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Stick Empires (SE) is a multiplayer online RTS game created by CRAZYJAY (Jason Whitham) with Brock White and Winston Zhang. There is a large community and there are many clans that are taking applications; joining a clan gives a tight knit group to have fun with and war against other clans. This wiki is designed to give helpful information and strategies about the game, so please enjoy :)

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Stick War 2 - Order Empire (Campaign)

Admin and Wiki Issues

This wiki is totally outdated and it happens that most of the admins are all abusing the kind-hearted wiki contributors. They shouldn't be an admin for sure. So, this wiki maybe leaved and a new and newly-updated wiki will be built. I hope the founder of this wiki won't be frustrated as I saw your hard work on making this wiki official.

The New Stick Empires Wiki

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Update Log

See the updates page to see the most recent updates and announcements!

 Wiki Updates

15/6/13 : The first story in the form of a comic is released. Read it here .

23/6/13 : Vote for your favourite Unit here.


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