Pack mentality
Pack Mentality allows all Crawlers in your army to do increased damage the more of them there are. This ability costs 50 gold and 100 mana, and 60 seconds to research. The effect stops increasing once there are five Crawlers, allowing you to stack increased damage only up to five times.


Pack Mentality is passive, meaning it does not require itself to be triggered in order to work. The player will see its effects immediately once they creates two Crawlers and the ability is reseached. It is also worth noting that, even though a Crawler is guarding the Central Pillar alone, while other  Crawlers are left in the Chaos base, Pack Mentality will still be in effect, allowing a Crawler to slay a Swordwrath alone, if the player actually has four other Crawlers in his base.

Since the ability is relatively cheap to research at the start of the game (50 gold, 100 mana), it is possible for the player to research Predatory Edge soon and attack the enemy with around three Crawlers, immediately. This will allow the Crawlers to do immense damage to the enemy's Miners, and will leave Crawlers fast enough to dodge Castle Archidon arrows.

The ability is also useful late-game. Using the speed of Cralwers because Bombers's don't really work as assassins, a player can use Pack Mentality and Predatory Edge to sneak past an enemy's frontline-troops in a heated battle, and immediately attack his support units, like Archidons and Merics.


  • All the crawler upgrades take a long time to activate(60 seconds) if you are going to get them get them soon as possible then build remaining crawlers while you wait. Making 5 crawlers takes 55 seconds 5 seconds shorter than the upgrades.
  • More than five crawlers increases the effectiveness of pack mentality since the maximum perk is retained as long as at least five crawlers are present.
  • The crawlers do not have to be in close proximity (you can hide your numbers and still get the max benifit at the same time).
  • Very effective upgrade for the Crawler Massing technique and Crawler Rush.
  • This is very beneficial in sniping miners protected by Castle Archers with minimal damage and also sniping archers.