The icon for the Miner Wall ability.

I The Miner Wall is an ability that Order Miners can use. For a cost of 200 gold it constructs a wall that blocks all units, even flying ones somehow. Miner Magic?

Opponets behind the miner wall while its being constructed can easily run back to safty while not having to destroy it.


In the original Stick War, the Miner Wall served as the defense for your camp as you went through the lands to conquer other nations. In Stick War, the Miner Wall is basically seven spears propped up on sticks. Odd since spears were only used by Speartons. The Miner Wall in the original Stick Wars was also unattackable and only served as a wall to garrison everyone, and to provide the defensive archer.
Miner Wall

The Miner Wall in the original Stick War

In Stick War 2 and Stick Empires, the Miner Wall appears as wooden a row of sharpened logs propped up to deter infantry from trying to rush past the wall. It blocks all units (including flying units) and projectiles in the game when it is fully built. It takes a miner a few seconds to build a wall, during which the miner is vulnerable and the wall can be destroyed. The wall can only be built on your side of the central tower and must be past the first row of gold mines and, depending on the map, can either exceed the last row of gold mines or can't. The wall has a moderate amount of health equivalent to a spearton. This usually leads to it only lending a few extra seconds in late game (depends on amount of units the enemy sends).

Tactics Edit

  • Two Miner Walls "on-top" of each other makes it harder to see their true health and can confuse newer players
  • Miner Walls can be supplemented with speartons by putting 6 speartons in shield wall mode just in front of the wall. When their health dips they can retreat behind the wall.
  • Early game,  placing archidons armed with fire arrows behind the wall is the best possible form of defense.
  • Since the walls play a defensive role, their biggest weakness are range units. Such as Archidons, who can place themselves close to their enemies territory taking down the wall without being harmed. If the wall is closer, with proper defence is becomes harder to destroy it.
  • This synergizes extremely well with the Magikill and his Electric Gate. Place it centrally, and then use the spell on the troops attacking the Wall for lots of damage! This doesn't work on albowtross, however.
  • Originally, miners walls bled when damaged and played a death scream when destroyed.