Juggerknight axe 1

Axe wield by Juggerknight.


The way of the axe is the art of learning to wield an axe. Only the Juggerknights the axes. The axe they use is large and evidently heavy. 


Single jugger

A Juggerknight wielding an axe

The way of the axe is used as an offensive weapon. However, the axe used in Stick Empires, is evidently, very heavy as Juggerknights have a somewhat slow attacking rate. The axe also penetrates armour and flesh so deeply that it can get stuck in it. This can be seen as a disadvantage as an axe stuck in an enemy takes time to pull out. 


The axe has many designs, however not as many as the very popular staff. It consists of a handle--often merely a stick, decorated with steel. It also consists of a very large and thick blade, to deliver the many painful blows the sturdy axe would bring. A wielder of the axe would preferably make large sweeps with the blade of the axe, causing massive damage to any that stood in the way of the deadly arc.