The way of the Club is the art of using a substance shaped into a usable weapon as a means to kill or injure others. As one of the earliest weapons in living history, the way of the club is a simple art, but deadly in the right hands. Order came to become the great empire they are today due to the club. This weapon can be considered the ancestor of the modern Sword .


The club is mostly used to stirke others, giving them quite a headache if not killing them. The club is not a very deadly weapon in the hands of a typical warrior but becomes an instrument of mass destruction in the hands of a giant.


Most clubs are made of rock or wood, but they all have the same use of bashing the enemy's head in, or just smashing them into the ground.


Original ClubsEdit

The first clubs were technically created by the giants, who ripped stout, sturdy trees from the earth and used them to clobber people. Later, the Clubwrath tribesmen managed to copy this technique and slowly created the first, true clubs.

Use by the Order EmpireEdit

The clubs were first invented by Order's miners when they were being hassled and raided. They invented the club so that they would have a way (although not a very strong way) to fight back. They then began The Conquering, and learned many other technologies, such as Way of the Bow, Way of the Sword etc., but this only happened because of them taking up arms with the Way of the Club. Many Miners you see now in Order descended from those who took up arms. The other enitity that has mastered the Way of the Club were the giants, although it is unknown how or when they mastered. One thing is know, though: their clubs are a lot deadlier. They deal AOE damage, stun enemies and deal massive damage.


Only two nations and one tribe (though it happens to be dead) are known to currently use the Way of the Club. Order and Giants.


Order used clubs to strike back against the nations who were attacking them. They were tired of the way they were being treated by the other nations, so they armed themselves with clubs and began to strike back against the harassing nations, though they eventually ditched the club in favor of the sword.


The Giants have the club as a weapon to stun and push enemies back, their version of the club could hit entire squads, stun them, and push them back.