-A Shadowrath triggering Shinobi.


Shinobi--also commony known as stealth--is a skill common to Shadowrath that can be upgraded two times. When activated, the Shadowrath becomes transparent (an outline can still be seen) and can no longer be hit by any attacks, but also slows down in exhange for the temporary invincibility. Also, a strike from a Shadowrath performing Shinobi will prove lethal, severely wounding (level one) or killing (level two) basic units and spellcasters in one strike and poisoning those who survive the strike. This makes Shinobi the most powerful melee attack in all of Inamorta, giving the Shadowrath a large edge in a battlefield.

Use in BattleEdit

Shinobi is sometimes used to scout an enemy's base unseen and to prevent a shadowrath from recieving damage. But more often than not, it is used to assassinate
Shinobi 1
high-ranking foes, who can be killed easily by one strike from Shinobi. It can be upgraded two times. The first upgrade will unlock Shinobi, and allow a low-health unit, such as a Swordwrath, Archidon or Crawler to be killed with one or two mighty strikes. The second upgrade allows a
Shinobi 2
much more vast killing circle. It will be able to take down many spellcasters, such as the Marrowkai, in one to two strikes. This is due to level 2 Shinobi literally being three times more powerful than the original. The only units Shiobi II can't kill are Speartons, Juggerknights, Albowtross, Eclipsors, and Giants. Also, note that Shinobi, while severely reducing speed, makes for an effective retreat as it prevents Shadowraths from suffering most forms damage and still allows the Shadowrath to outrun most units.


Shadowrath Fixate

Shadowrath with Shinobi.

Shadowrath using Shinobi will turn transparent, letting them be unseen by enemies but visible to you, due to the small circles underneath their feet and th e faint outline around their body. They move much slower in order to keep themselves hidden, and their health bar will be replaced with a timer signifying the length time Shinobi will be turned on.

If a Shadowrath is told to attack while Shinobi is on, he will attack while transparent with his staff or sword. The inflicted enemy will receive immense damage as well as poison overtime, being displayed by a green liquid symbol above their head.


Many enemies die by one strike of Shinobi. Several others take around two, only, if Shinobi is level 2. Tank units often take the most shots to kill, while ranged units and spellcasters often take the least.

Unit Strikes to Kill (Level 1) Strikes to Kill (Level 2)
Miners One One


Archidons One One
Merics Two One
Magikill Three One
Speartons Seven Three
Shadowrath Three Two
Albowtross Invulnerable Invulnerable
Enslaved Giants Twenty-One Seven
Enslaved Miners One-two One
Crawlers One One
Dead Four Two
Marrowkai Five Two
Medusa Five Two
Juggerknights Seven Three
Bombers One One
Eclipsors Invulnerable Invulnerable
ChaoticGiants Twenty-One Seven


  • Shinobi deals more damage than a Giant's club or boulder.
  • Shinobi is the second strongest possible attack in all of Inamorta, being second only to Petrification.
  • Shinobi at level one is called shinobi, but, at level two, is called stealth
  • Shinobi are the ideal unit for assassinations and speed.
  • You can buy a Leonardo Head for your shinobi at the shop for 400 credits.