, a spearton has to dedicate their life to the spear.  I didn`t really want to go through with all the vows and everything, considering I don`t even think that way, so I decided to talk to my Father the king spearton ahead of time if i could skip it.  He always treated me special, probably because I was the youngest of my seven brothers.  You would think he`d understand me a bit, right? Wrong.  In fact, he got so upset he banished me right there on the spot!  I bet if I wasn`t his son he would have ordered me killed.

So he told his most trusted guards to take me to northern side of the nation and kick me out.  And they literally did KICK me out!  But not before beating me up and calling me a traitor to the spearton culture.  They left me there on the outskirts and said that if they saw me again in their territory I was dead.  Thank Inamorta they let me keep my clothes!  All they gave me extra was a small bag of food, a jug of water, my royal helmet, my shield and scimitar and my old spear.  If it wasn`t the only thing keeping me alive against any nation that found me on their territory I would have snapped it in half.

I don"t know how many months I was wandering around the desert for, alone, thinking about where I could live and be safe.  Maybe Pertland or Westwind?  They were supposed to be peaceful nations.  The only thing was I would either need to cross magikil territory or No mans land to get there.  My friend had been killed by a majikill, and I was pretty sure it was called No mans land for a reason!  Maybe this was the punishment for my hopeless dream that life was more than an illusion. Just then I saw an old magikil slowly walking toward me, leaning on his staff.  I griped my spear.

``And what might a young spearton like you be doing out here, hum?``  He chuckled.  His rough voice sounded like leather. I raised my spear. 2016-06-16 17-02-10

``One more step, old man and I`ll-

``No need for any of that now, boy!`` He smiled.

I was lost for words.  ``Uh, what are you doing here?``

``I`ve been wandering Inamorta a hundred years looking for knowledge.  Now you tell me, hum?``

``I`m looking for a peaceful nation to stay in for a while.  I-

``Why, I know just the place sunny!  There`s a small miner land called Order beside archidon country.  They could use a strong spearton like yourself to protect them against the others lands.  Look for a huge dying tree that marks their border. Oh, and watch out for the SunDeath and SpearDead tribes.  There`s groups of them over by Order.``

``Um, thanks.  Can I trust your word?``

``Why can you not boy, hum!``  Then he limped away, laughing.

Crazy old magikil.  Well, I guessed the only real option was to see if order was real or not.  I took a drink and set off.

When I got to the place the magikil had told me about I saw a statue of a man with a crown in the distance.  So it was real after all.  I guess the old wizard wasn`t completely mad after all.  I looked around and saw a small group of miners being attacked by two SpearDead natives.

``Hey!  Don`t touch them!``  I threw my spear at one of them.  Right through the chest!  I pulled out my scimitar and cut the other guys head off.  So maybe all that training in those over-sized arenas wasn`t completely worthless.  I turned to the miners.  They looked just as terrified at me as they had at their attackers. 2016-06-16 16-44-38

I pulled my spear out of the dead man and sheathed my blade.  ``No worries guys.  I`m not going to hurt you.  I was wondering if I could live in your nation.  Can you take me to your king?

``Wh-wh-we don`t have a king!``  No leader?  Why the heck were they called Order then?

``Can we at least go somewhere to talk to the rest of your nation?``

The miners brought me to a large wooden shack, which I guess was there version of a palace.  Inside were about a hundred miners.  Was this actually almost one tenth of the nation? Everyone looked pretty terrified at first when I stepped in, but the miners I had saved told everyone about what I had done to help them.  Everyone seemed relived.  A middle aged miner stepped toward me.

``Order is a weak nation.  You have just saved some of our people from one of our worst enemies!  We would love to make you our ruler so you can teach us to defend ourselves.  What is your name?``

A leader?  They wanted me to be their leader?  I looked around.  Dozens of hopeful faces were staring at me.  I couldn't just let them down.  They would be destroyed by a more powerful nation.  My trainer had told me I would make a great commander.  Ruler wasn`t that much different! 2016-06-16 17-05-05

``You can call me Spear!``

``All hall king spear!``  The miners cheered.

``My name is Cordatus.  What shall we do my lord?``  The miner asked.

I hated the sound of it, but I knew it was the only good option.  My new priority was to protect this puny nation.  What I wanted did not matter anymore. At least I did not need to worship my spear.  ``We need to attack.``

``What!  Attack? Wh- Won't we be obliviated?``

I picked a small log off the ground and used my scimitar to cut spikes into it.  Perfect for training and battle. 

``Sometimes the only way to defend is to attack first.``

Warriors of Inamorata by Simsim40Edit

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In the world called Inamorata, you are surrounded by discriminate nations devoted to their individual technology and their struggle for dominance. Each society has developed its own unique way to wage war. Proud of their unique craft they have become obsessed, to the point of worship, turning weapons to religion. Each believe that their way of life is the only way, they are dedicated to teaching their policies to all other nations through what their leaders claim as divine intervention, or as you know it…. WAR!

== Preface==

Hi my name is Altos II; actually my name is Jack but me being the son of a person in the court of King Spearton I am supposed to have an official name. It isn’t cool as you think, because ever since Order adopted the way of knowledge and peace we have been attacked a lot from others. But then the spear king came, he taught us the WAY OF THE CLUB and so we have had a chance to defend ourselves. Then K.S. (King Spear) said the only way to defend was to attack first. So the army started recruiting people. I know I may just be 1 guy. But who said 1 guy can’t make a difference.

Chapter 1Edit

Why are Archidons so Creepy?Edit

King sAltosEdit

Did you ever feel that you regret making a decision but is the right thing to do? That’s how I feel now.

“FASTER MAGGOTS” shouted the trainer.

I just realized I made the biggest mistake in life, but realizing that isn’t gonna help. Just then a guy enters the tent.”Sir, they are asking for 20 units, Sir”

“What happen to the 15 I just sent” asked the Trainer?

“Sir, Dead, Sir”

“Alright, I’m sending them.” He then started sending us one by one.

I stood their trembling a bit in front of the Order Monument. On my right was a guy trembling with fear. I asked’ ‘what’s your:-“But at that moment an arrow comes out of nowhere and pierces the guy’s head. But no one moves a muscle until the guy standing next to me buried his club into the Archidon’s head. He then kicked the clubmen’s body and took his club. I asked him what his name was.”Kill” came the reply. Then for the next few minutes a miner named Zack kept swearing every time he left to refill.

“Attack” shouted the commander.

We ran and attacked the Archidons; there was so much blood I thought I was gonna hurl. Then I decided not to be a sissy and went to attack a close by Archidon I hit him once and he started bleeding but when I tried to hit him again “someone” throw a club at him and killed him on the spot. Kill emerged from a crowd and said “you owe me one” and ran away before I could say a word. We then attacked the statue finishing it off with 5 causalities.

I couldn’t believe I survived my first battle.



A few hours later ……

While all of us were parting the prisoners of war showed up Bound by chains. But one guy about my age was being dragged by the commander.

They halted.

The commander questioned the Archidon “My name is Zed, What’s your name soldier?” and punched the Archidon.

The Archidon spat his teeth out “the name’s Jay”

“Ok ‘Jay’ You should know who is the boss around here ,and that’s me ,are we clear?"

“Doubt it “


Jay spat another tooth out.

Chapter 2Edit

'I get Myself a New Partn'er


The Order empire marched continued its march towards Sparta to fight the Speartons.But after afew hours we halted close a swordwrath nation."Archidons this is the time wwere you decide weather you want to be part of Order or not. Care to resist ,you will never see the next second."said commander Zed.

An Archidon got up and said"I refuse to join order"

Kill and about 5 others killed the Archidon.

Jay said "I wanna join Order" 


A few hours later ......

"HALT" shouted Zed I looked up to see what happen."this is the place where we are gonna team an Archidon and a Clubman up. When I read out your name go and join the following soldier: Orked ,go and join Williams ; Festus, go and join Cidian ; Mundy , Go and join Baggus ; Hertz, go and join Kill ; Jay , go and join Rook (my cover name is Rook); Qwerty ; go and join...... "             Jay walked up straight up to me and instead of saying hi or hello he said " Your holding your club upside down"." I am doing it on purpose for carrying it easily " I lied. "Note to self : my partner always Turns purple when he lies . Anyway the names Jay,The rudest and violent guy in Archidonia or probably Inamorta." Before I could say a word Zed shouted " FORWARD MARCH".                                                                                          * We kept on moving suddenly Jay said something. "What?" I asked. "Native Territory ,Tribes who are like Speartons that took the way of the Spear and Shield. Only difference is they don't wear armor." "HALT"

"Miners start mining , sent 2 Swordwrath and an Archidon to fight the invaders" Before I could ask Zed he sent Me, Kill ,and Jay on the battle field. There on a distance i could see a Tribal , 'Natives' as Jay called the them. We attacked him .Even though he looked weak he blocked all of Jay's arrows with ease; so Kill and I killed him and retreated. Jay went into the tent and shouted at Zed" Dude stop sending ranged units they block our arraws like they are balls , sent more clubmen because 3 clubmen are better than 1 native." "Alright will do it your way then spend all the money on clubmen see what happens" Zed said.   

Soon their were about 16 clubmen standing outside. We kept defending bidding our time to strike. However once the sunset all of them fled so we took this as a victory and quickly left the place. Jay explained "Natives get their strength from the sun . So once the sunsets they flee". "Enough talking lets push on our attack to Sparta". said Zed. "What?" Jay said " I am having a serious talk with Aloss". And he left in hot pursuit of Zed.

Chapter 3Edit

 Chopped clubmenEdit


I tried to stop Jay cause shouting at Zed was just as safe as poking a sleeping Dragon.

"Are you crazy did you see how your troops got sliced by the natives. If it took you 1 hour to defeat it will take you like forever to defeat speartons" Shouted Jay.

"Alright, MARCH TO SWORDWRATH" Ordered Zed.

I could not believe that Zed did not shout back at Jay.

Jay came back and said "You know ,you are not that big of a sissy that I thought of."


After a while we halted For a break for lunch.

"So What's your story?" asked Jay

"Can you keep a secret ?" I asked .

Jay nodded .

"I am Altoss the 3rd" I said

"WHAT?! YOU ARE ALTOSS " Jay shouted.

I felt like kicking Jay "OF COURSE I AM NOT ALTOSS THE 3RD " I shouted

"Sorry"replyed Jay.

"Since you know my story ,tell me yours. "I said.

"Ok when I was 5 the Chaos empire attacked My parents and killed them."

"What? Chaos that's just a myth .It doesn't exist " I said  

"Says who" Jay said.

"Says the whole Order Empire " I said.

"'Empire, Anyway ask Hertz my brother" Jay said. "What !, Kill's partner is your brother.!!!" I shouted

The miner from the first battle called Zack sweared " Shut up ya ol Dyin scallywaging dead"


We pushed on our attack to Swordwrath.

Zed ordered a clubmen to go up straight and attack a swordwrath .but the moment he came in range the swordwrath choped him into 5.

I just realized this is not going to be a easy battle. 

Meat ShieldEdit


We kept sending units, Clubmen were getting chopped ,their was blood everywhere .

There was utter Chaos.

"GARRISON" shouted Zed.

We fled.


"So here is what we are gonna do. Clubmen move front and form defences while Archidons Attack from behind." Jay said.

"Smart plan" said commander Den."Only one problem. The clubmen are going to get massacred."

"Ever heard the term overwhelm and conquer" kill said.


" 'Sup prissy" a guy called Lux asked me .

We were standing on the feild 12 Clubmen 6 Archers and 2 Miners .

"He's not a Prissy " Kill came to my defence (Shocker)"He's a Mega Prissy ".

Just Great.

"ATTACK" Zed ordered .

We charged.

Jay was freaking Awesome . He disobeyed orders and went straight into the Crowd.

"You gonna get your hands dirty or what ?' Lux teased.

That tears it.

I killed the guy right in front of me in 2 slashes.

Turned out that guy was a General of Swordwrath army .

"RETREAT" Shouted Ganjaurm (Leader of the Swordwrath).

He then fled for his life.

"KILL HIM' shouted Den .

But everyone was to busy destroying the statue .


"You know what you aren't such a big sissy after all" Lux said. 

Sparta : A bloody destination.Edit

Sparta home of the speartons .A place I am definitely not looking forward to go. But beforewe leave, Ace Leader of the SNA (Swordwrath National Army) gets the Order to teach us how to make swords.

Order's Story By Me2pleaseEdit

Preface Edit

Hi, I just want to make number 3 out of first person journaling of stick empires. Please read through and comment!

Introduction EditEditEdit

We were enduring the worst of the worst. We saw our friends be killed by spearton spears in a blink of the eye, families shot by archidon arrows, lovers mangled by swordwrath swords and tortured by magikill minions, it was too much to endure. Our leader, Grantz, saw it the same way. We were earning our own gold, It was rightfully ours. Yet they seemed to think they could invade us whenever they wanted and take it. But then it all changed. Grantz called us for a night announcement. 

"People of Order, we shall stop these demons once and for all. We will learn the Way of the Club, and progress our nation into a great empire, slaughtering those who get in our way, and give them what they deserve. Then we shall encite world peace, and at last, create a perfect world. Those in favor, show of hands!"

EVERYONE raised the hands and cheered. And it was LOUD. It was too exciting, just so exciting, everyone jumped and tingled at the thought. After that day, we trained all day secretly when we could for 2 months, then finally mastered the Way of the Club. We were ready to fight.

Our first battle, the ArchidonsEditEditEdit

We were preparing for our great march. Not a single one of us was negative. We were confident. Day and night we were training. We couldn't sleep, we were just too excitement. Our excitement didn't die one bit, and neither did our confidence. Finally, we mastered the Way of the Club. Then we marched and marched. Soon the Archidon land came in sight.

"You, miner, start mining!" yelled General Rain. "You too!" 

The intensity built up. I could feel lightning running through my entire body.


I bolted. My name..... is DAN! I was the first to get on the battlefield. I saw an Archidon as I ran. My excitement quickly turned to anger. My parents, the most important people in the world, was killed by these ########. I hated them.. You can't imagine the pain at that time, seeing them killed in front of my eyes. You have no idea how painful it is to live as an orphan, with no family when you return home. If you dislike your parents for scolding you, you don't even deserve to live.But don't get me started on drama. My best friend was also killed by these damned people, too. I was quickly snapped out of my thoughts when an arrow whizzed by my head. Quickly, I focused all attention on the duel. The intense feeling came back. 

I dodged the next arrow by ducking under it. I dived at the enemy and smashed his stomach, then bashed his head, killing him. Then i saw 2 archidons. I ran as fast as I could, trying desperately against all odds for survival. I felt determined and ready to die. I didn't know what was going on in my head. I guess I was just a mess of fear. Then fear had taken over, my body paralyzed.

The Story of the Legends of the Order Empire: Chapter 1: The Conquering of the Archidons Edit

"Yes!!! We finally did it! We are now the most powerful Kingdom in the Whole World. But we need to watch out. There maybe some incoming enemies that will strike our kingdom. Well I would like to tell you our story."

The Order was still a small kingdom. They do not worship anything. They originated the Clubmen. They trained and trained and trained for days and weeks until they had enough army and had enough power. They want to start of with a small kingdom. Then the leader of the clubmen went to the land of the Archidons. Then they arrived with 20 miners and an estimated amount of clubmen which is 1500.

The Clubmen promised the archidon that they will attack at sunset. Then the miners mined for gold and the clubmen started training. Then it was sunset. The clubmen attacked although the archidons where in a larger number but the clubmen smashed the bows and the poor bodies of the Archidons. This is a battle of no mercy. Until the Archidons surrender . Some escaped and a lot of them joined the empire.

The Story of the Legends of the Order Empire: Chapter 2: We have been ambush Edit

Then the archidons and the clubmen got a higher count of number due to training. They were of to the land of the Swordraths as the Archidons suggested. Then suddenly a clubmen was shot by an archidon out of nowhere. Then the Archidon introduced himself. His name was Step. Then he said "You are tresspasing trough our terittory and because of that an ambush will happen." Then Step blew his horn but an archidon shot Step then Step was killed. He fell out of the tree and blood spilled.

"Well thanks for that" said the leader of the clubmen. Then they head of . Then they found a group of wild swordraths. Then the swordraths said, " For you have killed our Leader. We shall die for him" Swordraths ATTACK!!!!!!

This was a bloody war for the Order Empire for the Order empire was strugglin. Thanks to the Clubmen. The Archidons have an advantage to shoot the swordraths without them being killed. Then The clubmen helped the archidons by smashing them one by one then the clubmen 's weapon was not too powerful for the swordraths. For minutes they are fighting until the remaining swordraths surrendered and drop of their solds. For the order empire have experienced a battle trough the swordraths so that they will be easy for them. Then the swordraths that remained were imprisoned and the clubmen duplicated the swordrath's sword and they had created the Swordraths. So that when they had conquered the swordraths. There will be more swordraths in their team.

Then the order empire again got stronger. The statue was alive until that but they were lacking gold after that battle.

Then they head of to the Swordraths

Chapter 3: The Leader Discovered Edit

Then the Order continued. Then while they continued, a huge storm came. Then a shadow came, there was a spearton sneaking on them. Then the Magikill and the Archidon. they all threatened the Order Empire. But the Order was prepared. Then the spearton said, we have come here to know the truth.. Then the Order dropped all their weapons. They were all confused. "What do you mean the truth" "We are one of you" said the Spearton. Then the Order got even confused. "We are the 3 founders of the Order Empire! My name is Atreyos the Spearton. The Co-Founder of the Order Empire and this is Zeus. The Father of the Order Empire and this is Steve, the strongest archidon in the Order Empire. She is also our Spy and Assasin.

And we are now reunited!!! I guess we had improve. Now we have fellow archidons and look, some of our army has swordraths. But we need to continue and head off to the Swordraths so that our clubmens can be swordraths too.

Chapter 4: A brand new Weapon Edit

And so on the Order discovered their leader and now they are of to the Land of the Swordraths. the Swordraths were already prepared when they saw the Order Empire. Then the Leader of the Swordraths, we would rather die...! the Clubmen smashed the Swordraths. Annoying said the Clubmen. Then the swordraths got even more angrier. Then they promised that they will attack at high noon. They trained while miners mined. Then Atreyos ordered that Zeus is researching his new spell. he will also research some powers for us.

then It was almost High noon and the swordraths were ready. but the archidons will strike them. leaving Atreyos to the Front. Then the sun hit up the sky and it was noon. They ran and attacked. The Spearton smashed one by one the swordraths with his shield. He also stroke the attacking swordraths in their chest. Clubmen smashed their heads one by one. The Order Swordraths were not really trained by their swords but they learned them quickly because they saw the moves of the Swordraths. Then the Swordraths were in Deep Trouble. Archidons Shoot them one by one. Then Atreyos tried to attack by himself but the Order followed him. And it was successful and wile the Order was running they stroke and shot the Swordraths one by one. Until the swordraths gave up. Then the swordraths agree to work with the Order Empire. Then the clubmen upgraded their weapons. Then the magikill finished his research. The Weapons were upgraded. then the miner was thaught how to forge and upgrade weapons. The Archidons got new bows and arrows. the Swordrath got even a higher damaging sword.

And there were brand new weapons