This page has every game update for Stick Empires listed from the newest update to the oldest update. If adding an update here, please have the wording be the same as it appears in-game. There is also the date the patch was added. The format is


Patch 1.90 (January 20, 2019) Edit

  • Charrog exploit has been fixed.
  • There is a two-minute interval in repetitive queue sessions.
  • New banned words were added.

Patch 1.89Edit


  • Fire based scrolls now cause burn damage.
  • Increased Medusa Venom Flux damage.
  • Decreased
  • Poison Spray damage.
  • Increased
  • Poison damage.
  • Improved unit casting when targeting individual units.

Patch 1.88Edit


  • Upgrades being researched is now shown when viewing replays.
  • First animated item added to Stick Empires, the flaming staff.
  • Fixed a bug in the replay
  • automatic block.
  • fire arrows now do increased damage.

Patch 1.85Edit


  • Using bomber to lag the other player  to death is now reduce by 15%.
  • Shield Bash is now automatic.
  • Improved the loading time for the live replay list.

Patch 1.84Edit


  • Improved networking on the server side
  • Now tracking users pings with the intent of eventually matching users together that have comparable pings.

Patch 1.83Edit


  • Units casting spells are now highlighted with a blue outline.
  • The Chaos miner tower now remove the skill to burn after killed.
  • Poison Spray spell is now updated to always cast to its maximum range.

Patch 1.78Edit


  • Added one time payment option for Membership.
  • Fixed issue with users being in matchmaking queue twice causing multiple games to start and resulting in an automatic loss for one of those games.

Patch 1.77Edit


  • All non members now get 5 free trials of Chaos
  • Castle acher,dead, and air element now cannot hit unit in front of their castle.

Patch 1.75Edit


  • Miners now will auto mine after being inactive for 4 seconds
  • Now load faster.
  • Now able to cancel tech being researched.
  • Chat scroll fixed.

Ranked Edit

Update Edit


  • Deathmatach is now live and ranked!
  • Crawlers now have reduced build time
  • Improved performance for slower computers.

Patch 1.70Edit


  •  Elemental Empire is now on Stick Empire.

Patch 1.68Edit


  • Choosing random race now works
  • Custom match is now in beta.
  • Death match is now enabled as a game type within custom match. We will be looking to enable the ranked
  • mode sometime within the next few weeks.
  • We encourage users to provide feedback on the stick page forums regarding the game type.

Patch 1.66Edit


  • New Items in Armory
  • Fixed targeted projectiles

Patch 1.65Edit


  • Fixed Enslaved Giants not attacking in some situations
  • Fixed
  • not poisoning units when attacking walls or statues
  • Fixed bug where walls and towers could be built out of bounds