Gold Deposits in Stick Empires

Gold is the most important resource in all the Stick Wars games. It is needed to construct every unit and research abilities in Stick Wars 2 and Stick Empires. 


Gold DepositsEdit

Gold can be obtained from any of the 16 gold deposits in Stick Empires and Stick Wars 2. There are 8 on each side of the battlefield. This gold can only be collected by Miners. As of Stick Empires Patch 1.33 Miners obtain 25 gold per swing of their pickaxes. Their bags can hold 75 gold (roughly 3 strikes before gold is delivered back to the castle). The gold is not added to your inventory for use until the miner reaches your castle.

This means that a miner with gold in his bag can be killed before reaching the castle to effectively destroy gold.

Central PillarEdit

Controlling the Central Pillar gives whoever controls it 20 gold every few seconds.

Passive IncomeEdit

Passive Income is similar to the Central Pillar. It is an investment you make at the Bank or Black Vault. Each investment costs 150 gold and 100 mana. After the investment is complete, a certain amount of gold and mana is given every few seconds. You can invest 3 times, with each investment granting twice as much gold as the last one (5 at level one, 10 at level 2, 20 at level 3).


The costs for units in gold is listed in the table below.

Gold Costs of all units in game.
Unit Gold Cost

Miner (Chaos and Order)

Swordwrath 125
Crawler 100
Archidon 300
Dead 300
Bomber 75


Shadowrath 450
Juggerknight 450


Albowtross 450
Marrowkai 400
Meric 300
Magikill 500
Medusa 500
Enslaved Giant 1500
Giants (Chaos)



  • In the first game, gold mines would respawn after one got depleted. This is no longer the case in Stick Empires, making passive income and the central tower the only sources of gold in those stages.
  • Should you run low or completely deplete your gold mines, your miners will attempt to mine the opponents gold mines. This occurs frequently in Stick Wars 2 since the CPU automatically tries to create an army of miners for the opposing side.
  • The original gold mines had small red and green dots on them. These dots might be emeralds and rubies, though it's probably just an error.
  • Since there was no mana in the original game, various units had to become more expensive (the Magikill cost 1200 gold!) while others required a far lengthier training time (like Speartons).