Fire arrows is an ability available to Archidons. It allows them to shoot a volley of flaming arrows at far-away enemies. It also increases damage dealt to armored units, such as Deads or Speartons. This allows Archidons to be anti-light and, at the same time, anti-armor units. Fire Arrows appear silmilar to ordinary arrows, save that their tips are yellow and orange in color (an indication that they are burning). It costs 50 gold and 100 mana to research this ability, yet it costs 5 mana per arrow.
Fire Arrows

A line of Archidons firing fire arrows


Fire Arrows are often used against armored enemies, such as Juggerknights. It does not deal burning damage, however, contradictory to what many believe. Likely also, Archidons will not shout anything when told to use Fire Arrows, unlike Swordwrath, who shout when using Rage and Speartons who utter "Spearton, HOLD!" when told to do the shield wall.

Several tacticians do not send their Archidons into a battle, and instead leave them near it so they may use Fire Arrows on the enemy, whilst protecting themselves in the process. This is to counter what many players do--attack Archidons and other support units first, before attacking others. In return, it often saves the Archidons' lives.


  • Fire Arrows was a passive thing in Stick War 1 when you fully upgrade the Archidons' Bows