Map 2

No Man's Land on the map in Stick Wars 2. It is located in the bottom-center.

No Man's Land is very true to its name. It is a harsh wasteland inhabited by the giants.


No Man's Land is known as a desert where few living things thrive other than the giants, who have evolved and adapted to survive the harsh climates. However, near No Man's Land exists some native Clubwrath.


Two events take place in No Man's Land, one event happening in Stick War I, and another happening in Stick War II.

The First Event: Order, having conquered most of the land, invades No Man’s Land where they can go to the Ice Hills, and spots gargantuan figures with clubs and limp, dead warriors as weapons, named Giants. Order soon defeats these Giants, where they can proceed to the Ice Hills.

The Second Event: Order, recruiting most of the Rebellion, have moved to No Man’s Land to gain the upper hand against the rest of the Rebellion. Order once again spots a Giant that resembles one from Stick War I. Order defeats this Giant, and forcefully recruits it by enslaving it. After this, the game plays a cutscene where Order shows said enslaved Giant to Medusa. This angers her, where she declares war upon Order. The rest of the Rebellion joins Order to defeat Medusa once and for all.

Mysterious SiegeEdit

During The Conquering, Order hunted down rebels after defeating the Magikill. They eventually ended up in No Man's Land, where they encountered giants. Order eventually defeated the giants and captured them for use in their own army.

The Great TruceEdit

By the time of The Rebellion, No Man's Land was territory of Chaos. Order came upon a giant and defeated and enslaved it. This angered Medusa and she revealed the Chaos army. This led to the Rebels and Order forming an alliance to destroy Chaos.