Spearton Shield Wall

Shield Wall is an ability for Speartons present in both Stick War games.


In Shield Wall mode, Speartons raise their shield. This slows their speed(completely negates it in Stick War 2), but reduces damage taken. Speartons in Shield Wall mode can shield bash too.

Use in BattleEdit

Stick War 1Edit

In Stick War 1, this ability was usable by default. It slowed a Spearton down, but increased their damage resistance.

Stick War 2Edit

In Stick War 2, this ability must be researched for 50 gold and 50 mana. Speartons can no longer move in Shield Wall mode

Sheild wall

The Spearton wall ability in Stick War 2.

Stick EmpiresEdit

In Stick Empires, Speartons in Shield Wall mode will automatically shield bash enemies when they get too close. This was done to make the ability more viable, due to lag making execution of a manual shield bash strategy much harder. 


  • Even though the Speartons' spears are pointed out in a Shield Wall, enemy units will not take damage from them.
  • In the original game, Speartons in shield mode were able to move, albiet far slower than normal.
  • Speartons in Shield Wall mode can still be ran past