The Deads Empire

The Deads Empire is an empire made by Baryonyx. The empire consists of these main units.

  • Miner Deads
  • Puncher Deads
  • Toxic Deads
  • Pouncer Deads
  • Flying Deads
  • Dead-kai (The Leader)
  • Deadusa
  • Giant Deads

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Masters of the physical forces, these sages have compacted all their magic into heavy enchanted great swords, ripping through the bare essence of the unfortunate foe.


Faction------------- Kyraven

Location------------ Range of stone

Role------------------ Eliminator, weakener

Health--------------- Medium, 3 bars

Speed--------------- Medium

Attack damage-- High

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 280

Mana Cost-------- 28

Training time----- 14

Population-------- 1

Training area---- The physios



Powerful yet silent telekinetics ripping apart the psych of the enemies with their bare minds, these Kyraven will literally strike fear into the hearts of the enemy.



Faction------------- Kyraven

Location------------ Range of stone

Role------------------ Eliminator, Assassin

Health--------------- Medium, 4 bars

Speed--------------- Slow

Attack damage-- Very high

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 490

Mana Cost-------- 140

Training time----- 25

Population-------- 2

Training area---- The mutatio



Philosophers of stagnation who can freeze the enemy in it's place, never to move again. Enemies must kill him to get past him without freezing.


-Enemies must kill it to get past it

-Splash damage

Faction------------- Kyraven

Location------------ Peak of enlightenment

Role------------------ Tanker, enemy blocker

Health--------------- High, 9 bars

Speed--------------- Slow

Attack damage-- Low

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 560

Mana Cost-------- 28

Training time----- 21

Population-------- 4

Training area---- The Torporum



These Kyraven are natural born influencers, using their powers to encourage their brethren and manipulate their enemies.



-Can heal brethren at about 135% the speed of Merics

Faction------------- Kyraven

Location------------ Peak of enlightenment

Role------------------ Healer, Weakener

Health--------------- Medium, 3 bars

Speed--------------- Medium

Attack damage-- Medium

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 350

Mana Cost-------- 91

Training time----- 28

Population-------- 3

Training area---- The voluntario



Mighty warriors who have fused their hands and bodies with the mighty forces of pressure. Each hit will weigh more than a ton to the target, while the enemy's slashes will no more than scratch the Crusher's strong body. It takes toughness and bravery and much more to dare to take up these unpredictable arts.



Faction------------- Kyraven

Location------------ Gorge of Darkness

Role------------------ Giant-type

Health--------------- Very high, 30 bars

Speed---------------  Slow

Attack damage-- Very high

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 980

Mana Cost-------- 28

Training time----- 35

Population-------- 5

Training area---- The Adfligerum



Sharpshooters honed in the arts of accuracy, sharpness, and penetration, they have enchanted their crossbows and crossbow bolts to carry the core of Sharpness, tearing through the fragile cores of the enemy.



Faction------------- Kyraven

Location------------ Peak of enlightenment

Role------------------ Fire support

Health--------------- Medium-low, 3 bars

Speed---------------  Medium

Attack damage-- Very high (1 bar per hit)

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 420

Mana Cost-------- 49

Training time----- 27

Population-------- 2

Training area---- The acumenum

Enclave Empire,Commandah's created empire

When the Order-Chaos War started the Enclave started the building of their army they saw that if they battled Ralgoth,new Lord of the Chaos empire.They will perish they battled the Order to gain new tactics and used the tactics of the Order be surprised they won they now trained huge armies and destroyed Rebel Chaos men to gain advanced tactics and mimicked the nercomancy and Eclipsor's wings they have created monstrosities from them as the new Flying Death this Eclipsor like Archer fires Hard Metal to pierce the Spearton and Juggerknight's Armor and created a new powerful unit,The Halberdier,they wield Huge battle Axes and shields and use the tactics used by Spearton and the Cloaksmaster,Shadowmaster type which has the power to throw distraction bombs to distract the enemies and kill them and has the ability to Instant kill the enemy they are the Empire to be reckoned with

Ghostly Owns's Empire

The ongoing rumor how this empire was created: Both Chaos and Order peoples got together and put their differences aside. This empire wasn't large to begin with, as only a few people supported it from both sides. However, as time passed, they got strong enough to defeat BOTH Chaos and Order even if they united together. Luckily, they had no intrest to defeat those Empires, their intrest was to just to get stronger.

The TRUE story: A alien race whose name is unknown came to this world as theirs was destroyed by a supermassive black hole. They saw that the races of Inamorta had much potential, and strove to improve the races.

ALL RACES: Passive healing and poison curing (heal 1/4 bar of HP per 1/2 minute, and cures in a minute.

Miner: Same as Order and Chaos miners, but with a few differences:

Mini Fortress and upgrades: 1) 100 Gold & Mana: Miners can instead make a wall with 2 turrets attached (HP is 5 Bars and damage is 1/4 Bar). 2) 200 Gold & Mana: HP and Damage is doubled. Cost to make a Fortress is 150 Gold.

Sword Master: Swordwrath who have mastered the use of the sword.

Stats: HP:3 Bars. Damage: 1/2 Bar. Speed: Same as Swordwrath.

Abilities: Swordmaster: Already unlocked, passive; after every conscutive hit the attack is stronger (does 1/2 bar more damage, up to 5 times)

Poisoned Blade: 150 Gold & Mana (Is Passive): After hitting a enemy they become poisoned, Attack speed and running speed are decreased by 1/4. Poison does 1/4 Bar Damage.

Charge: Doubles Swordmaster's running speed.

Rage: Doubles Attack speed, running speed but decreases HP by 1/2 Bar.

Master Archer: Archidons who have mastered the use of the bow.

Stats: HP: 3 Bars. Damage:1/2 Bar. Speed: Same as Sword Master.

Abilities: Fire Arrows - 1, 2, 3: 1st upgrade: 50 Gold & Mana: Causes Master Archers to passively shoot fire arrows whose arrows do more damage, and the fire does passive damage (1/16 per second) for 4 seconds after it hits (stacks). It also increases damage done to the unit hit by the arrow by 10% during the fire. 2nd upgrade: 150 Gold & Mana: Is the same, but the passive damage is increased to 1/8 and the increased damage becomes 25%. 3rd upgrade: 250 Gold & Mana: causes fire arrows to do AOE damage, fire spreads by the AOE damage and the increased damage becomes 50%.

Poisoned Arrows: Same as Poisoned Blade.

awsomebloc's empire

chaos rebels

When chaos had conquered its neighboring nations like order has done the survivors of those nations have been hidding in the shadows waiting to strike and reclaim there land back from chaos and thus created the chaos rebels.



Reguler hard working miner similair to the other empires.

Cost: 150 gold

Health: Reguler miner health

Attack: Reguler miner attack

Training Time: 8 seconds

Population: 2

Sword knight

Duel weilding swordsmen that has more armor

Cost: 250 gold

Health: 3 bars

Attack: Same as Swordwrath but strikes twice instead of once

Training time: 13 seconds

Population: 2

Speed: Slower then archidon

Great knight

The remaining greatknights have grown stronger and are here to fight back.

Cost: 450 gold, 50 mana

Health: 6 bars

Attack: Same as speartons

Training time: 20 seconds

Population: 3

Speed: Same as Juggerknight

Armed crawler

Crawler that have been armed with metal claws and armor

Cost: 450 gold, 100 mana

Health: 4 bars

Attack: Twice as much as Crawler

Training time: same as Shadowrath's

Population: 4

Speed: crawler speed

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Solar archer

Archers that use blazing arrows to illuminate areas and thier enemies.

Cost: 400 gold, 100 mana

Health: 1 bar

Attack: Same as Archidon with fire arrows and does piercing damage of up to 2 units

Training time: 15 seconds

Population: 3

Speed: same as Archidon

Decending angel

Solar archer that have been given angel like wings from the Castikai

Cost: 450 gold, 200 mana

Health: 2 bars

Attack: Same as Solar archer and still does piercing damage of up to 2 units

Training time: 18 seconds

Population: 4

Speed: Same as Eclipsor

Arcane mage

Castikai that have learned how to use Arcane magic to heal allies and to damage foes

Cost: 300 gold, 300 mana

Health: 3 bars

heal: Same as Meric

Training time: 18 seconds

Population: 3

Speed: A bit faster then meric


The original ancestors of marrowkai (unconfirmed).

Cost: 500 gold, 500 mana

Health: 3 bars

Attack: Same as Marrowkai

Training time: 20 seconds

Population: 5

Speed: A bit faster then Marrowkai

Giant knights

Armored giants that are smaller then reguler giants but wield high damagin mid-evil maces

Cost: 1500 gold,  100 mana

Health: 3 bars stronger then reguler giants

Attack: twice the damage if spike does same as spearton by default

Training time: 40 seconds

Population: 7

Speed: A bit faster then reguler giants

  • Miner
  1. Hustle Increases miner speed and health 300 gold, 100 mana
  2. Magic tower creates a tower similair to central tower but can be destroyed, summons minions of up to 3 per tower, and brings 10 gold. 400 gold, 200 mana. 300 gold, 100 mana per tower (2)
  • Great knight
  1. Holy power Great knight will glow blue, be healed as much as swordwrath get hurt for using rage, and gains an attack and defence boost, lasts as long as rage.

200 gold, 100 mana. 50 mana per use, regens 3 times slower then rage.

  • Armed crawler
  1. Predatory edge Massive run speed increase for Armed crawlers. 100 gold, 100 mana
  2. Pack mentality Damage boost for each crawler in the field up to 5. 250 gold,200 mana
  • Decending angel
  1. Feather storm launches several feathers from there wings at the enemy. 100 gold, 50 mana. 20 mana per use.
  • Arcane mage
  1. Arcane force powerful arcane force that can heal a great amount of health for a single unit and can damage a single foe for just as much. has 25% chance of hurting allies and when killed will cause the killed unit to explode doing the same amount as bomber explosions and will always heal Deads. 200 gold, 100 mana. 50 mana to cast.
  • Castikai
  1. Minion summon 1&2 will summon a minion with 1 bar of health that looks like the minion from stick war 1 and 2 will spawn a small spearton without a helmet. 200 gold, 100 mana, 300 gold, 200 mana for 2. 50 mana per unit, can summon 3 per Castikai, does not take up population
  2. Archer summon 1&2 summons a miniature archer, can summon up to 3. 2. summons a miniature decending angel of up to 3.1,400 gold, 300 mana. 2, 600 gold, 400 mana.
  3. Spikes will sumon spikes from the ground faster and stronger the Hell fists. (automaticly have)
  • Giant knight
  1. Giant growth Grows larger and stronger with increased health. 200 gold, 200 mana
  2. Spikes Adds spikes to the giants mace that do double the damage of speartons 

Losifairyane's Empires

New Empire

To the south of the Spearton Empire, a lone race worked hard, determined to surpass all other nations in strength and power. They eliminated hand-to-hand combat. What was the use of being in the thick of the fighting, surrounded by blood and enemy units? They created machines to mine faster, to kill quicker, to destroy better. Then, through means of a portal, men from our world came to them and taught them the way of the gun. After learning all that was to be learned, these sticks combined the technology of the newcomers with  the magic of old Inamorta, thus creating the New Empire. Driving the men back into there own world, the New Empire traveled north to conquer Inamorta.


StickDriller copy

A New Empire Driller

Stickman wielding a modern driller. Mines faster than Order or Chaos miners. Brings back 200 gold

Cost: 200 gold, 0 mana

Health: Same as Crawler

Attack: Deals more damage than Crawler, less than Swordwrath

Training Time: 10 seconds

Population: 2


Stickman with a rifle. 

Cost: 150 gold, 0 mana

Health: Same as Shadowrath

Attack: Deals slightly more damage than Swordwrath

Training Time: 10 seconds

Population: 1


Stickman on a motorcycle with a pistol.

Cost: 200 gold, 50 mana

Health: More than Shadowrath, thess than Spearton

Attack: Deals more damage than Swordwrath, less than Spearton

Training Time: 15 seconds

Population: 2


Healing unit.

Cost: 250 gold, 100 mana

Health: Same as Shadowrath

Attack: Deals just as much damage as Swordwrath. Should be used for  healing, not attack. Heals slower than Meric, but has greater attack.

Training Time: 20 seconds

Population: 3


Unit that lays mines in ground.Mines are visible to you but not to the enemy.

Cost: 300 gold, 100 mana

Health: Just as much as Shadowrath

Attack: Has a really weak attack close up, but its mines cause devastating damage.

Training Time: 25 seconds

Population: 4


Unit that is alot like Rifleman, but shoots faster and harder.

Cost: 400 gold, 150 mana

Health: A little less than Spearton

Attack: Just as much as Spearton

Training Time: 30 seconds

Population: 4


Flying unit

Cost: 500 gold, 200 mana

Health: More than Spearton

Attack: Just as much as Shinobi II

Training Time: 40 seconds

Population: 5


Flying unit

Cost: 1000 gold, 500 mana

Health: Half as much as Giant with Giant Growth I

Attack: More than Shinobi II

Training Time: 50 seconds

Population: 6


Haevy ground unit alot like Giant

Cost: 1500 gold, 700 mana

Health: Just as much as fully upgraded Giant

Attack: Just as much as fully upgraded Giant

Training Time: 60 seconds

Population: 7


  • all units except for Minelayer are ranged. What is the use of being in the thick of the battle?
  • has 2 flying units instead of 1
  • miners mine faster and better


  • Driller
  1. Hustle. Miner will move and mine faster
  2. Trench. Driller will dig a trench for units Rifleman, Medic, and Machinegunner units to stand in.
  • Rifleman
  1. Aim. Guaruntees that selected Rifleman will hit a single enemy unit with increased damage.
  • Medic
  1. Dissect. Use this only if an enemy Minelayer uses the Infect skill on your units. Medic will remove shrapnel from you unit(s).
  • Minelayer
  1. Barbwire I,II. Minelayer will build barb wire fence in selected area. Useful when building a trench then barbwire infront, then plating mines infront of that.
  2. Infect. Minelayer will plant special mine that blows shrapnel into all enemy units in range.
  • Machinegunner
  1. Blanket of Bullets. If you have 3 machinegunners or more, they will crisscross the battlefield will bullets, wounding all enemy units in range.
  2. Power Shot. Machinegunner will deliver a single shot to selected unit with increased damage.
  • ​Helicopter
  1. Detect. Helicopter will detect enemy mines.
  • Plane
  1. Paratrooper. Plane will drop Machinegunner with increased attack and health onto the ground
  2. Bomb Drop. Plane will drop a single devastating bomb.
  • Tank
  1. Tech and Mech Growth. Tanks will increase in size and strength.

The Plunderers, By Harekiller

This empire is very different in playstyle from other empires.You don't rule any soldiers. Instead, you pay them. The soldiers are all different Plunderers, each coming from a different Clan with different methods of plunder. Each unit demands a certain amount of gold every minute, and different conditions might change the amount of money they demand. Whenever you destroy a enemy structure or kill an enemy troop, you gain a small amount of money.

The Plunderers come from a distant continent. There, they terrorized the locals, operating in different Clans each with a technique of plunder. If they ran out of locals to slaughter, the went abroad to find "work" to do. One day, a expedition of them stumbled upon Inamorta. They witnessed the Order-Chaos war, and decided, "wow, I'm gonna be rich!"

Any unit from the plunderers can be sold for 1/4 the amount you have spent on it.


Unit/Building Amount Plundered
Miner 300 Gold
Chaos Miner 250 Gold
Swordwrath 80 Gold
Crawler 30 Gold
Spearton 300 Gold
Bomber --
Shadowrath 250 Gold   50 Mana
Juggerknight 350 Gold
Meric 100 Gold   100 Mana
Marrowkai 200 Gold   175 Mana
Magikill 350 Gold   230 Mana
Medusa 300 Gold   300 Mana
Archidon 200 Gold
Dead 150 Gold
Albowtross 300 Gold   150 Mana
Eclipsor 230 Gold   150 Mana
Enslaved Giant 750 Gold   400 Mana
Giant 600 Gold   450 Mana
Miner Wall/Turret 300 Gold   50 Mana


Goldrich Miner

Color: Dark yellow

Special: None

These auxilaries demand pay. But can they pay themselves (what frauds)! They mine 50 gold every trip (not including the gold they keep for themselves). He'll also pray for you.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Goldrica

Role------------------ Miner, Prayer

Health--------------- Medium-low, 2 bars

Damage------------ Low

Attack rate-------- Medium

Pay per minute-- 0 Gold

Training time----- 2

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Miner's port


Color: Blue

Special: None

These are men in the mercenary business for money, and will not fight too hard for you. But they are still a formidable fighting force if the enemy isn't too great.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Dureas

Role------------------ Early defense/attack

Health--------------- Medium-low, 2 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- High

Pay per minute-- 60 Gold

Training time----- 4

Population-------- 1

Training area---- Mercenary Dealery


Color: Dark red

Special: Takes 15% less damage from melee attacks

Mighty plunderers wielding huge square shields, a short stabbing sword, and one throwing javelin, these are disciplined men who train for war every day.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Llorica

Role------------------ Tanker, meatshield

Health--------------- High, 7 bars

Damage------------ Medium (throwing spear high)

Attack rate-------- Medium

Pay per minute-- 170 Gold

Training time----- 8

Population-------- 4

Training area---- Colloseum

Slam Cavalry

Color: Purple

Special: This unit has special behaviour: It will charge towards its target with its lance pointed at it and will have resistance to 50% of all damage. When it hits it will deal extremely high damage and cause long stun. It will stay in shock for about 2 seconds during that time and will be completely weak, then it will ride back, once again impervious to 50% of damage.

Men mounted on horse-like creatures, these will absolutely weaken the enemy.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Dureas

Role------------------ Quick strike

Health--------------- Medium-low, 3 bars

Damage------------ Very high

Pay per minute-- 195 Gold

Training time----- 5

Population-------- 4

Training area---- Mercenary Dealery


Color: Navy blue

Special: None

Elite sharpshooters armed with the latest equipment and fancy navy blue capes. the enemy will never know what hit them.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Sleetspine

Role------------------ Ranged support

Health--------------- Medium-low, 2 bars

Damage------------ High

Attack rate-------- Low

Pay per minute-- 108 Gold

Training time----- 7

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Judgement Range

Mounted Archer

Color: Sand beige

Special: Takes no damage while moving (only moves while reloading bow or not firing) and takes 25% less damage from ranged attacks.

Lightning fast plunderers riding on horse-like creatures and wielding strong recurved bows, these fast archers will scare the enemy as in the likes of grim death.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Dureas

Role------------------ Fast attack

Health--------------- Medium, 3 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- Medium

Pay per minute-- 186 Gold

Training time----- 10

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Judgement Range


Color: Dark green

Special: Takes 15% less damage from swordwrath 

Raging warriors wielding a shield, a battleaxe, and wearing an absolutely terrifying bear head. These men will tear through the enemy.


Faction------------- Plunderers

Location------------ Dureas

Role------------------ All-round

Health--------------- Medium, 4 bars

Damage------------ High

Attack rate-------- Medium

Pay per minute-- 165 Gold

Training time----- 8

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Colosseum

The Horde, By Harekiller

Living in dark caverns and vast underground chambers, the creatures of the horde have long longed for freedom, but the exits were always blocked by miles of stone. Yet, one day, the walls of a small cave finally gave way, unleashing the Horde onto the unprepared earth, corrupting the trees, covering the ground.

So, why choose the Horde as your empire?

The Horde has cheaper units than most empires. It is attack-oriented, meaning it is meant to be an efficient attack force,  and its units are generally cheap. It is a good empire for rushers (I HOPE!!!).


1. The maximum population for the Horde is 105

2. As the Horde is so numerous, units are generally cheaper.

3. Years in darkness have enhanced the Horde's senses.


1. Units will not always follow your order

2. There is a very small chance, if you are losing, that your units will flee, leaving you defenseless.

3. Units are generally weaker in many ways.

4. Units can easily be wiped out by splash damage and bombers.

Horde Map
Map of the Horde Mountain


Gold Hoard

A huge hellhole full of gold and mining gear to train Gorboid Diggers and hoard plunder.

Mauling Basin

A big bloody pit where the creatures of the Horde maul each other for training and to death.

Infernal Hammery

A Hut where insane Horden engineers go about crafting the Horde's Infernal Machinery.


A cave full of cracks from all the stuff that goes on in there. Everyone there is cracked. It also stores Crack.


Gorboid Digger

"Minin'salways been their passion. As babies, their toys are little rocks which they crush with their teeth as sport."


Lowly short-legged stooped creatures wielding stone-crushing hammers. These are the gold earners of the Horde.

They bring gold back to the castle at the same rate as Order's miners, but only bring back 30 Gold.


Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ Gruelln Mines

Gorboid Digger

Role------------------ Earning Gold

Health--------------- Very low, 1 bar

Gold cost---------- 75

Mana cost-------- 0

Training time----- 5

Population-------- 1

Gorboid Miner

Training area---- Gold Hoard


Short strong stickmanoids wielding handaxes. Strong in hordes.


Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ Durk Chambers

Role------------------ Early attack, overwhelming the enemy


Health--------------- Low, 2 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 90

Mana cost-------- 0

Training time----- 6

Population-------- 1 Training area---- Mauling Basin


Hunched armored unit wearing a viking helmet and wielding a big mean-looking scythe that can take a bit of a beating. Good for tanking.


Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ Steel veins

Role------------------ Tank, meatshield

Health--------------- Medium, 3 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 360

Mana cost-------- 30

Training time----- 13

Population-------- 3

Training area---- Infernal Hammery

Knork Tracker

"..., Waves over waves of lightning quick Knork Trackers, flinging their bruising stones at our helpless troops..."


Powerful low-ranged Stickman-legged-Tiger-colored-Wolf-faced-Bear-bodied monster with high running speed (but slower than Shadowrath) and high damage. Throws small stones from a sack. Cannot throw while running.


Faction------------- Horde Location------------ the Corpsors

Role------------------ Sabotage, Hit-and-Run, crippling the enemy Health--------------- Medium-low, 3 bars

Picture 8
Damage------------ Very high

Attack rate-------- Very low

Gold cost---------- 390

Mana cost-------- 150

Training time----- 22

Population-------- 3

Training area---- Crackcave


1. Hunter's venom:

Allows the knork tracker 20% chance of poisoning the enemy every hit.

0 Gold, 50 Mana

2. Bloodlust:    The Knork Tracker can choose to slash its victim, dealing 2x more damage

420 Gold, 30 Mana

Kill animations 1. Against swordwrath: Instead of shooting the swordwrath, it slashes the swordwrath's head off (lots of ketchup). The swordwrath body falls to the ground.


"Everyone hates them, those little stupid annoying flying gits. Even their mothers loathe them. Easy targets for us, with everyone cursing and flinging things at them."


Vile annoying bat-winged flying small stickman with blood red skin, a big head, and long ears. Carries a sling.



Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ Durk Chambers Role------------------ Flying support

Health--------------- Very Low, 1 bar

Damage------------ Low

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 270

Mana cost-------- 150

Training time----- 13

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Crackcave


Standard ranged infantry with a hand-held rock-throwing machine (who knows what infernal engineering this uses?)


Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ Rockfallia

Role------------------ Flying support

Health--------------- Low, 2 bars

Damage------------ Low

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 270

Mana cost-------- 150

Training time----- 13

Population-------- 2

Training area---- Infernal Hammery

Knurik Grenadier

Another evil Hordic creature playing with toys not suitable for his intelligence. They're fast, cunning, and deal alot of damage. And they're very, very insane. Stats

Faction------------- Horde Location------------ Rockfallia

Role------------------ Slaughter

Health--------------- Medium low, 3 bars

Damage------------ High

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 540

Mana cost-------- 200

Training time----- 30

Population-------- 5

Training area---- Infernal Hammery


A very fast unit with high damage. Very low health. Useful for assassinating the enemy and knocking down a miner wall.


Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ The four walls of Death

Role------------------ Assassination, leading an attack

Health--------------- Low, 2 bars

Damage------------ Very high

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 450

Mana cost-------- 220

Training time----- 22

Population-------- 3

Training area---- Mauling Basin


"Every lowly Goblon dreams of being a Gyrayne. Its what drives them to battle; the wish for supremacy."

Well, every empire needs a giant unit right? Meet the... GYRAYNE! Wielding a splash-and-stun-dealing stone club, two of these is enough to kill a full-grown enslaved giant. Absolute brutes. And they stink to high heaven, so they have a 5% chance that when they die all enemy units will drop down dead from their stink. Just Kidding!


Faction------------- Horde

Location------------ The four walls of Death

Role------------------ Breaking enemy lines, killing off the enemy

Health--------------- Extremely high, 22 bars

Damage------------ Very high

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 840

Mana cost-------- 100

Training time----- 50

Population-------- 5

Training area---- Rockfallia

Gear Empire, By Harekiller

IMPORTANT NOTES: -Mana is called IDEAS, and the act of getting it is called INVENTING.

                                  -Units are generally much slower than the units in other empires

                                  -TECHNOLOGIES ARE VERY IMPORTANT (see bottom)

A long time ago, a while before even the conquering, there once was a nation known as Gearta, and as you may have guessed, it was the nation of the gear. The Geartons were always known as more rational compared to the other nations, however, at that time, it still hadn't put the Gear to good use yet. The ancient Spearton tribe swept in            instead, and the Geartons were banished to a neighbouring island, and from there, they started to develop...

Oh yeah, since the Geartons depend so much on their machines, their bodies are smaller due to not needing them as much, and their hands and heads a slightly bigger, to tinker with their machinery.

So, why choose the Gear Empire as your empire?

The Gear Empire's units are sturdier than others, due to the fine materials in which they are crafted from. For the same cost, A Geartic Hammerer has 9 bars of health, compared to the Spearton's 4. However, this comes with a cost, as a Geartic Hammerer has nowhere near the speed of a spearton, thus forcing it to suffer much more DoT from ranged units, and it attacks much slower. This Empire is crafted for defensive players.


While playing as Gearta, certain units require you to research certain technologies ingame in order to build.

Steam power

We have long known that pressured gas creates a lot of power, but we hadn't put it to good use yet. Until now.

Gold: 300

Ideas: 28


While experimenting, your scientists have found out a much better source of quick potential and kinetic energy: Torsion.

Gold: 300

Ideas: 120

The lever

We had never thought that the simple lever could be so destructive.

Gold: 50

Ideas: 50

Advanced mechanics

These contraptions will blow your mind.

Gold: 300

Ideas: 300



A stickman with a piece of planning paper, can Invent, earning you 7 Ideas every second.

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Plotter's Forum

Role------------------ Inventing

Health--------------- Low, 2 bars

Gold cost---------- 75

Mana cost-------- 0

Building time----- 10

Population-------- 2

Building area---- Inventor's Lab


The Geartons pride themselves on the windup mechanical miner, which has triple the health of a flesh-and-bone version.Its mining trip is 2 times longer than an Order miner, but it takes back 350 Gold instead of the usual 75. Inside it is a driver. It cannot invent.

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Scrap Dunes

Role------------------ Mining

Health--------------- Medium-low, 3 bars

Gold cost---------- 325

Mana cost-------- 0

Building time----- 10

Population-------- 5

Building area---- Inventor's Lab

Rollerge Mk1

Required technology: Steam power

The basic combat contraption of the Geartons. It has a spinning blade attached and travels via two big gears on either side of it. It has a scientist perched ontop of its crow's nest.

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Factoria

Role------------------ Basic combat unit

Health--------------- Medium, 4 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 275

Mana cost-------- 0

Building time----- 12

Population-------- 2

Building area---- Smythery

Geartic Hammerer

Required technology: The lever

A mechanical cart with a steam engine and a tiny driver in the exposed cockpit. It is also used as an exploration unit. The first speartons who spotted these thought they were seeing things.

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Factoria

Role------------------ Tanking, shield for weaker units

Health--------------- High, 9 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 275

Mana cost-------- 0

Building time----- 12

Population-------- 2

Building area---- Smythery


Originally an experimental test contraption for the inventors of Gearta, it is basically the only fast Geartic unit, it rushes towards the enemy and blows up (like the bomber, except bigger). Unlike the other units, it contains no stickman inside it. AND its completely energy efficient!!!

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Plotter's Forum

Role------------------ Sabotage

Health--------------- Low, 2 bars

Damage------------ High

Gold cost---------- 75

Mana cost-------- 0

Building time----- 5

Population-------- 1

Building area---- Inventor's Lab

Stonethrower 2000

Required technology: Torsion, advanced mechanics

A mechanical stone thrower that deals splash damage. The Geartons have always found physics, particularly gravity, and especially throwing boulders, interesting. Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Scrap Dunes

Role------------------ Sabotage

Health--------------- Medium-low, 3 bars

Damage------------ Medium

Attack rate-------- Medium

Gold cost---------- 425

Mana cost-------- 0

Building time----- 5

Population-------- 1

Building area---- Smythery


Required: Steam power, torsion

A Gearton wearing a flying contraption and wielding a Geartic firearm in its hands.

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Plotter's Forum

Role------------------ Flying support

Health--------------- Very low, 1 bar

Damage------------ High

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 375

Mana cost-------- 50

Building time----- 28

Population-------- 5

Building area---- Inventor's Lab

Geartic Hurler

Required: Torsion, The lever, advanced mechanics

A huge mechanical monstrosity that throws explosives, with a stickman driving it in its 'head'. Who knows what its powered by? Maybe dark magic?...

Faction------------- Gear Empire

Location------------ Factoria

Role------------------ Same as giants

Health--------------- Extremely high, 26 bars

Damage------------ High

Attack rate-------- Low

Gold cost---------- 1250

Mana cost-------- 50

Building time----- 28

Population-------- 5

Building area---- Smythery

BladedFire's Empires

The Nature

One day, Marrowkai had created some deads, but because it is near the forest, the forest became alive and they seek revenge to Marrowkai who broke their peaceness all the time.

Ground light infantry: Grassling 150 gold A troop with long survivality but less attack

Health:3bars Attack: Slightly less than Swordwrath Speed:Same as Swordwrath

Ability: (Already researched)Nature's Wisdom- Heals Grassling for a certain time.

Ground heavy infantry: Treeant 400 gold 100 mana A troop that usually take the most attack.

Health:6 bars Attack: Slightly more than Swordwrath Speed:Slightly slower than Spearton

Ability: Perfect Wood: (100 gold 50 mana)Increase a bar of health and slightly increase attack

Ranged infantry: Wisp 150 gold 150 mana A mystical troop that paralyses enemies.

Health:1bar Attack:Slightly more than Archidon and stuns enemy for a while Speed: As same as Archidon

Ability:Untouchable body:(100 gold 100 mana) Decrease 60% of the attack

Flying Ranged Infantry: Leafstorm 400 gold 150 mana A group of living leaves that do anything together

Health:3bars Attack:More than Archidon Speed:Slightly slower than Shadowrath

Ability:Unity:(400 gold)Increase attack and speed for 30%

Fast Infantry: Woodwolf 450 gold 200 mana Wood that mutated to a super speed wolf.

Health:4bars Attack:More than Spearton Speed:As same as Spearton

Ability:Pack of Fury:(Already researched)Increase speed and attack while Woodwolf have more than 3.

Killer Jaw:(200 gold 100 mana)Increase attack and increase time of attacking

Support Infantry: Wise Wisp 300 gold 200 mana Wisp that have experience in battlefield.

Health:3bars Attack:Less than Wisp Speed As same as Wisp

Ability:Aura of Fury: (Already researched)Increase the attack of infantry around Wise Wisp

Aura of Vitality:(100 gold 50 mana) Increase health of infantry around Wise Wisp

Aura of Energy:(100 gold 50 mana)Increase speed of infantry around Wise Wisp

Spellcaster: Scarlet Tree 500 gold 500 mana Tree that live for a thousand or more years.

Health:3bars Attack:As same as Magikil Speed:As same as Magikill

Ability:Nature's Wisdom:(Already researched)Heals the infantry around Scarlet Tree

Root attack:(200 gold)Summons scarlet woods that attack enemies from the ground

Twig storm:(150 gold 50 mana)Summons a storm of twig that attack enemies from the sky and stay there for a period of time hurting enemies

Miner: Newborn Wisp 150 gold

Wisp that newly born and don't know about battle.

Health:2bar Attack:Alot less than Wisp Speed:As same as miner

Ability:Wisp Rush:(300 gold 100 mana)Increases speed

Newborn Wisp tree:(100 gold,construct 200 gold)Constructs a tree that blocks the enemy and heals infantry around it.(Health: Less a bar than Miner Wall)

Nature Spawn:Spawn like Tower Spawn

Nature's Treasure:Like Passive Incoming Gold

Nature's Survivalibility:Increase health of Tree of Wisdom(like order's statue)

Giant: Gigant Treeant 1300 gold 200 mana Huge treeant that is dumb and only hear orders.

Health:More than Giant's health Attack:Less than Giant Speed:Like Giant

Attack cause AOE damage and attack is melee.

The Mysvoid

An empire that has a mix of good and evil troops.

Should be like this...

Bomber denotate and shakes the ground every time. This makes the ground shake and the sea of essence combined chemically and formed a new empire-the Mysvoid.


Saint Mountain

Trains Axelient, Holnight and Vamja

researches:Throw Axe, God's Pleasure and Vessel Targeter

Shuriken Company

Trains Shurignet and Mourignet

researches:Sharp Shuriken, Speeder and Castle Shurignet

Heaven's Library

Trains Purifiend

researches:Chilling Wind

Giant's Tombstone

Trains Gigelton

researches:More nutrient

Ancient Hall of Books

Trains Necrofiend

researches:Corpse sacrifice, Corpse Allies and Undying Fire

Hell's Storage

Trains:Devil Miner

researches:Devil Rusher, Hell Income and Hell Ground


(or Barbarian)-Brutal troops that kill people with no mercy.

Cost:150 gold

Health:Slightly less than Swordwrath

Attack:Like Spearton

Training Time:200

Speed:Like Swordwrath

Abilities:Throw Axe:Throws axe (200 gold to research)costs 50 mana. Throws the axe to the fleeing unit damaging 60% of normal attack.

(or Ranged Ninja)-The main founder of Shuriken and master it.

Cost:300 gold

Health:Same as Archidon

Attack:Slightly less than Archidon but throws two shuriken a time.

Training Time:400

Speed:Faster than Archidon

Abilities:Sharp Shuriken:(400 gold to research)Increases 40% of normal attack permanently.

(or Guardian):An armored warrior that uses holy magic to heal.

Cost:400 gold 200 mana

Health:Same as Spearton

Attack:Slightly less than Spearton

Training Time:600

Speed:Like Spearton

Abilities:God's Pleasure-(50 gold 100 mana to research)Heals 20% of Holnight's health with the cost of 50 mana each.

(or Vampire Ninja)-Basically a vampire that knows ninjutsu and wields double blade.

Cost:450 gold 150 mana

Health:Same as Shadowrath

Attack:Slightly lesser than Spearton

Training Time:800

Speed:Like Shadowrath

Abilities:Blood Sucker-(Researched)Heals Vamja a 5% health in every attack.

Vessel Targeter-(100 gold 150 mana to research)Increase attack(slighly more than spearton) and recieves a 10% health in every attack.

(or Eagle Rider)-A Shurignet riding an eagle.

Cost:450 gold 200 mana

Health:Same as Albowtross

Attack:Slightly more than Archidon and throws two shurikens a time.

Training Time:750

Speed:Slightly more than Eclipsor

Abilities:Speeder:(300 mana to research) Increases speed(slightly slower than Shadowrath)

(or Pure Spell Caster)- A wizard that casts pure magic.

Cost:400 gold 400 mana

Health:Same as Magikill

Attack:Slightly more than Magikill

Training Time:600

Speed:Faster than Magikill

Abilities:Fireball(Researched) Casts a fireball that causes explosion.(Like Magikill's explosion but smaller radius and attack)

Chilling Wind(50 gold 100 mana to research) Costs 50 mana per use. Casts a gust of wind that slows the enemy's movement.AOE(Longer than Marrowkai's hell fists)

(or Dark Spell Caster)-A necromancer that summons corpses and poisons enemies.

Cost:500 gold 500 mana

Health:Same as Medusa

Attack:More than Medusa

Training time:900

Speed:Medusa speed

Abilities:Summon Corpse(Researched)Summon 1 corpse that helps in battle(Like dead but melee and attacks more than dead)

Corpse Sacrifice(100 gold 200 mana to research)When the corpse dead it explodes into poison and splashes a small radius of poison to the enemy.

Corpse Allies:(300 gold 200 mana to research) Can summon up to 3 corpses.

(or gigantic skeleton)- Giant skeleton that crushes everything in sigh with bare hands)

Cost:1300 gold 200 mana

Health:More than Giant

Attack:Less than Giant

Training Time:1200

Speed:Same like Giant

Abilities:More nutrient level 1 & level 2 (Same like Giant growth)

Devil miner
-A devilled miner that mines more and prays more
Devil Miner

Cost:200 gold

Health:Same as miner

Attack:same as Miner

Training Time:200

Speed:same like miner

Abilities:Devil Rusher(like miner hustle)

Hell Income(like Passive Incomng Gold)

Undying Fire(like Resilience)

Hell Ground(like Miner wall but this cost lesser(150 gold 50 mana) to build and damages enemies who stands nearby.

Final Modeled Original Nixian Empire

By yours truly Jombloxx ~


Some words are hardly seen :\.




Time:8 secs



Rock wall - Stronger than Miner Wall.

Research - 200/100 Build - 300/0

Hustle:You know what i am talking about.

Modern Humans

One day, a crazy professor by the name of Crazy Proffesor, invented a time machine. You all know what happened next. He got rich and an entire army managed to somehow break in and go back in time to...Stick Empires.

AK-47 : Cost: 2000 gold and 100 mana.

Health: 5 bars

Attack: Kills an enemy 98% of the time

Training time: 1 minute

Speed: Same as swordwrath

Abilities: Automatic, shoots 2 times faster (6 seconds reduced to 3 seconds per shot)

Tank : Cost: 5000 gold

Health: 15 bars

Attack: same as AK-47 except 2 seconds slower and deals area damage

Training time: 1 and a half minutes

Speed:slightly faster than giant  

Abilities: none

Harmless Human: Deals same damage as a miner, half a bar of health, cost 50 gold  and mainly distracts the enemy

Business Man: gives u gold, 2X more than miner.

Nuclear Bomb: destroys the enemy. Costs 10,000 gold

(i hope this isnt overpowered XD)

Me2please's empires

The Tribe Empire

Long ago, Inamorta was a world of many and many tribes. These tribes were all very weak, and they fought like cavemen and were not intelligent. They all hated each other, for they had different beliefs. But then Archidons, Swordwrath, and all the other empires were created, and the tribes were driven out. They could not progress, and just before they were about to take it all back, Order began the Conquering, and they were forced to unite to defeat such a powerful empire. But they were still not powerful enough, so in their nearby undiscovered island, they increased their numbers, and made new technology, although they were not bright. Then Chaos came, and they still couldn't attack. So then, years after the Order-Chaos war, when Order was weakened, they finally declared war. These are there units:

Miners: 150 gold, 240 ticks to load, 2 population. Description: Workers enslaved by their leaders to collect resources. Abilities: Hustle: 300 gold, 100 mana to research, 600 ticks to load. Makes miners work and move faster, as well as increase their health. Tribe miners have same stats as order miners.

Club men: 100 gold, 360 ticks to load, 1 population. Description: Meek units that wield clubs, weaker than the swordwrath, more powerful than crawlers. No abilities. Club men move at same speed as swordwrath, but deal 50% less damage. They have same health as swordwrath.

Log men: 600 gold, 100 mana, 750 ticks to load, 4 population. Description: Powerful heavy armored units, good frontline warriors. Abilities: Spiked logs: 500 gold, 600 ticks to load. All log men that were trained after this abiltity is researched will have spiked logs, dealing 20% extra damage.Log men have as much health as a spearton, but deal as much damage as a giant as well. This makes them quite powerful. They deal AOE damage and cause stun.They move as fast as speartons, amazingly, due to their immense training (they trained by far harder than any other unit).

Assassin: 600 gold, 250 mana, 900 ticks to load, 4 population. Description: Can assasinate any lone enemy, but has extremely low health. Abilities: Teleport: 200 gold, 100 mana, 600 ticks to load, 50 mana to use, ability cooldown is 750 ticks, when used, assassin can teleport anywhere on the map. Stats: Assasins have the same amount of health as bombers, but can kill even a giant in one blow, extremely fast. They move faster than any unit in the game, but cannot assasinate groups. It will automatically assasinate the first enemy it finds, and does not cost any mana or gold or have any cooldown. If you target an enemy, it will assassinate that enemy first before any others. Assassins wield 2 swords to plow through the front lines, and are the only advanced units. There is a 3 second gap between each assassination. Against things they cannot assasinate, like walls and turrets, each attempt of assassination will be equivalent to 2 swordwrath blows.

Javelin Throwers: 550 gold, 550 ticks to load, 4 population. Description: Basic Ranged Support that throws javelins. Abilities: Piercing Javelins: 400 gold, 1200 ticks to load. Javelin Throwers and Blessed Javelin Throwers will throw spears that deal more damage and have extra range. Piercing Spears are equal to fire arrows or blazing bolts. Javelins Throwers deal as much damage as a dark knight, but javelin throwers have as much health as archidons.

Blessed Javelin Throwers: 650 gold, 150 mana, 650 ticks, 5 population. Description: The lucky javelin throwers that were blessed by the great angel and have got wings. Abilities: Piercing Javelins: see above. Blessed Javelin Throwers (or flying javelin throwers) have twice the health of a Javelin Thrower, but deal same damage.

Ancient Mage: 650 gold, 650 mana, 1000 ticks, 6 population. Description: A very powerful mage blessed by the great angel. Abilities: Lightning Strike: 50 gold, 100 mana, 600 ticks to research. 30 mana per use, 500 ticks for cooldown. A powerful bolt of lightning, damages a single unit, does extra damage on armored units. Whirlwind:100 gold, 100 mana, 600 ticks. 50 mana per use, 300 ticks for cooldown. Blows enemies away, how far depends on the units.Cannot blow giants away. Mind Control: 500 gold, 500 mana, 1800 ticks. Twists a soldiers will to fight against their army. 250 mana per use, 1800 ticks for cooldown. Previously researched abilities: Heal and cure: 1 mana per use, 50 ticks. A merics heal and cure spell combined. Also previously researched: Fireball: 0 gold, 0 mana, 330 ticks for cooldown. More powerful than magikill's blast spell, but same effect. Ancient mages have as much health as marrowkai, but have less speed than a magikill. Their melee attack, however, is half of even merics, due to their age.

Eagle scout: 300 gold, 0 mana, 600 ticks, 2 population. Description: disguised as a bird, able to scout without being killed, cannot attack. Ability: Invisibility: 50 gold, 50 mana, 600 ticks to research. 20 mana per use, 900 ticks for cooldown. Eagle will turn invisible for 10 secs so even the human opponent won't be able to know you're scouting him. Once near castle, will turn visible again.

Giant Gorilla: 2250 gold, 50 mana, 9 population, 1800 ticks to load. Description: 2 big gorrilas murphed into a ferocious beast, even more powerful than a fully upgraded giant. No abilites. These gorrilas have as much health and armor as a fully upgraded giant, but deal 25% more damage and have as much speed as a spearton.

The great angel: 0 gold, 100,000 mana, 0 population. Great angel automatically comes once you collect 100,000 mana, near indestrucible unit, cannot be assasinated or mind twisted. All abilities are passive and already researched. Will take back your 100,000 mana, and will make a speech before arriving. Very hard to get due to the amount of mana needed.

Other abilities: Castle Javelin Throwers: Will train 2 javelin throwers, already previously upgraded with piercing spears. 400 gold, 450 ticks to load for Castle Javelin Thrower 1, 600 gold, 750 ticks to load for Javelin Thrower 2.

Passive Income Gold,1,2,3: Same thing as passive income gold 1,2,3 for Order.

Tower Spawn 1,2: Tower Spawn 1: 800 gold, 250 mana, 600 ticks. Description: Will spawn log men from the center tower. Tower Spawn 2: 2500 gold, 1200 mana, 1200 ticks. Will spawn giant gorrilas from the center tower.

Resillience: 50 gold, 100 mana. Description: Increased statue health.

The Cidanian Empire

In a realm seperate from Inamorta, exists strange creatures known as Cidanians. These creatures were something else completely- their realm was sawdust and bones the entire way, and they did nothing but gamble with playing cards every day. They could only die through the weapons of war, and the place had really gone to the dogs. Almost all Cidanians were optimistic and believed their boredom would be relieved. Then they were called for an announcement from the leader. The leader had figured out a way to alleviate their boredom- declare war on Inormata. People got excited, and soon they gathered their weapons and walked to Western Cidania, to the only portal that exists. They then rested, and when they woke up, declared war...  

First, before unts are explained, their history must be explained. Cidania used to have great mages, but all of them perished after they did their magic for some reason. However, a mage with the alias Code 01 found a secret code, and all mages that have perished appeared to have broke this code. Code 01 broke the sacred code and had access to all sorts of magic. It is rumored that magikill have their own different code, but no one ever found it. But soon Code 01 became too close to God's realm... and perished. However, the code has disappeared, and Cidanian mages have access to magic, but they're scared to use too many spells, because it is rumored that Code 01 died a painful death. It is not know if God created the code, because in Code 01's journal, he said God claimed he did not make the code, but he does not know who made the code. Since then, it has been pretty boring, and that's how this war happened, as mentioned above. Now, time for the empire.

Miner- 150 gold, 8 secs, Cidanians have to take shifts and mine. Each shifts lasts one battle. Abilities: Pickaxe Wall (completely free of cost), 6 miners will take their pickaxes, and build a 2-sided(meaning that it will block retreating enemies) wall much more powerful than miner wall. If broken, miners can still retrieve pickaxes. Miners can still pray without pickaxes. However, those 6 miners will not be able to mine until wall is dismantled. Other ability: Hustle. You know what this is.

Bladier- 250 gold, 15 secs, as mentioned earlier, Cidanians are masters of magic arts. Their swords are magical energy swords and more powerful than swordwrath swords, and can pierce armor. Abilities: Sonic wave: Bladiers will shoot a powerful sonic wave dealing 2x more damage than shinobi level 1, from their blades at the price of 50 mana, cooldown is 20 secs  this ability costs 200 gold and 200 mana to research. They have same speed and health as swordwrath.

Jumper- 400 gold, 16 secs, Jumpers are a very strange breed of Cidanians, they will jump as far as a Dead projectile, stab its enemy with its claws, dealing as much damage as a crawler, then jump back to its original spot extremely fast, being an awkward ranged unit. With their jumping, it's impossible to kill one if retreating. However, they have to attack the enemy head on, and with very fast powerful burst damage, you can kill one before it jumps back. They have as much health as a swordwrath. They have one ability: Super Jump, 300 gold to research, will jump twice as far, and next attack will deal 2x more damage, has a 40 sec cooldown.

Reaper- 500 gold, 500 mana, 35 secs, The reason Cidanians can't really die is because they made a deal with the Reapers. Reapers can only die by their own code (oh, Cidanians can only really die by their code, your only choice is to chop their head off and leave them helpless, so all units will have their head chopped off as their death, Reapers are the same). Anyway, Reapers have just one ability: they have the same minion summoning ability (minions damage and health is both 50% less than swordwrath and they are actually skeletons) as Magikill in stick war 1, Reapers just don't have the stun spell and can summon up to 10 minions (but don't forget minion summoning cooldown, which is 3 secs). This ability is automatic. Also, they have as much health as a Magikill, and their scythes deal as much damage as a Bladiers blade. They move slightly slower than swordwrath and just hover above the ground, still in attack range.

Marrowkai- Marrowkai are really just pawns of reapers, in Cidania they're the same old thing you know.

Shield Butcher- 450 gold, 50 mana, 20 secs. Shield Butchers are just what they sound like- butchers with shields. Cidanians don't need food but there were butchers that cut things up for fun, they now have been given shield and serve as tank units. Their cleavers deal half a bar equivalent of damage, they have the same health as juggerknights, but they don't have their regeneration ability. Their attack rate is equal to speartons, making quite close to juggerknights. They have one ability: Meat Craze: This is the same thing thing as rage, only there's no glow, a hysteric laugh insted of a scream, health isn't lost, there is a 12 sec cooldown, it's previously researched and costs 10 mana to use per butcher.

Crawler- Crawlers truly come from Cidania, they're the same old thing as you know.

Flying Axe Thrower- 450 gold, 200 mana, 17 secs, Brave mages have tried to create magical energy wings, and it turns out that it wasn't forbidden. Now they rain death upon foes by throwing weaker axes that deal equal damage to a spearton's blow. They have same speed as eclipsors and same attack rate as albowtross.

Enslaved Big Boy- 1400 gold, 100 mana, 40 secs, these unusually large Cidanians have always been teased and called 'big boys'. Now these 'big boys' have been enslaved and fight with their brute force and are equal to giants. They have the same giant growth ability, just called "Big Boy gets Bigger" 1 and 2.

Axe throwers are the castle defenders, tower spawn spawns shield butchers and enslaved big boys, you know all the other abilities.


Good and Evil must be balanced. For if either wins, the world is lost to one or the other. The Balance is not known anywhere but where conflict between good and evil starts, using units from lost tribes, ancient times, and even from other universes. The Balance is a force to be reckoned with.

Miner - 150 gold. as in every empire, even the balance has miners.

  • Hustle - Workers become quicker and 
  • Spawn statue - a small statue that spawns 1 Hopliton of which is uncontrollable, the building is unrepairable as well

Hopliton - 150 gold. The Hoplitons were from a group of Speartons who never learned the Spearton's way of fighting, nor their way of Honor... you could say that the Hoplitons are the weaker cousin of the Speartons, except with longer spears.

  • Phalax - the Hopliton goes into a defensive mode like the Speartons, but the spears reduces half the health of the other unit charging toward the Hopliton

Legionary - 450 gold, 50 mana. The Legionary has mastered as many arts as the giants, most Legionarys throw javalins that kill the enemy before advancing slowly toward the enemy with their square shield and shortsword in hand.

  • Turtle formation - The legionary holds up his sheild, all arrows that hit the unit are reduced in damage by 75% , the dark knights charge also does not affect this unit as much
  • Spear throw - The Legionary throws a javalin that causes massive damage to units

Clubarians - 400g 150m The Clubarians units use clubs with spikes on the. to smash other units... their not really that bright... but strong they are...

  • Thick-skinned - Clubarians gain more health... hm...
  • Berserk - The Clubarian will gain more speed and attack, but control over the unit is lost, as well as some health

Gunnic - 400g No one knows where the gunnics are from, some say they came from a portal, others say they invented thunder. They say that they come from a land devastaed by a diffrent version of chaos, where demons live and thrive, but all know that the Gunnic is extremly accurate and creates devices of which others can't get their head around.

  • Gernade - The gunnic throws an item that explodes... similar to the Magikill's fireball, but instead without magic

Bot - 400g 200m One of the devices created by the gunnic, the Bot is just called a Bot... most races believe it is run by magic... that is partially true

  • Electricty - The Bot Eletrocutes an enemy unit, causing them to be stuned for a short period.

Raptor - 300g 200m A species of creature were taken from the past, tamed, and trained to fight... they are very fast, and deadly.

  • Jump - always active, and already part of the Raptor (no research need), the raptor jumps toward the enemy when attacking, causing stun
  • Bite - The Raptor will take a bite out of the enemy, causing massive damage, and heals the Raptor

Golem - 500g 500m These Golems weren't plucked out of the past, they were made by the Balance King himself...  

  • Metal Armour - No research needed, The Golem takes 50% less damage from any enemy
  • Heavy punch - The Golem punchs with it's heavy arm, causing massive damage and stun
  • Selfdestruct - The Golem Blows up, causing massive damage toward units in range, kills most units as well

Balance Avatar - 1500g 250m The Balance Avatar is a warrior of the Elite guard, extremly deadly, but slow. The Balance Avatar is both respected and feared

  • Grow lv1 - The Balance Avatar grows a bit bigger, increasing health
  • Grow lv2 - The Balance Avatar grows alot bigger, Increasing health a great ton

Other skills of the Balance Empire

  • Passive Income lv1,lv2,lv3 - Passivly gain some gold and mana
  • Statue health - The Statue gains some more health
  • Gunnic Post lv1-lv4 - A Powerful Gunnic appears on the castle wall beyond enemy reach
  • Tower Spawn lv1 - 600g 200m A Legionary spawns from the Middle tower, uncontrollable
  • Tower Spawn lv2 - 2000g 1250m An Balance Avatar spawns from the middle tower


Barracks - Most melee units are trained here

Cage - Raptors come from here

Armoury - Gunnics hang out here... creating Bots...

Portal - Balance Avatars ofthen come from out here

Bank - Miners ofthen take the gold mined here.

Metal pit - Golems ofthen come from down the pit... everyone else is too scared to find out what goes on down there

More info - The Balance Empire has been noted to use diffrent units, but these are the main units they often use...

Billk's Empire

(Miner) Miner: A mindless human used as a toy for gold and mana.... Abilities: Miner Trouble: Makes the miner explode causing damage around it. Need more gold? Use this to make the miner mine faster for 10 seconds... Miner Prayer:  Need more mana? Use this to make the miner pray faster for 10 seconds... Endless pit: A floor that will damage any enemy unit that comes across it... If it damages a lot of enemy units it will explode like a bomber...

(Swordmen) Dark servent: Those who choose their paths to become a Dark Controller must be able to live as a dark servent!  Abilities: RAH!: They charge towards you offering themselfs as protection!

(Ninja) Ender: A ender is mostly used against large groups... Once it strikes its first unit that unit is posioned. Then any other unit it strikes will be a normal attack... Abilities: Doomed!: The ender will release a powerful attack that could cause a death of a spearton without the protection!

(Spearton) Crystal Guardian: Many never seen the crystal Guardians! Abilities: Hand Of Doom: Releases a controller to control anyone for 10 seconds! Clap Clap: Summons a giant hand to take control of any unit for 20 seconds!

(Archer) dead archer: these archers were loyal to every nation! UNTIL NOW.... Abilities: Posion Arrow: Causes posion to unit. Doom arrow: Causes the unit to move towards your castle! Castle Arrow: Causes a unit to teleport back to the castle! Flaming arrow: Causes damage to the enemy unit!

(Flying Archer) Flying Great Guardian: Guardians have been also known for best flyers!  Abilities: Holy Light!: Shoots a tiny bit of light causing TONS OF DAMAGE!

(Meric) Golden Caster: A happy unit willing to cast a bomb or axes that will rain from the sky! Abilities: CAST THE AXE: A giant axes attacks a unit! Or... It rains axes. CAST THE BOMB! A giant bomb attacks a group of units! Or Causes it to rain bombs!

(Magikill) Necromancer: A necromancer will create a ghost! Abilities: Ghost Summon 1: A Ender will be summoned... Ghost Summon 2: A Crystal Guardian will be summoned... Ghost Summon 3: A Death guardian will be summoned...

(Giant) Death Guardian: Guardian of deaths are the darkest nation of all HISTORY! Abilities: Death Guardian growth 1 & 2

Zombiedeath's Empire

Technological Empire

Also known as Tech for short, the Technological Empire uses weapons and tactics beyond what any of the other nations had ever seen.


150 Gold 0 Mana

Even a technologically advanced Empire has to have Miners.

Abilities: Miner Hustle- Same as the other Empires

Electric Fence- The Miner erects a metal fence charged with deadly amounts of voltage


150 Gold 0 Mana

The Swordwrath of the Tech Empire, Knifewrath are cheap, fast, easy to make, and deadly in numbers

Ability: Rage- Same as the Swordwrath, except it also allows the Knifewrath to throw his knives.


500 Gold 150 Mana

The tank of the Tech Empire. Slow, but very powerful. Defensive purposes only, has no weapons except the shield.

Abilities: Phalanx- The Shieldtons line up and use their heavy armor to block off incoming enemies

Unwilling Ally- The Shieldton grabs the nearest enemy and swings him around as a weapon for a short time, stunning enemy units


The Tech Empire was the first to invent primitive firearms, and trained their best sharpshooters to wield them.

Ability: Armor Piercers- The Sniperdon's projectiles penetrate through armor for a short time


Terror of the skies, the Spearwing flies using mechanical wings, much like the Allbowtross, only metallic and much more advanced. He wields a spear and shield, essentially making him a flying Spearton.

Abilities: Spear Toss- The Spearwing throws his spear at the enemy and pulls out a new one to continue fighting.

Gunner Mode- The Spearwing can switch between his spear and a firearm similar to that of the Sniperdon.


None of the Tech Empire's achievements would be possible without Inventors. Inventors are responsible for the building and maintaining of all the Empire's weaponry, including a few reserved for their own use. They have also studied the ways of Order's Magikill and implement their techniques into their inventions.

Abilities: Fire Bomb- The Inventor tosses a firey grenade at the enemy. Useful for getting rid of large groups of units quickly.

Blowdart- The Inventor fires off a dart laced with a very strong poison, damaging units over time.

Tesla Beam- The Inventor uses lightning to charge a metal rod and redirects the charge at the enemy. Very powerful, but slow recharge time.

Robot Empire by Freezer111

First Future:Here the Order Empire has destroyed and conquered the entire Chaos Empire,and they created the robot empire.They are modernized units capable of regeneration.But,because of a failure,the Robots malfunctioned and attacked the Order and Chaos Empires divided.A few survivors went to the present.

Second Future:Here Order and Chaos were at war and Order was winning. Then, they found a time teleporter and it opened.Inside are the survivors of the Robot Empire.The old Order leader,the Magikill,and the old Chaos leader,Medusa,showed up the cliff of Victory and collided the Order and Chaos Empires,and became the United Nations.So the fought against the Fututre Robots and won every battle and they fought at Magida's Gates,the gates of the Robot leader Robot Magida.

New Units:


Deathwrath-a deadly powerful swordsman that can wield 2 swords.Has 3 life bars.Costs 100 gold and mana.


Rage,Sword Wall,Sword Bash,Sword Spin,Shinobi 1&2

Ambusher-a fast unit capable of killing units easily.Has 1 life bar.Costs 50 mana.


Ambusher Wings,Ambusher Assault, Shinobi 1&2

Hammertons-after the Deathwrath attacked a splinter group of Speartons,many of them rebelled and became the deadlier Hammertons.


Hammerton Shield,Hammerton Bait Strike

Stagina-one of the newest heroes of Order,


Blink,Shinobi,Death Strike


Bomiclipsor-a flying unit capable of dropping bombs.Has 1 life bar.Costs 200 gold and mana


Bomiclipsor Fireworks

Bombiknights-they are knights capable of throwing bombs.

Spearknights-a juggerknight capable of using spears and axes.

Upgrades: Poison Trick, Petrify, Summon Medusa's Head

Terrorstick- The equivalent of the Stagina, they posess the blades of death, able to break bones.


Life Steal, Clone, Fly, Spin


Robot Miner-the only miner capable of bringing gold without a gold bag.

Robot Swordawler-is the basic unit of the Robot Empire.Is the combination of the Swordwrath and the Crawler.

Robot Cyberwrath-is the evolved form of the Swordwrath.It wields 2 swords.It's Order's counterpart is the Deathwrath.

Robot Gunidon-a ranged unit that learned the way of the gun.It's Order counterpart is the Archidon and the Chaos counterpart is the Dead.

Robot Juggerton-is the tank unit of the robots.Itis the combination of the Spearton and the Juggerknights.

Robot Marrowic-is the healer and defender of Robot's units.It is the combination of the Meric and the Marrowkai.

Magida-is the leader of the Robotic Empire.Is the combination of Medusa and Magikill.

Afa79's Empire

The SkyWrath.

Deep in the hidden forests of Immorta, The SkyWrath wait slowly bidding their time, waiting for the moment to strike.

Basic Units:

Miner: Like all other Empires, the Skywrath depend on their Miners to gather gold.

Cost: $150

Just the same as other Miners, with Miner Hustle and Walls.

SkyKill: The backbone of the Skywrath army, These units are equppied with long bows capable of dealing the same amount of damage as a Swordrath's sword, and their longer bows provide them with longer range then a normal Archidon. Speed is the same as an Archidon.

Cost: $200, 10 Ticks to train.


Sharpeye: $100, 10 ticks. Through harsh training their sight sharpens further, increasing the range of their arrows slightly.

Sharpeye 2: $150, 50 Mana, 20 ticks. Their sight is increases again, and the range increases again.

To the Sky: $400, 200 Mana. The Skykill take to the skys, with mechanical wings created by the MageWrath.Their speed remains the same.

SkyBlade: Doublewielding, with sharp blades capable of inflicting massive damage. Speed? Same as a regular SwordWrath. They attack with twice the speed of a Swordrath, however, and the SkyBlades sword deals the same amount of damage as a Shadowrath's second strike(Lower then a SwordWrath) Correct me if I'm wrong about the Shadowrath.

Cost: $450, 15 Ticks to train .


Nature's Wrath: $150, 50 Mana. Increases the Skyblades speed and attack power threefold for a while(50 ticks), though takes halfs the SkyBlades health.

More coming soon! :D By La~Afa  

From me2please-shadowrath's second strike does more damage than a swordwrath, it does as much damage as a dark knight

FailingAtFailin's Empire


This empire is one for the next Stick Wars game. My idea for the plot is that alien surveyors have arrived to Inamorta and landed in Chaos territory about 5 years after Stick Wars 2. Chaos initially attacked this empire but were quickly put into submission. This empire is encountered late-game and you will normally fight Chaos, but every few battles will be against Survey.



The extractor is a small machine that is very similar to a miner. It runs on wheels. It collects gold and mana (for gameplay purposes, although in story it's actually called programs). When mining, a rotating saw cuts into the gold. When "praying" it lights up blue and numbers come out of it for visual effect.

Health: 2 bars

Speed: Same as Order Miner

Attack: Melee with saw, does same damage as swordwrath, although slightly slower attack

Cost: 175 gold

Build Time: 10 seconds


Gravity Field

The Extractor walks to the position specified and "deploys" legs. Then black particles rain down around it in a range similar to the Magikill's Electric Wall. This ability uses 20 "mana" per second. This can be used to sacrifice an Extractor so others can escape. It can be toggled on or off at will.

Most units will move very slow, about a quarter of the speed of a giant. Flying units will be killed if they enter this field, however if you're smart you should have the fliers kill the extractor..... Chaos Giants will not be affected due to their brute strength. Enslaved Giants will only have their speed reduced to 80% of original.

Research Cost: 200 "mana"

Research Time: 30 seconds


This is the exact same as Miner Hustle, it even increase Extractor Health to 3 bars.

Research Cost: 300 gold 175 "mana"

Research Time: 30 seconds


The Spider is another machine that is somewhere in between a crawler and a swordwrath. It is a robot that moves on legs.

Health: 2 bars

Speed: Same as spearton

Attack: Same as swordwrath

Cost: 150 gold

Build Time: 10 seconds



The Spider will run towards the targetted enemy and explode, the damage is removes half a bar of health and stuns the enemy. Using this costs 25 "mana" for balancing.

Research Cost: 200 "mana"

Research Time: 1 minute

Duel Animation

The spider has a duel animation for when it kills a swordwrath or achidon. It leaps on the enemies head and uses 6 of its legs to grip the head and the other two to push off this soldiers. This decapitates the Archidon or Swordwrath.


The Alien is basically an alien in a suit that augments its powers. It's humanoid and has a blue visor. The visor colour and shape can be changed in the armory. It is similar to the Juggerknight or Spearton. It attacks with a punch.

Health: 6 bars

Speed: Same as swordwrath

Attack: Same as spearton

Cost: 450 gold 100 "mana"

Build Time: 20 seconds



The Alien gains a short burst of speed making it run at the speed of a shadowrath for 3 seconds but cannot attack until this 3 seconds is done, also cannot stop, but can change direction of movement.

Cast Cost: 5 "mana"

Cooldown: 20 seconds

Research Cost: 100 gold 50 "mana"

Research Time: 20 seconds


The Alien crosses its arms into an X-shape and crouches. Alien moves at 50% speed but takes 30% less damage. Is toggled on or off like Spearton's Shield Wall.

This is unlocked by default.

Falcon Super Punch

The Alien punches with extreme force. The force of it pushes a unit back a great distance, the equivalent of the distance between the two gold mines near the castle. On top of this, it stuns the affected unit along with doing a great amount of damage (3 quarters of a bar of health) If used while the Alien is blocking, a hook is done instead. The hook stuns 3 units in front of the Alien, but does no damage.

Cast Cost: 25 "mana"

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Research Cost: 300 gold

Research Time: 30 seconds

Duel Animation

The Alien has a cool kill animation for various units, since it will probably be the main unit of your army (like speartons or juggerknights)

For Crawlers, it grabs the crawler and slams it into the ground leaving a splatter of blood.

For Swordwrath or Archidons, the Alien kicks the Swordwrath or Archidon's legs, breaking them. After this the other leg kicks the unit backwards, killing it.

For Speartons, the spearton attempts to stab the Alien with the spear, but the Alien dodges and grabs the spear. It then breaks it and uses the piece in its hand to stab the spearton in the head.

For Juggerknights, the Alien decides to give the Juggerknight a taste of its own medicine. The Juggerknight tries to swing the axe to attack the Alien, but the Alien sidesteps, rips the axe away, along with the Juggerknight's arm and then uses the axe to cut the juggerknight's legs off.


The Package is a suicide unit like the bomber, except it poisons all enemies in range instead of damaging.

Health: 1 bar

Speed: Slightly faster than Shadowrath

Attack: Explodes

Cost: 100 gold 25 "mana"

Build Time: 15 seconds



Affected enemies are stunned


Research Cost: 200 "mana"


Command is an Alien in a specialized power suit. The suit increases speed and agility. It is similar to the Magikill or Medusa.

Health: 5 bars

Speed: Archidon Speed

Attack: Same as Swordwrath

Cost: 475 Gold 525 "mana"

Build Time: 25 seconds


Bright Skies

Aimed at a single unit. An aircraft then flies overhead and fires 3 lasers at the targeted unit from 3 different angles (45 degrees from the left, right and a direct shot downwards from above) The lasers act like arrows, so they can be blocked by a tanking unit. This is compensated by the fact that the lasers come from 3 different directions. If all 3 lasers hit, they are just enough to kill a spearton. Sounds OP, but remember that it only targets a single unit and at most can kill 3 units at once. So target key units!

Cast Cost: Free

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Research Cost: Free (unlocked by default) Paratrooper

For no population cost, this ability summons 2 spiders which appear near Command. The spiders are summoned purely with "mana" and fall from the sky. They cannot be controlled, they rush straight at the closest enemy. 

Cast Cost: 250 "mana"

Cooldown: 1 minute

Research Cost: 500 "mana"

Research Time: 1 minute


Neutral Empire


(infantry) fightear (spearman antecester)(fight + spear)

double speed hability; hp and speed like swordwrath; low attack; cost 125, 0 mana

Sick empires ideias

(distance unit) headunter (javelines)(head + hunter)

(medic unit) druid

heal; cure; poison; sumon a wolf (100% equal to swordwrath and the hability rage but it costs 10 mana) ; more hp than meric; same speed; same distance to heal and cure; if attacked body to body he will poisonous the enemy; cost 300, 300 mana.

Stick empires ideias 2

(magic unit) flaman (xaman + flame)

Stick empires ideias 3

(heavy infantry) protector (club + hooden/leather shield)

(assault infantry) flanksher (flaker + ambusher)

(air unit) flyminator (flyer + dominator)(griffin + knifs thrower)

(giant) wose (part man like eyes, mouth and can think but 99% tree)(resists to poison; receive more damage from fire, auto regenerate, slowest unit; hp and attack similar to giant; cost 1000, 500 mana.


(giant) mamoosher (mamooth + crusher)


tribal empire

enslaved miner (picax)

goblin (sharp stick)

Stick empires ideias 4

orc ax thrower (axes)

Stick empires ideias 9

witchdoctor (rejuvenation staff)

ogre motivational (drum and vexillum)

Stick empires ideias 6

destroyer (mace)

Stick empires ideias 8

orc assassin (2 small cimitars / knives)

Stick empires ideias 7

goblin glider (small bow/ venon arrows)

ciclop (sword/gladius and small shiel)

Stick empires ideias 5


lizard empire

(infantry) lizard (obsidian spear)

(distance unit) javeline trower (javelines)

(assault infantry) serpent (teeth with venon)

(heavy infantry) basilisk / komodo dragon <see in google images> (teeth/teeth with venon hability)

Sem título

DragonScourge's Empire

DarkBlood Empire:An empire of evil creatures capable of controlling storm,darkness and metamorphosis


DarkBlood Peasant:A weak DarkBlood,capable of extracting gold and gaining mana.

Health:3 bars

Damage:Like Miner

Speed:Like Spearton


Hustle:Like Miner hustle

Rising Shade:Like Miner wall,but poisons enemy units that touch it rather than blocking units.

Incoming Shadows:Like Passive Income Gold

Darkblood Scraper:A small warrior that wields a scythe

Health:4 bars

Damage:Like crawler with 2x pack mentality

Speed:Like Spearton

Abilities:Burn:Fires a ray of chaotic energies at a target location causing the amount of damage Explosion does.

Pack Force:The power of Burn increases as Scrapers increase(stacks 5x)

Darkblood Bolter:A creature of darkness that  throws bolts of darkness.

Health:2 bars

Attack:Like Archidon

Speed:Like Shadowwrath


Dark Blood:The Bolter gains high attack speed for a duration of 7.5 seconds,attacking twice as fast.This ability stacks upto 3 times.(cooldown 5 seconds)

Hyper Bolt:The Leaper charges a bolt with extra darkness causing it to do 2x damage.

Darkness:A spirit that heals allies

Speed:like miner


Health:Like Statue(without resilience)


Shadow Gather:Like Heal

Dark Trap:Paralyzes an enemy for 5 seconds

DarkBlood StormKing:Leader of the DarkBlood that can destroy units quickly and metamorphose

Health:5 bars

Attack:Like Spearton

Speed:Like Shadowwrath


Ball Lightning:Fires an orb of lightning that strikes multiple areas.All orbs deal 2x explosion damage

Metamorphosis:Turns into a storm djinn,increasing spell effectiveness to 2x


A prized warrior of the DarkBlood,able to fight many units at once

Speed:Like Bomber

Health:6 bars

Damage:Like Spearton


Dark Shield:The amount of damage the Dreadwatch takes is reduced by 50% when this is toggled on.The DreadWatch can move and attack but the speed of both is halved.

DarkBlood Assassin:Swift Fighter of the Darkblood who can quickly kill enemies with dark blades.

Health:4 bars

Damage:Like the 4th hit of a shadowrath(Bonus damage aganist armor)

Speed:Like crawler(with predatory edge)

Abilities:Dark Blade:As the enemy's health decreases the assassin becomes more and more powerful,making attack speed and damage grow by 1.5x everytime the enemy loses 1 bar of health.(so really effective on giants)

Dark Assassination:The DarkBlood Assassin fades away and quickly slashes an enemy twice after teleporting to it.Both hits deal the damage of Shinobi II

Darkblood Rider:A Darkblood Bolter riding a Dracolich(skeletal dragon)

Speed:Like Crawler(without predatory edge)

Damage:Like Albowtross

Health:5 bars


Dark Ash Blast:The Dragon spews dark ash onto a certain area causing the same amount of damage as Explosion as well as causing poison and stunning for the same duration as Charge


An extremely powerful fire golem that is always ablaze

Damage:Slightly more than giant(1 bar more than giant)

Health:Like Giant(11,16,21 bars I think)


Infernal Growth:Like Giant Growth

Burning Fists:The attacks of the golem set units on fire.Deals DOT that is reset every time the Infernal attacks a unit.

Infernal Blaze:The Infernal burns with the flames of the nether causing units in melee range to burn.(Causes DOT equal to poison)

(The fire effects are supposed to be green)

ChaosRider's Empire

Elemental Empire:A marrowkai experiment went wrong and the elements were released, they seek revenge

Wind Miner:A miner composed of wind

Speed,Health and Damage:Like Miner

Abilities:Gust:Like Hustle

Gale:Spawns a gale at target location.Enemy units near the gale are slowed down while your units gain extra speed.

Second Wind:Like Passive Income Gold

EarthBlade:A warrior wielding a sword made of the earth

Attack:Like SwordWrath

Speed:Like SwordWrath

Health:3 bars

Abilities:Earth's Pity(Already Researched):For every unit killed the EarthBlade's defence rises.(stacks unlimitedly)

Quake:Strikes the ground with force,causing a low amount of damage to nearby enemies as well as stunning them for 3 seconds.

CryoBow:An archer made of ice.

Health:1 bar

Damage and Speed:Like Archidon

Abilities:Cryo Shot:Fires an arrow that deals normal damage.This arrow,if it connects,freezes the target in place until attacked by a unit other than the CryoBow

Water Priest:A priest made of water

Health,Damage and Speed:Like Meric

Abilities:Tranquil Rain(Already Researched):Cause healing waters to rain from the sky across the battlefield healing your units by a very small amount.Also Cures your units.

Torrent:Makes a geyser of water burst from the ground at a point of your choosing.Deals a small amount of damage(equal to the amount of damage a swordwrath does).Also stuns enemies caught in it.

Pyromancer:A mage made of fire.Capable of extremely deadly spells.

Health,Speed and Damage:Like Marrowkai

Abilities:Burn(Already Researched):Alights a target area for 10 seconds causing a small amount of DOT(Damage Over Time)to enemy units in the area.(Deals the amount of damage poison does)

Burst:Makes a fiery explosion at a certain area causing a huge amount of damage to enemies caught in it.(Deals the amount of damage explosion does)

Dark Warrior:A knight,with a sword and shield,completely made of darkness

Health and Speed:Like Spearton

Damage:Like Juggerknight

Abilities:Dark Slash(Already Researched):Makes a devastatingly powerful attack at an enemy,dealing double damage.

Dark Charge:The Dark Warrior charges at an enemy with his shield,dealing low damage and putting the mark of the reaper on them(Unit cannot attack while affected with mark of the reaper.Just look at the marrowkai's reaper spell and see the mark on the unit that gets hit.Thats the effect I call Mark of the Reaper)

StormSlash:A unit made of the storms that can deal immense damage very quickly

Damage:Like Juggerknight

Speed and Health:Like ShadowWrath

Abilities:Flicker(Already Researched):With every hit the StormSlash's attack speed increases(keeps increasing upto the 10th hit)

ThunderStorm:The StormSlash jumps into the sky and then strikes the selected area rapidly over and over again for 10 seconds.(The strikes are supposed to look like thunderbolts hitting the ground rapidly)

HoverPoison:A flying creature made of venom,spits toxins at enemy units

Health:Like Eclipsor

Damage:Like Albowtross(Armor-Piercing)

Speed:Like Crawler(Without Predatory edge)

Abilities:Entoxicating Venom:Every attack dealt while this mode is switched to on poisons enemy units.

Nature's Defender:A gigantic elemental made of wood and leaves

Health:1 bar less than giant(before and after growth)

Damage:Like Giant

Speed:Like Miner

Abilities:Nature's Ascension 1&2:Like Giant Growth

Roots(Already Researched:Summons roots in an area around the Defender causing affected units to be paralyzed until attacked.

Root Poison:Roots become poisonous,poisoning units

The Speartons Empire Ideas:

The Speartons Empire Idea!!:

Madness Empire (the next enemy of order)

After the battle between Order and Chaos a few Marrowkai escaped and formed a new army and empire

known as the Madness Empire . The Marrowkai's new leader, Inferno a mysterious yet powerful spirit who leads the

Maddness Empire.


Bone Gatherer:

Descripition : These madmen who gather bones for the Madness Empire for Inferno and the Marrowkai are used to gather bones and create units.  Cost: 100 Gold  10 Mana (Brings back 150  gold unlike normal miners)

HP:1 bar  ATCK:Like a swordwrath Training Area:Bone Yard

Bone Clubman:

These feirce brutal warriors were former Juggerknights who have lost their pride and weaponry. Forced by the Marrowkai to fight they take up primitive weaponry even so they are feirce and brutal as always.

Cost: 250  HP: 2 bars ATCK : Same as 2 archidons Training Area:Armoury

Bone Armoured Knight:

Former  Speartons who have turned dark and corrupted by the Marrowkai forced to fight for the Madness Empire.

The Speartons became dark and fought for the madness empire but they still needed armour to fight. They had an idea  by using bones and turning them to Sychthes made of bones also turning the bones into helmets and sheilds.

Cost: Gold:475  Mana:70  Abilities : Sheild Rage: The Knights start to charge and bash their enemies with their sheilds. Their Foes are sent flying and once landing in the ground they loose 3 bars of health. Research Cost:600 Gold 200 Mana. Costs 400 to use. Training Area: Armoury


The Marrowkai discovered that they are to weak to counter the Magikill's spells such as: Poison Spray,Electro Wall and Fiery Blast.So the Marrowkai went to the land of the Magikill secretly learning their spells and power.

Soon with the Marrowkai's old powers combined with the Magikill's they become even more Powerful than Magikills themselves.

Gold: 675 Mana:550 HP: 5 Bars ATCK:3x More powerful than a magikills normal attack  Abilities: Necro Blast:Causes a explosion 2x more powerful than the Magikill's feiry blast , Plasmatic Wall : Spawns 2 plasma walls that have the same damage as the normal magikill wall. Toxic Blast: Causes a big explosion instantly dealing 1 bar of damage and poisons anyone in the radius.


The Madness empire discovered these blood thirsty wolves in the forests of Inamorta. Many found them more effective than crawlers and soon fed their crawlers to the bloodhounds.

Gold:100 Mana:0 HP: 2 bars ATCK:like a spearton.

Gargantuar: Giant beings who have roamed the underground caves of Inamorta for years. Now Inferno releases them from the depths of Inamorta and now these Gargauntauns who are larger than Giants are now ready to fight for the Madness Empire.

Gold:1950 Mana:200 ATCK: 2x Than an enslaved giant (Gargantuans carry large swords but they do not use ranged attacks) . Speed:  4x Slower than normal giants HP: 3x More than a normal giant.

Necro Priests:

The Mightiest Empire

Not the most powerful empire, but quite powerful indeed. This empire lives in Northern Inamorta, and has had a rivalry with Chaos for over 20 years. Good friends of Order, this empire trains in the countrysides of their state of Inamorta, The Contrana Plains.


Sword-Throwers: The equivelent to a Swordwrath. They carry a knife and and can kill flying units, as the knife goes in range. When up close, they will attack similar to a Swordwrath. They wear fur coats as they did in their homelands of Eclipsor Region, and this gives them two health bars.

Shielders: The equivelent to a Spearton. They carry a shield and spear which goes in range (and kill flying units). The shield is important to them, and gives them 6 health bars. They wear blue everywhere, but their capes are their favourite. They come from the island of Sparta, positioned beside Crawler Region.

Stealth-Staffs: The equivelent to a Shadowrath. They carry a bowstaff and a sword. They can run extremely fast (twice as fast as a Crawler) and catch up very fast. When up close, they will stun an enemy, then slash with the sword. They wear light clothing, and have 4 health bars.

Simsim40's Empire

Darigan Empire 

These are a group of islands seprated from chaos after years of hiding they joined order after a series of battle to defeat Chaos.


ordinary miners trained to mine gold and hack heads open with pikaxes

Reisen's Empire

Modern Age Empire:This Empire came to the world of stick empires through a portal created during a supernova.The Black Hole was created so close the World was sucked into it and warped back in time


Trader:Miner of Modern Empire.Gathers Gold.(150 gold)(0 mana)(2 population)(8s training time)

Policeman:Main infantry unit of the Modern Empire.Wields a baton(225 gold)(0 mana)(1 pop)(15s training time)

DMG:Like SwordWrath

Health:2 bars

SPD:Like Spearton

Gunner:Support unit of the Modern Empire.Wields a pistol.

DMG:Like Albowtross

Health:1 bar

SPD:Like Swordwrath

Medic:Healer of the modern empire.

Hea:2 bars

DMG and SPD:like Meric

Commander:Leader of the Modern Empire.Boosts Morale.

DMG:Like Spearton Health:4 bars SPD:Like Magikill

(35s training time)(600g)(200m)(4 pop)

Bomber:Ranged Unit that throws bombs.Can commit kamikaze.(35s training)(450g)(150m)

DMG:Like Bomber HP:3 bars SPD:Like Bomber

Commando:Stealth unit adept at quickly killing off solo units.(20s training)(450g)(100m)

DMG:Like ShadowWrath SPD:Like Spearton HP:4 bars

Flying Gunner:The modern empire made use of the albowtross's wings,making more sophisticated versions and giving them to these troopers.

DMG,HEA,SPD:Like Albowtross (450g)(100 mana)(4 pop)(40s)

Tank:Armoured Vehicle of the Empire.Deals heavy AOE damage.

DMG,SPD and Health:Like Giant


Trader:Resilience                                                    Instant Mana Gain:Gains 20 mana every 8 seconds


Electric Fence:You know what it does.

HP:4 bars

Policeman:Riot Ready:Increases health by 1 bar.

Gunner:Cover Fire:Starts to fire at a certain area using an M16.The unit cannot move while this ability is active and turns into an armoured unit

Medic:First Aid:Heals a group of units.Has a 6 second cooldown

Antidote:Cures poison

Commander:Morale Boost:All units around the commander gain extra attack speed

Air Strike:Summons two flying gunners on to the target area.(Does not have any cost other than 50 gold)

Bomber:KamiKaze(Passive):Explodes on death

Bomb Shower:Throws a shower of bombs at a certain area(40s cooldown)

Commando:Poisoned Daggers:Every attack poisons the enemy

Stealth:Turns invisible and deals extra damage on the first unit attacked

Flying Gunner:Shrapnel Shots:Increases Damage

Improved Sights:Increases range

Tank:Heavy Armor 1 & 2:Like Giant Growth








Voidling Empire

(WIP) by Skeletonxf

Units and abilities

The Voidling empire was once part of the rebel forces, they found a way into the void, were infused with its energy and quickly left, only to find Order and the rebles united. Now they stand as their own empire, though a one ideal for skirmishes, as they have very little sustained damage/health.

1 - Miner - Just your standard miner that gets you gold and mana

150 Gold, Standard stats and unlocks

Void rift (in place of Miner wall)

Not yet decided

2 - Voidling - Small crawler like creature than runs on 4 legs,  

8 Secs, 75 Gold, 1 Bar HP, 1 Pop, No armour, Moderate Speed, Weak melee damage, Moderate attack speed, Unique Voidling Empire passive, Energies, A voidling is summoned also from the death of a non voidling/phoenix/miner unit (for free).

3 - Void caster - Very weak, low damage ranged unit ideal for poking and support

8 Secs, 150 Gold, 1/2 Bar HP, 1 Pop, No armour, Moderate Speed, Ranged,

Castle void (300:600:900)

4 - Not yet decided 

5 - Name Not yet decied - Powerful mage unit

30 Secs, 500 Gold, 400 Mana, 2 Bar HP, 5 Pop, No armour, Slow speed, Very weak melee attack


Basic -Void energies, deals moderate AoE linear damage, || shape

100:50 - Void overload, deals moderate, damage to single target and posions, 

100:200 - Black hole, deals very high AoE damage in a large circle after a brief delay in which the cast location is revealed to the opponent. Units hit are stunned. (To be used in conjunction with the stun from void spiders to land)

6 - Voidling spider - Low durability frontline skirmish melee unit

15 Secs, 450 Gold, 50 mana, 3 Bar HP, Weak armour, Fast movement speed, Moderate melee attack

Unlockable Spider Web (100:100, Castable, 15 sec cooldown) All selected Voidling spiders stun on next attack, wrapping target in spider webs and keeping unit unable to move for 3 seconds, cannot stun an already stunned unit 

7 - Not yet decied

8 - Name not yet decided - Flying healer capable of healing your injured units in peace

Cure researchable, Heal auto unlocked, 

30 Secs, 300 Gold, 150 Mana, 1 Bar HP, 3 Pop, No armour, Slow movement speed, Weak ranged attack

9 - Phoenix - Melee phoenix creature capable of dealing very high damage to all units hit. Not able to stun but inflicts AoE fire damage that ignores armour

40 Secs, 1500 Gold, 11 Bars HP, 7 Pop, No armour, Fast movement speed, Stonge AoE fire attack with fast attack speed

Flames I (200:200) and II (400:400) unlockable to increase the AoE fire damage - Non upgraded deals 1/3 Bar on hit, I deals 2/3 Bar in hit and II deals 1 Bar on hit)

Rebirth (100:500) unlockable to revive fallen Phoenixes back to 3 Bars over 10 seconds (invunurable and unable to take any action during period) (cannot then revive same phoenix again).

Voidling Empire Fighting scenarios

1) You're up against an Order rusher who got an Archer and Swordwrath and is trying to take your economy down.

You buy a Void caster and Voidling, but back off because your opponent's Archer and Swordwrath are twice as tanky and deal twice as much damage. You still have 275 Gold so purchase another Voidling and Caster leaving you with 50 gold. By now your rusher opponent has another swordwrath and is charging at you. You keep your voidlings in the way of the opponent's arrows and target a single swordwrath for all your 4 units to focus. That dies, but both your voidlings are very low. You garrision them as they reach critical HP levels and just manage to take your opponent's remaining swordwrath. Now with two Voud casters versus 1 Archer you have the advantage, you block with one Caster till that reaches critical HP and move it to safety behind the other. With your whole army now on 1 hit point each you heal them all back at base. By now your miners should have given you nearly 300 gold so you buy a miner and another Voidling. Your opponent won't let up and comes at you with 2 more swordwrath. This time you can just kite and poke with your two casters and avoid your voidlings needing to take damage so they can heal back up.

2) An order player starts by going 3 miners and you suspect that they are going to turtle. You try to harrass them with your Voidling and Caster but then they buy a swordwrath so you back off. Their economy is ahead so you put your next chunks of gold into your miners, and soon enough your opponent has 3 speartons with more on the way. You save up for a Phoenix, and then they come at your centeral tower. You back off initially to get your phoenix by your other units and start to reclaiom the centre. Your phoenix's AoE armour ignoring damage brings all their spreatons to very low, but now your phoenix is going to critical HP. You purchased 2 Voidling Spiders while you were building up your economy and unlocked the Spider web. You select both and stun 2 of the 4 speartons chasing after your phoenix. Your spiders then follow and you tell your Caster to go to the enemy miners to see if you can get them to back off. Your phoenix starts to get extremely low but your opponents speartons die first. Your opponent then brings out a giant and your Void caster dies, turning into a voidling that escapes on a fragment of it's health. You regroup and heal up with your flying healer (which is sheilded from the enemy Giant's boulders by your Phoenix)

3) Your oppoent now has 3 Giants and you suspect that they will train more. To make matters worse they made a Magikill so you'll have to be very careful not to fall trap to their spells. You instruct one of your Void Spiders to Web the enemy Magikill, as he moves in to wreak havoc, denying him the ability to cast spells for 5 seconds. You seize your advantage and focus all your 9 Void casters onto him, as the web wears off you get a second Spider to keep him helpless and he dies. You turn your attention back the giants, using your Phoenix to take the damage as it's immune to stuns. With the 3 sec 'stun' on your Spiders you deny all three Giants the ability to do anything as often as you can, but your phoenix gets low again and you're forced to retreat. The 'stun' allows you to fall back with no casualties. You need to have something so that you can deal lots of burst damage to those giants so your Phoenix doesn't have to deal all the damage and take all the hits.

HellN00's empire

Spirit Empire:An empire from the spirit realm.

Spirit Miner:A miner able to collect 2x gold



Spirit Wall:Miner Wall

Passive Income:

Spirit Warrior:A swordsman from the spirit realm.Can corrupt unit armour causing them to attack slowly


Corruption:Makes enemy attack slowly

Sprit Ranger:An archer able to summon spirit creatures


Summon Spirit Wolf:Summons a wolf from the spirit realm.

Dark Order

Why I would choose this empire?

High Cost but also high damage

Speedy units but medium health

Medium mana consuption


1) Dark Miner

Gold : 175          Mana: 0

Time: 10 Seconds          Health: 1 bar (Unarmored)

Damage: Low

Story: Miners who leaved order because they thought that order don't payed them and misunderstanded them.

So they want revenge to order.

2) Knifewrath

Gold : 175          Mana: 0

Time: 12 Seconds          Health : 2 bars (A little armored)

Damage: Medium

Story: Swordwrath who left order because they thought they are bullied and forced to be a swordwrath. They left swords and got knifes.

3) Dark Archer

Gold: 350          Mana: 0

Time: 14 Seconds         Health: 1 bar (Unarmored)

Damage: Medium-low

Story: Archidons who left order because they didn't promoted to be allbowtross.

4) Aura Masters

Gold: 400          Mana: 350

Time: 19 Seconds          Health: 3 bars (Armored)

Damage: Low-medium

Story: Marrowkai who betrayed chaos and learnt aura magic. Joined dark order to defeat both nations.

5) Dark Magicians

Gold: 550          Mana: 475

Time: 27 Seconds          Health: 5 bars (Armored)

Damage: High

Story: Aura Master met traitor magikills of order and they learnt new spells. Making them both mixed in the body creating new type of magicians.

6) Shieldwrath

Gold: 500          Mana: 100

Time: 25 Seconds          Health: 4 bars (Heavily Armored)

Damage: High

Story: UNKNOWN... We just know that juggerknight + spearton = shieldwrath

7) Super Bomber

Gold: 150          Mana: 0

Time: 8 Seconds          Health: 1 bar (A little armored)

Damage: AOE Medium

Story: Aura Master mutated the old bombers into new and dangerous weapons called super bombers.

8) Dark Eclipsor

Gold: 500          Mana: 200

Time: 10 Seconds        Health: 3 bars (Slightly Armored)

Damage: Medium

Story: UNKNWON... We just know that eclipsor + allbowtross + dead = Dark Eclipsor

9) Dark Giant

Gold: 1600          Mana: 0

Time: 30 Seconds         Health: 20 bars (Heavily Armored)

Damage: High

Story: Dark Magicians mutated the enslaved and chaotic giant and mixted them up. Creating a dark giant... who hurls very large AOE damaging boulders.


Not much... Just functions

1) Dark Aura: Makes miners pray mana 20% faster.

2) Knife Combo: Knifewrath quickly attacks enemies and heavily damages them.

3) Blood Flood: Knifewrath attacks enemies and make them blood. WARNING: New function! Bleeding... just acts like poison.

4) Hell Aura Bows: Dark archer shots an arrow that does AOE damage.

5) Auto Kite: Dark archer automatically kites enemies (toggle).

6) Hell Aura: Heals units and damages enemies who stand in it.

7) Dark Crater: Creates a crater that can explode anytime and does very very high damage (also to our units.)

8) Hell Volcano: Like magikill blast... but high damage.

- by dhruvchauhan098

Sea Bearers (Sages) [United Elven Kingdom]

Backstory: Beyond Inamorta, lies the elven pirates and raiders of the seas. They beckon blood and divide to those who stand in their way, they set upon Inamorta, and the people upon her. They are to divide the once Order Empire into shatters of states once again, and conquer their lands. The Elven race will conquer all, spare nobody, to complete the task that the once known Chaos Empire hadn't done, Eliminate the Order Empire.


1. Auxiliaxes [Melee]

Gold : 140 Mana: 0

Deploy Timer: 6 seconds Health: Medium (3 Bars) [Unarmored]

Damage Input: Medium (Axes do 1/4 more damage to armoured units)

- First core infantry of the Sea Bearers with minor discipline, and morale. Their axes do quite a punch especially to armoured units like Order's Speartons, or Chao's Juggernaut.

2. Hunters [Ranged]

Gold :250 Mana: 0

Deploy Timer: 7 seconds Health: Slightly Medium (About 3 Bars) [Unarmored]

Damage Input: [Ranged] Medium

- They are the hunters of the pack, of the sea. They use their Hunting skills on animals to use them on a much more, greater prey.

3. Forager [Worker]

Gold: 150 Mana: 0

Deploy Timer 5 seconds Health: Low (2 bars) [kind of armoured]

Damage: Very Low Mining Speed: Moderate

-Where the armies go, the slaves go along with them. Enduring brutal torture and punishments. (As so those of the Order thought)

4. Robotic Droid [Armoured/Flying Ranged]

Gold: 450 Mana: 100

Deploy Timer: 25 seconds Health: Significantly Medium (4 Bars) [Armoured]

Damage: [Ranged] Medium

- Unless the Sea Bearers captured these flying droids they seem to be quite efficient in supporting the ground troops.

5. Sagequites [Tank/Mounted Armoured Melee]

Gold:350 Mana:50 [Similarities to Speartons]

Deploy Timer: 10 seconds: Health: Kind of High (5 Bars) [Very armoured]

Damage: Fairly Moderate *Armoured Horseback*

- Sagequites (Sa - ge -eh - qweh - tays) Are mounted cavalry to the elves. Their horses are pretty much machine but easily destructible, luckily they are equipped properly if they were to dismount.

6. Druid [Spellcaster/Support]

Gold: 500 Mana: 150

Deploy Timer: 12 seconds Health: Medium (3 bars) [Unarmoured]

Damage: Low (Spells do even more damage)

- The Sea Bearers needed people who the ways of invincibility, or bringing the temporary rage to troops, or perhaps a wounded Sea Bearer Elf was wounded and needed to be cared for, that's where the Druids come.

7. Python [Summoner]

Gold: 850 Mana: 300

Deploy Timer: 19 seconds Health: Fairly Low (2 bars) [Armoured]

Damage: Kind of High

- Necromancers of the dark elves seek to, test their knowledge and minions on other non-elf personelle.

8. Warband [Scout/Light Melee]

Gold: 200 Mana: 75

Deploy Timer: 7 seconds Health: Low [Fairly Armoured]

Damage: Medium (Upgrade to High)

- Warbands serve as the elves scouts to observe what's ahead and to report back to their Commander in swift actions.

9. Ferrum [Heavy Tank/Melee]

Gold 1700 Mana: 400

Deploy Timer: 40 seconds Health Very High (6-7 Bars) Heavily Armoured

Damage:Fairly Medium (Upgrade to Slightly High) *Able to stun troops*

-" These giant robotic creatures have no minds! They're just designed to kill, and shed destruction to all!"

Faction Advantages:

- Most of the units of the Elven Sea Bearers are armoured which makes them reduce damage by the bit.

- Nearly all units (except the Forager) can deal high damage if used right.

- If researched and upgraded, Sea Bearer machines can reboot themselves and fight uncontrollably against the enemy.

- Druids can give special boost to any unit type except the Ferrum.

- With the right tools at hand, a skilled Sea Bearer player can counter some to most of the other faction's actions.

- Machines, Druids, and Pythons take less damage to negative effects such as poison.

-Sagequites are able to be knocked out of their horses and come back to the fight on foot.

- The Sea Bearers have a unique special ability called, "Predators of the Seas" which causes a huge long thunderstorm to crash upon the opponent's forces (Monument/Statue takes 1/2 reduced damage)

Faction Disadvantages:

- Due to their armour, all armour equipped units suffer a speed penalty because of this.

- Hunters start of with slings, which in terms, is weaker than the other ranged units, but they can upgrade to bows later on.

- Sagequites must research/upgrade to "Stables" in order to be able to mount onto the Robotic Horses.

- The Sea Bearers actually have the lightest movement scout, Warbands are the fastest of all elves of the Sea Bearers but since they are equipped with armour they do, suffer a penalty to speed but a boost to health.

-Unless researched "Unlimited Mobile Power", any powered machines can suffer a constant stun penalty if the Control point isn't captured.

- Armoured Sea Bearers can have their armour broken which in terms, increases their speed to normal, but their damage resistance is reduced as well. (This can be fixed by garrisoning a troop for 2 seconds)

- The Sea Bearers are vulnerable to negative effects (poison), suffering a -1/4 to them.

- Sea Bearers's economy can be severely crippled if a late game attack goes wrong.

Idea from SturmFuzion