Graveyard - The Graveyard is the primary summoning and mutating station of Chaos and, similar to the Order Archery range, also trains the main ranged-units of the Chaos army. Here, the Marrowkai may summon Deads or mutate captured prisoners into Eclipsors. These units can be trained here, as well. One may also apply Castle Deads atop their walls or perhaps give Deads poison guts..


Castle DeadEdit

Spawns a powerful, untouchable dead upon the tower of the chaos tower.

Note: The castle deads are automatically capable of poisoning enemy units, and are considerabley weaker than Castle archers.

Poison gutsEdit

Allows the player to toggle whether or not a dead's guts will poison enemy units.

Note: While Deads are typically conisdered weaker than Order Archidons, poison guts allow the player to compensate and quickly transform Deads into the backbone of the Chaos army. However, be wary for each poisoned gut costs mana to be thrown and a surpluss of deads can quickly drain your mana pool.