Giant growth is an upgrade that increases giant's health and size to make them more effective as meat shields for vital units such as Magikill and Archidonis. It is available for Chaos Giants and Enslaved Giants and both have the same general effect.


Giant Growth increases the health of a giant along with its size. This makes them more useful as tanks/meat shields/siege cannons for absorbing projectiles. Giant growth has 2 levels. The first level costs 200 gold and 200 mana and takes 40 seconds to research. The second level costs 400 gold and 400 mana and takes a full minute to research. In the newest version of SE, giants now contain more health on all growth levels.


  • If the ability is finished researching while there is an Giant in your army, it will suddenly grow and will have increased health and size. However, it will still retain any damage it's suffered (it is lessened to some degree).
  • The ability also applies to ghost giants.
  • Giant Growth does not increase giant damage!
  • In the original game, a similar upgrade could be purchased at the upgrade menu. However, the effect was instant and automatically applied to every giant.
  • The game guide recommends getting both levels of giant growth early in the game to scare the enemy when the player suddenly spawns massive giants instead of the standard small ones.
  • Due to the fact that the cost was increasd it's better to wait until midgame scine buying both would cost 600 gold and mana